Tony Blair book-signing is off. They’ve won. Inmates running the asylum

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    6th September 2010



    Click to Buy Tony Blair’s ‘A Journey’

    [John Rentoul has tweeted this post here (and Julie’s great post)]

    At his website Tony Blair has this new message:

    Statement from Tony Blair on Wednesday’s book signing

    Statement from Tony Blair on Wednesday’s book signing

    Monday, Sep 06, 2010 in Office of Tony Blair

    Tony Blair today decided to cancel Wednesday’s planned signing at Waterstone’s Piccadilly to avoid the inconvenience to the public it would have caused in Central London.

    Mr Blair will sign books for Waterstone’s  so that copies will be available from the Piccadilly store from 9am on Thursday, 9th September.

    Tony Blair said: “I very much enjoyed meeting my readers in Dublin and was looking forward to doing the same in London.

    “However, I have decided not to go ahead with the signing as I don’t want the public to be inconvenienced by the inevitable hassle caused by protestors. I know the Metropolitan Police would, as ever, have done a superb job in managing any disruption but I do not wish to impose an extra strain on police resources, simply for a book signing.

    “I’m really sorry for those – as ever the majority – who would have come to have their books signed by me in person. I hope they understand.”


    This is outrageous. It is a dreadful reflection of our society that a former prime minister – ANY FORMER PRIME MINISTER – feels compelled to cancel his book-signing for those who appreciate him due to the feared reaction of those who do not. Where are his human rights? Where are ours – the majority?


    Personally I’d lock the peace-and-loving bastards up – every one of them, and throw away the key! They are not making a ‘political’ point. Such points have been made over and over for years. We heard them. They are trying to uproot the mores AND STANDARDS of our civilised society and I for one want rid of them. NOW!

    OK, I’m better now, thank you. Got that off my chest.

    On a calmer and personal note I’m relieved that I hadn’t made travel arrangements for this signing. But I am sure there are many hundreds, perhaps even thousands who are fuming about this. We really DO have to tackle the extent to which the minority seems to control the lives of the majority. The world truly is turned upside down when THIS happens. At the Dublin signing there were a couple of hundred protesters and three times that number queuing to meet Mr Blair. It would have been the same sort of ratio on Wednesday in London, perhaps even more REAL GENUINE peace-n-lovers.

    The Irish Garda (Police) are confronted by yelling "peace 'n' lovers" at Blair's Dublin book-signing on Saturday

    [Picture above from Irish Times report]

    It is hard to see this as anything other than a victory for the violent extremists who caused the Irish Police this sort of trouble at the weekend. You don’t think they’re violent extremists? Think again.


    At the previous post I wrote this:

    “with Eamonn Holmes on SKY this morning – [Tony Blair interview watch here] – Mr Blair made it clear that there is some re-consideration of the second of his book signings, the one planned for Wednesday at Waterstone’s in London.

    But I’d like to make a couple of points here: many, many British citizens think it is time these riotous anti-Iraq war demonstrators’ rights were treated in proportion to the rights of the rest of us. Indeed some suggest that it is they who should be locked up, and not the former prime minister. There is also a growing resentment that even after three years out of office Mr Blair is still not free to travel and speak in his own country. The rest of us, it seems, are not permitted to hear or see him for fear of this vocal and virulent minority.

    If this book-signing is cancelled this will be seen as a victory for the riotous and violent anarchists and Socialist Worker associates who disrupted Saturday’s Dublin signing at Eason’s. (See here) And, of course, that argument would have legs.


    There may have been actual threats we do not know of. There may have been fears about the presence of the BNP and other extremists, as on Saturday in Dublin. They may have concluded that silly kids like the one who LIED to fellow “admirers” of Mr Blair could do so again. This time, armed with the benefit of her report, anyone so minded could inflict serious damage on Mr Blair or others around him.

