Test your ‘liberal/libertarian/liberty/democratic’ credentials. Smile or scowl?

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    14th September 2010

    Click to Buy Tony Blair’s ‘A Journey’

    I just received this text:

    “I am just about to download a copy of the koran. Do you want me to burn one for you?”

    I smiled.

    Did you smile? If so, imho, you understand liberalism.

    Did you frown, even scowl? You don’t understand. In other words, you’re one of today’s liberals. But be warned that means you take yourself and others FAR too seriously to be a genuine liberal. You allow your enemies liberty, democratic freedoms and freedom of speech and association, while you are not so sure about the rights of those you dislike, distrust, or even ‘hate’, even if they are the very epitome of “liberty” and are widely recognised and even awarded as such. [See also my post here on Open Democracy]

    To prove that point just imagine that somewhere in the Middle East, some backwoods imam had been planning to hold a Burn the Bible Day. [OK, I realise this is a common, if unreported, occurrence anyway, but do please suspend for a moment your preconceptions; continue to disregard that minor detail in the time-honoured “liberal” way.]

    A Christian woman shows a charred Bible, written in Urdu, to the photographer outside her torched house in Gojra town located in Punjab province August 4, 2009.

    If you had then received a text saying –

    “I am just about to download a copy of the bible. Do you want me to burn one for you?”

    – would you have smiled or scowled?

    On that reaction, again, imho, rests real LIBERAL (originally somewhat akin to Liberty) credentials.

    For your information I smiled at the thought of both.

    Think about it. You know it makes sense.

    Smile, Damn you!



    1. Liberty Vs Democracy

    2. Liberalism Vs Libertarianism

    Libertarianism is a political philosophy or a family of related political philosophies based on strong support for individual liberty, which Libertarians encourage mainly through private property ownership and guaranteed personal sovereignty.

    Liberalism refers to a broad array of related ideas and theories of government that consider individual liberty to be the most important political goal. Broadly speaking, liberalism emphasizes individual rights and equality of opportunity.



    Just found this on an Australian lawyer, Alex Stewart, who faces the sack for koran and bible burning spliff stunt.


    Stewart has taken an indefinite leave of absence and has written on an atheist forum that he expected to be sacked.

    But he defended his actions, saying: “The video was a joke video, of course… People do this stuff all the time and if people get really upset about this then they’re taking it far too seriously.”

    See what I mean about a sense of humour? Or is that a liberal thing too far?

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    “Mr. Blair is one of the finest politicians to have had the priviledge of serving the United Kingdom, and Britons are fortunate to have had him as their Prime Minister. Time will show that Mr. Blair’s approach to affairs in the Middle East were and remain correct. From a member of the Commonwealth, thank you, Mr. Blair, for your continued service to legitimate and lasting (and not convenient or politically expedient) freedom.”

    AND – “Tony Blair was the greatest Prime Minister since Winston Churchill and the only regret I have he didn’t get my vote as I live in Canada.”

    AND – “I am sick and tired of television and radio interviewers asking the same old questions over and over, regarding the decision to go to war in Iraq, presumably they hope Mr Blair will let slip some secret information which they would then use against him. History will show if the decision was the right one, (I believe it was) but people must accept that Tony Blair is a honourable man, and made his decision based on the known facts and not with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight.”

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