Dangerous BNP madman, Arthur Kemp: “Tony Blair must be hanged”

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    22nd September 2010

    Click to Buy Tony Blair’s ‘A Journey’

    NOTE: I may well be writing several posts on Mr Kemp, his political history, his past, his rantings, his lies, his family’s opinions of him and his brainwashing of BNP supporters.  Yes, I realise all publicity might be considered good publicity, but there are some things British voters need to know. Check back here. Also, I have added a few more comments from the BNP site below, here – just so you know.

    Tony Blair Must Be Hanged for Crimes against Humanity, BNP Leicestershire Told

    (From – Mon, 20/09/2010 – 17:50 |  BNP News)

    Kemp: “Tony Blair is the biggest mass murderer of modern times […] The BNP is dedicated to ensuring that Mr Blair is arrested and placed on trial for crimes against humanity in front of an International Military Tribunal to be seated in London, after the death penalty is reintroduced in this county,” he said, receiving much applause.

    One of the saddest things about this picture is the young boy who is being exposed to such hatred. Do BNP supporters realise how Kemp's son feels about his racist, intolerant father?


    About 100 largely male BNP supporters, listened as Arthur Kemp hoisted his hatred on high, right in front of the Union Jack, to excited applause.

    It seems they were exuberant at the prospect of bringing back capital punishment and having Tony Blair as its first candidate.  It seems Mr Kemp didn’t hold back. I don’t have a transcript or video, but it seems he didn’t say Tony Blair should be hanged or might well be hanged after a fair trial. He said he MUST be hanged. And at an International MILITARY Tribunal? It seems this guy from South Africa’s very dark days doesn’t know the UK is not a military dictatorship. Nor was the democratically thrice-elected Tony Blair a military dictator. Nor that the Iraq decision was passed  by parliament. The ONLY TIME EVER, that’s EVER, EVER, that a Bitish PM has asked parliament for its consent.

    Stuff that FACT – a true FACT in your lying BNP pipes of peace!

    But he’s for the high jump anyway, if the idiot Kemp has his way.

    WHAT? Even if any Military Tribunal found him not guilty of any charges? Clearly this Tony Blair is a bad un!

    You remember Tony Blair, don’t you? It looks like BNP supporters have forgotten.

    He was here in Northern Ireland, all the way through his premiership, working doggedly for peace. Just for 10 years!

    (left) – McGuinness, Ahern, Blair, Hain and Paisley after the Northern Ireland peace agreement was finally  signed on 8th May 2007. Blair started on this work in 1997, weeks after becoming Prime Minister. He completed it weeks before he left office in June 2007. This after decades, even centuries of conflict.

    You… they MUST remember that. Surely?

    Or perhaps you… they remember this better (right) when Tony Blair was made a Paramount Chief of Sierra Leone after he stopped the barbarism of limb-chopping rebels.


    He’s a bit of a hero there, for some reason.

    Then again, maybe your… their memory is really bad.

    But have you all forgotten Kosovo? The parents of some of Kosovo’s ‘Toniblers’ haven’t. As it happens, yesterday the Kosovar Minister of Trade & Industry, Lutfi Zharku met a delegation from the US business community. Seems they were interested in investing in Kosovo. Looks like some sort of progress after Milosevic’s reign of terror was ended by Bill Clinton & that soon-to-be-executed ‘criminal’ Tony Blair.

    But what the heck! Hang him!

    I am constantly utterly amazed that these people can still get away with this sort of talk.  Its brain-seeping influence, intentional as I see it,  is towards the condition of mind that allows some to assume they have carte blanche to bring summary justice as and when and however they choose. Forget waiting for a trial, FGS. Let’s get on with it!

    No wonder Mr Blair needs high security even, especially perhaps, here in Britain. Foiled again, guys, weren’t you?

    The lies these people are fed pre-dispose at least some of them to a position dangerous in the extreme. This propensity is likely compounded by the realisation that they will never, NEVER, EVER be voted into any position of power in Britain.

    How ANY of them can sit there, listen to this South African self-exiled racist spew his hatred about OUR great former Prime Minister, and how they can applaud this sort of suggestion is beyond the comprehension of ANY right-thinking person.

    I took a note of some of their commenters there. One of them – powys – seems to be blessed with a touch more reality than most commenters there. He, if not the others, might be interested in Kemp’s background in my next post. If he already knows it and discounts it and he still thinks Blair is the evil one, well, powys, there’s little hope for you.



    Comments from the BNP’s post ‘Tony Blair Must Be Hanged for Crimes against Humanity’

    [Of the comments I have used below, this, from Tom Holmes is the only one I have used where a web link is used – to his  Facebook link]

    Tom Holmes 10 hours ago
    I was there and can say that the notion of Blair facing a trial for war crimes received a massive cheer and applause that filled the room. It was a great meeting


    JeromePeter 15 hours ago
    Those calvalcades of limos, the flashlight photography, endless lectures, jetting here, there and everywhere and the constant interviews, with controversy meeting him everywhere he goes, Blair must be fealing the heat something chronic now. He looks so tired and drawn. Some Nazi war criminals evaded capture for decades but still hanged. There is plenty of time to get him yet and isn’t it better that fear stalks him as he waits on his own arrest and what difference now between Blair and Sadam? What goes around Tony….