    As I said at the previous post, these people must be contained or stopped by any means lawful. They are making life intolerably difficult for the rest of us, as well as for Mr Blair.

    The inevitable result of this capitulation is that he will never, CAN never appear in public AGAIN! The violent, posing as non-violent, only have to make it impossible for him and THEY will win!?!?!?

    How crazy is that?  Sort it out, someone! Mr Cameron? This could be YOU one day.

    THEY DO NOT HAVE THIS RIGHT. THEY SHOULD NOT BE PERMITTED TO BULLY AND HARASS HIM LIKE THIS, even if he accepts it as “part of politics today”.

    I repeat – don’t let the haters and so-called peace-lovers win in our democracy. This is important.


    Tom Carew at Facebook has the following comments:

    The agitators had 3 main elements. [a] Ever-present chief agitator was a local Councillor, Richard Boyd-Barrett, chief of both the ultra-left Trotskyite SWP=Socialist Workers Party – but not many real *workers* among that lot, and their fr…ont, the IAWM=Irish anti-war movement, [b] the friends of Hamas from IPSC= Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign, who blame Israel for everything, never support Fatah or condemn Hamas, and [c] the renegade *dissident republican* gang, a tiny fringe who oppose the *Peace Process* and end of IRA campaign.

    Typical of the real Ireland is a student in Galway on the West coast, Patrick Rochford, 22, who saw Tony interviewed on TV, decided to get a late bus for his 130 miles journey, and arrived in Dublin at 3.30 AM, where he waited 7 hours until 10.30 AM when the store opened.

    Patrick Rochford said *I want to show solidarity with Tony Blair and prove that we in Ireland are not an ungrateful lot. He has shown great leadership in Ireland and Irish people should be happy that the world is a safer place with Saddam Hussein gone*.

    The leading guru of the Trot SWP in Ireland is Head of a university Sociology Dept – that subject, like English, seems to incubate very many of these ultra-left ideologues – maybe cogent argument, conceptual clarity and rigor – or self-critical examination of methods or assumptions – are not demanded in those theory-laden and jargon-obscured fields, as now propagated by some academics.

    Tony Blair – Friday Sept 3 interview re his new Autobiography – on RTE 1= Irish state-owned TV. His first book-signing was on Saturday Sept 4 in Dublin where 700 waited, from as early as 3.30 AM until Eason’s city center store opened at 10.30 AM. The usual agitators numbered 200 and were the same gang whose revolutionary political GPS directs them regularly NEVER to the Iranian Embassy but only to the Israeli one. Stoning women SLOWLY to death and Holocaust denial are both OK.


    Related Articles

    Very few on the internet seem to have noticed the significance of this cancellation. ‘Thoughts of a Progressive’ HAS noticed.

    “Regardless of what you thought about the war (I was opposed) or what you think about Blair’s policies, who the hell do these protesters think they are?

    They shout their nonsensical language of war criminal (ridiculous) and liar (untrue, unless you think the entire international intelligence community was lying at the same time – see Chris Mullin via John Rentoul here).  You would think that Blair was some kind of dictator figure who forced us into war.  The truth is that, after months of anguished debate, soul searching and record breaking marches, the House of Commons voted in favour of taking the country to war, after a tremendous speech by Blair.

    Ironically, these protesters seem pretty detached from the democratic processes in this country.  Indeed, many of them seem more attached to a handful of tinpot dictators around the world.

    You may disagree with Blair on almost every major issue but the violence of potential violence of protesters should not stop citizens from meeting their PM of a decade.  Tony Blair won three elections with landslide majorities.  One of these elections was two years after the decision to go to war. A recent poll of academics marked him down as the third most successful PM since the war.  His autobiography has been one of the best selling of all time.

    It is only reasonable that people would want to attend his book signings.  It is rather a shame that the protests of a handful of activists has prevented those book signings from taking place.  The protesters will probably regard the cancellation as a triumph.

