Tony Blair’s Book Best-Seller EVER at Amazon. Got it, scum-mob?

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    8th September 2010


    Click to Buy Tony Blair’s ‘A Journey’

    As regulars will hopefully confirm I am always, well, usually the epitome of moderation and self-control here at my little corner of BlogoLand. I don’t normally dig down to their level to insult such as the so-called pretend protesters/activists who turned out in Dublin to hurl abuse at a great political leader, but since they only understand abuse, this is for you, scum-mob. The postponement of his private book launch party tonight too tells us all we need to know about the scum-rentamob. It tells us more, though, about our very own precious press. They are screaming “FREE SPEECH” and “FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION” all over their front pages. Aren’t they? Well, aren’t they? That’s right. They aren’t.

    Four videos in this post.

    1. News Update: Tony Blair’s To Become’s Biggest-Selling Political Memoir Ever

    2. Tony Blair Book Signing In Dublin Shoes And Eggs Thrown Amid Unrest pt2


    Stop this video at 1 minute in. After she repeats “arrest the murderer Blair”, echoed by the MOB you will hear her call out to a most unbrutal-looking 5 foot two policewoman “Police brutality”, again echoed. These people are CRAZY. If this is what they call “brutality” they need to shift themselves and their dumb tommy rot and shoes to Iran or some other country for which they no doubt have high regard.

    And today Mr Blair decide to deny the MOB the oxygen of publicity. He called off his book launch party, due this evening at The Tate.

    So who ARE these so-called protestors?


    They are mostly left-wing extremists, some anarchists, some Marxists and other assorted rent-a-mob Useful Idiots. They like to wave banners such as “(UP) THE RESISTANCE.” Some of them will no doubt be the Irish leg of the “Stop The War Coalition”. Has anyone told ’em the war’s over? That in itself shows that they are no more “Stop the Warriors” than I am Harry Potter.

    This disgraceful cartoon is several years old, but it is a typical example of the mindset to be found at Indy Media Ireland. And here they have their current crop showing the ‘Resistance’ resisting the Police’s instructions. Peaceable crowd of liars aren’t they?

    In the video at the top of this ‘Socialist’ Irish Republic site – –  the MOB shout “peaceful protest” as the Police haul one of the scum away.

    Indy Media is an anti-corporate business gang (and anti-democratic government, unless it’s Marxist) who regularly turn out, banners aloft to decry world leaders and ANY kind of corporate or government-led plans. It thinks it and only IT has the answers to the world’s problems. Yeah, right.

    SCORE? Two/One to Blair

    I say again – these SCUM need to be locked up, for their lies and for giving  genuine demonstrations a bad name.

    Even when as many as a million (they tell us) marched against the Iraq invasion we did not see the civil unrest that the scum-renta-mob brought to Dublin last Saturday. Their next gig was Waterstone’s, London, today. Denied that, The Tate, London tonight. Mr Blair denied them the oxygen of publicity.

    So, since there was NO passers-by injured, no traffic stopped, no-one arrested or attacked at the end of today, MY overall score is Blair v Scum-Mob, 2-1.


    4. The Late Late Show: Tony Blair on being called a ‘war criminal’ (3:38)

    Asked about what he feels when people call him a “war criminal” he says “you can’t take decisions on the basis of people with placards, you’ve got to take decisions on what you think is right”. And asked “does their opinion matter”, he responds, “of course their opinion matters but their opinion can’t determine everything.” He also says, “those who shout most don’t deserve necessarily to be listened to most.”

    I will not pretend that I was happy about this book signing cancellation. I was furious, as you may have noticed here. But if you think that post was Blair Supporter fury, wait till you see what has really lit my fuse.


    Meanwhile here are a few good reads –

    1. A report on Eamonn Holmes’ excellent interview with Tony Blair on Sky’s “Sunrise” on Monday morning. It was then that we had the first inkling that Wednesday’s book-signing was about to be called off.

    Tom Carew says at Julie’s Facebook wall:

    The mob in Dublin [ at most 200, when Dublin has 1.1m people ] clearly included, alongside Trots [and even a few Stalinist friends of Kim-il-Sung from the tiny *Workers Party* ] and anti-Israeli pro-Hamas fanatics, the PR wings of renegade IRA gangs, who must be another real threat. If there are serious security concerns, then one answer could be to have a ticket-only launch, in a suitable secure venue, with the public invited to apply for tickets in advance, thus enabling advance checks on those attending. Party Annual Conferences have never been abandoned even in the face of real terrorist threats.

    Click to Buy Tony Blair’s ‘A Journey’


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    “Getting really bored with the persistence with which people pursue their anti-Blair propaganda, steadfastly refusing to see any good in the man.” – AND – “Tony Blair was the greatest Prime Minister since Winston Churchill and the only regret I have he didn’t get my vote as I live in Canada.”AND“I am sick and tired of television and radio interviewers asking the same old questions over and over, regarding the decision to go to war in Iraq, presumably they hope Mr Blair will let slip some secret information which they would then use against him. History will show if the decision was the right one, (I believe it was) but people must accept that Tony Blair is a honourable man, and made his decision based on the known facts and not with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight.”

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    11 Responses to “Tony Blair’s Book Best-Seller EVER at Amazon. Got it, scum-mob?”

    1. Matt Says:

      Your ferocious love for Mr. Blair is very strange, verging on the pathological. You’re like a little boy standing miles away from everyone else, clasping your hands over your ears and shouting at the top of your voice, all the while keeping a keen eye out for your hero, who, on noticing you, would doubtless ignore you, even as you fainted in giddy ecstasy.