    What it really represents is a defeat for pluralism and free speech.  It represents the triumph of an anti democratic mob.”


    Guardian: WATERSTONE’S MANAGING DIRECTOR,  Dominic Myers, echoes my thoughts. He said, “these [signed copies] would be sold on a first come, first served basis, with one copy per customer. Our job as a bookseller is to bring books to our customers, and where possible enable them to meet authors as well.”

    “It is a matter of regret that, because of the likely actions of a minority, our customers are now not able to meet a three-times elected prime minister of the United Kingdom whose book has become our fastest-selling autobiography ever.”

    Blair told ITV’s new breakfast programme, Daybreak, it was “sad” that people wanted to disrupt such events and admitted he was “concerned” the BNP would be involved in protests.

    He hinted that he was seeking to make a return to British political life, but admitted it would be “very difficult” for him to do so.


    POLL – Was Tony Blair right to cancel his book-signing on Wednesday 8th September in London?

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    Recent comments:

    “Getting really bored with the persistence with which people pursue their anti-Blair propaganda, steadfastly refusing to see any good in the man.” – AND – “Tony Blair was the greatest Prime Minister since Winston Churchill and the only regret I have he didn’t get my vote as I live in Canada.”AND“I am sick and tired of television and radio interviewers asking the same old questions over and over, regarding the decision to go to war in Iraq, presumably they hope Mr Blair will let slip some secret information which they would then use against him. History will show if the decision was the right one, (I believe it was) but people must accept that Tony Blair is a honourable man, and made his decision based on the known facts and not with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight.”

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    10 Responses to “Tony Blair book-signing is off. They’ve won. Inmates running the asylum”

    1. celia walters Says:

      This is the end of free speech in our country

    2. little ole American Says:

      One thing, you forgot to mention; THE PROCEEDS OF THE BOOK SALES ARE GOING TO THE ROYAL LEGION to aid in the recovery and rehabilitation of the soldiers and veterans, who have actually “SERVED” their country!
      Now, what does THAT say about these violent, stupid, mouthy, whining, ignorant, and extremely selfish asses? They could not put aside THEIR agenda, in order to help in a “merciful” or “charitable” cause?
      There is only one way to describe these protestors; “Good-for-nothings”. Absolutely, “good-for-nothing”!

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        I’ve written about that before, little ole American. We, THEY all know about that. They still moan about it. They have asked their supporters to send the money direct to the British Royal Legion, so as not to boost Blair’s book sales. Too late for that. It is now Number 1 political memoirs ever, and number 10 in the USA lists. Will rise when he comes to the US next week.

    3. The haters have won. For now. « Says:

      […] indefatigable friend BlairSupporter puts it […]

    4. Ron Broxted Says:

      New Scotland Yard delenda est.

    5. Johan Brendon Says:

      His cancellation goes to show the shallowness and cowardice of Tony Blair. He was so brave, courageous and prepared to shed blood (not his of course) to get rid of Sadam Hussein. And yet, he could not face a small tiny weeny crowd of protesters? Come on, Mr. Blair, where is your courage now? You santimonious, manipulative liar!

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        What utter tripe you HATERS talk. It is not a question of cowardice, you fool.

        You do realise that HE would not personally have been in any danger, surrounded as he would have been by a dozen security people? Unless, of course, there had been some intelligence regarding, well, let’s not beat about the bush, a suicider. If that had been the case it wouldn’t just have killed him, but plenty of others too. And even on a less dramatic note, you do realise that because of THE MOB – the rentamob as John Rentoul calls them – all of the Piccadilly area of London could have been gridlocked for hours by these creatures. And yes they ARE creatures, low-life, using any genuine demonstrators for their own purposes. For traffic problems resulting HE would have been blamed by the virulent antis like you. No fault of the poor demonstrators. SCUM, many of them imho.

        The man can’t win whatever he does as far as people like you are concerned.

    6. hotshot bald cop Says:

      Right on!

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