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        @ Matt,

        If I ever did have a pathological condition, and I don’t, I’d rather it was based around what you describe as “ferocious love” (increasing admiration, in actual fact) than the pathology that many online seem to suffer from – irrational HATE.

        Hate destroys from within. Love (admiration) doesn’t. People who HATE are on a road to self-destruction. Hopefully you’re not one of them.

    2. The best camera num Deal? America? away, just open your eyes! Says:

      […] Tony Blair's Book Best-Seller EVER at Amazon. Got it, scum-mob … […]

    3. Nicky Says:

      Just read John Rentoul’s column from a couple of days ago, and wanted to offer moral support for the stand you’re taking.

      I think history will show Blair was a man of integrity. The caricature of him by the haters is woefully simplistic. Presumably not all of these people are completely stupid, but they seem unwilling to properly acquaint themselves with the actual history of the events surrounding the Iraq invasion and its aftermath. If they did that, instead of just parroting the lines of other Blair haters, they might realise how distorted and incomplete their version is.

      However, I think they just prefer their Blair hate comfort zone. It’s down to mental laziness and some primitive need to find a handy hate figure.

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        @ Nicky,

        So right. Once one reason for hating Blair has been discounted, they find another reason. More than mental laziness, though, a whole misreading of Tony Blair and of the west’s place in the world.

    4. Nicky Says:

      Agree also with what you say about people who hate are on a road to self-destruction.

    5. tony Says:

      what happen about blair why he write the book

    6. Stan Says:

      Saw a headline the other day, THE RETURN OF MAD MEN. Thought it was covering the same ground as your piece, KTBFPM. But it was actually about a new series of a prize-winning American drama, which I highly recommend btw.

    7. fuck off and die Says:

      what in the name of God is this bullshit? do you have any idea the things that Blair has done and has allowed to happen? why not have a word with the families of the 500,000 Iraqi children that died from treatable diseases during the sanctions of the 1990’s? why not speak to those Iraqi civilians that lost loved ones during the British bombing of Iraq via the illegal no-fly zones after the gulf war? why not inquire as to the Kurds in Turkey and Iraq that Blair allowed to be bombed by Turkish fighter jets? you idiots disgust me, to people as sub-human as you, the deaths of a million iraqis in the 100% illegal invasion of 2003 based on a lie that when proven false was replaced with another lie means nothing. and yet you call protesters who actually have integrity “scum”. you’re a fucking step backwards in the evoloutionary chain, take down this bullshit website and stop spouting you nonsense hate-speech propaganda you sack of shit

    8. little ole American Says:

      It is apparent F-off and die, does not have any friends in the Middle East (especially Iraq and Turkey) from whom IT can gather some on-the-ground FACTS. IT draws all ITS “opinions” from the Guardian and other bimbo publications, and throws numbers out like dice. This site is known for listing FACTS. Tony Blair did NOT “allow” 500,000 Iraqi children to die from treatable diseases during the sanctions. Get your villains straight; it was Saddam who inflicted death and destruction on his own people (gassed the women and children, didn’t he?), murdered anyone who opposed him, and allowed his insane sons to rape, pillage, and murder to their heart’s content. The entire Western world and the UN imposed sanctions on Iraq, just as we are doing with Iran and N. Korea, now. The governments of those countries are the ones who can save their own people. The governments of those countries are the villains. They let their people starve, while they build up their nuclear capabilities, and live in spacious castles, enjoying Western amenities.
      I remember seeing an interview with one of Saddam’s scientists, shortly after the invasion. He escaped to the U.S. I wish I could find it on the web (if I do, I’ll send it on to you). The woman reporter asked the scientist if Saddam was working on nuclear weapons. He answered, “yes”. She asked him, “well, where is it”? He said, “Saddam ordered the materials out of the country before the inspectors came in”. She asked, “well, how could he do that, without being seen”? I remember the look on the scientist’s face (poor thing). He looked at her as if he simply could not believe her stupidity, and said, “by truck”.
      Hahahaha!!! That interview has never been aired since. Perhaps it was because, we were in the midst of tracking it. Remember the Israeli bombing in Syria? That “strange” site they bombed has never been explained. It will be explained one day and the Guardianistos will have egg on their faces.
      Sanctions are nothing new on the face of the planet. Sanctions are imposed in order to avert WAR. Saddam made the so-called inspectors, like Hans Blix, look like fools. He shot at our planes on a daily basis. Saddam invaded Kuwaite and killed hundreds of women and children.
      The really important thing to realize is that not all of the information on Iraq has been released. It cannot be released because we are still in the thick of things and must protect our troops and the Iraqis and Afghanis. Over the years, this site and others have spoken with Iraqis (you might want to repost that) who KNOW who the real villain was (surprise! not us!) and were fortunate enough to escape the oppression and tyranny. Tony is well-respected in the Middle East (with the exception of those terrorist groups who want to stop his “peace-making”).
      I have questions for such as this Guardianisto; Why is it ok to overlook the rape, murder, beheadings, torture, gassing of innocent people, and having a prison in Baghdad for “dissidents” under the age of twelve? Why? I can only assume that kind of “behavior” is ok with you.
      To me, it sounds as if you are actually “condoning” the actions of the barbarians, like Saddam and the Taliban. Just let them kill each other, ha?
      Who cares?

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