    I share the sense of outrage that most BNP members feel about Tony Blair and what he and his cabinet did to our country. However, I also understand something about the nature of the British electorate and I tell you now that we will never be elected to office if we appear unreasonable. It is one thing to write stuff into a manifesto and quite another to get the public to buy into it; and, it is for that reason that most clever writers of such documents keep them mercifully brief and vague.
    Well said Powys. However, we should always keep our wishes to prosecute those who have betrayed this country for treason on top of our priorities.. In politics the spoken word is not as important as the unspoken egenda.
    We in the BNP must always tell the truth and the truth about the former Yugoslavia is that genocide DID occur there.
    When the Dutch troops allowed the Serbs to take away more than 7000 Bosnian men and boys, they may not have thought that the Serbs would murder them all, but that is precisely what happened. Now, something from my own direct experience –rather than rubbish from the yellow press. I was debriefing a corporal who had returned from a patrol and I asked him to detail the events following his patrol’s occupation of a set of buildings. He stated the following: “The main buildings were clear, with no booby-traps; however, an out-building contained a dead man suspended from the roof beams. He had been tortured and his eyes were removed — he had been forced to swallow them.” He then went on to tell me that his men had also discovered the bodies of two 10 or 11 year old girls who had been raped by the Serb soldiers and then shot in the head. So, you ask me if I think that the war against the Serbs was a “just war” and I have to tell you that what I saw and what I heard tells me that the Serbs behaved like savages.


    I was THERE and I KNOW what went on. I do not rely on 3rd hand information and propergander for my information. It is true that Serbs, Croates and Bosnians all did dispicable things and morally that there is little to chose between them. However, in terms of sheer numbers of cruel events the main culprets were defnitely the Serbs. I went there predisposed towards the Serbs because they were our ally in WW2, but returned a sadder and much wiser person.

    If you were to ask me if I think that it was just to allow the Albanians to annex a Serb province, I say NO. It was a criminal act and we supported it. It was as though Leicester and Manchester were to declare themselves to be Muslim, independent cities on the basis of their numbers. Would we like that? Having stated that, I quite understand why Montengro, Croatia and Slovenia chose to separate themselves from the Serbs.

    The Serbs wanted to settle scores with the Muslims left over from the Ottoman conquest. They also do not think highly of the Roman Catholic populations left over from the Austria-Hungarian Empire. The place is a bit like Afghanistan and Pakistan, i.e, lands where “tribalism” is rife and real accord extremely unlikely.


    ShireFella 19 hours ago

    Hanging is too good for that evil swine.
    I agree, let the punishment fit the crime, let us extradite him to Afghanistan or Iraq so these people can deal with him any way they see fit.

    Ten years of illegal sanctions started by the Major government and continued by Blair upon the innocent people of Iraq caused the death of countless 100s of 1000s of women, children, old and infirm as the sanctions targeted included medical supplies.

    When we talk of mass murder on this scale from behind the safety of a desk, a psychology proven fact is that the perpetrates would be unable to identity the difference, or indeed care, between a 1000, 10,000 a 100,00 or a million people killed.

    I realise these are Muslims and I don’t like them, but they are where they should be in their own lands and we had no right to be there, as they have no right to be here. Besides left to their own devices they may even kill themselves off given the eternal struggle between the Shiites and Sunnis, and a few other faction lurking there.

    bigphil25 1 day ago

    I am surprised there are not more Iraqis and Afghans calling for him to be a least tried for his crimes, the controlled media may be covering this up of course, I do not like Muslims or Islam, but they have a right to their own religeon and their own way of life in their own country and to live without interference from us or anyone else.

    We should be extended the same rights in our own country, so no more Mosque’s and it is time to enforce our rules on those who choose to live hear, if they do not like it, nobody is keeping them hear against their will.

    gildedtumbril 20 hours ago
    Blair should be hanged for just being bliar, oh, and for being Prime Monster all the while he knew he was a catholic. It
    has a similar reek to the Kenyan-born muslim usurper who knows he is a muslim.
    Onwards and upwards.
    More comments here.
    NOTE: In case you think I am being unfair to Arthur Kemp, why don’t you go and visit his website here. You’ll then get his take on the South Africa murder and on his approach to racism and peace in South Africa. Then you’ll have his side of the story before you read what others think of him. Can’t say fairer than that, can I?
    Want more? Well, there’s always a video or three of him here at YouTube, just to pass away the weary hours.

    Click to Buy Tony Blair’s ‘A Journey’

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    Recent comments:

    “Mr. Blair is one of the finest politicians to have had the priviledge of serving the United Kingdom, and Britons are fortunate to have had him as their Prime Minister. Time will show that Mr. Blair’s approach to affairs in the Middle East were and remain correct. From a member of the Commonwealth, thank you, Mr. Blair, for your continued service to legitimate and lasting (and not convenient or politically expedient) freedom.”

    AND – “Tony Blair was the greatest Prime Minister since Winston Churchill and the only regret I have he didn’t get my vote as I live in Canada.”

    AND – “I am sick and tired of television and radio interviewers asking the same old questions over and over, regarding the decision to go to war in Iraq, presumably they hope Mr Blair will let slip some secret information which they would then use against him. History will show if the decision was the right one, (I believe it was) but people must accept that Tony Blair is a honourable man, and made his decision based on the known facts and not with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight.”

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    2 Responses to “Dangerous BNP madman, Arthur Kemp: “Tony Blair must be hanged””

    1. little ole American Says:

      Disrespectful group, that BNP. Why do you suppose they overlook all the good that PM Blair did and how he kept getting re-elected? It boggles the mind. They remind me of the little Nazi groups that still salute the swastika, at their underground meetings. They are not a political group, they are a cult.

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        “Disrespectful” is generous, little ole American.

        This crowd are haters. Racists. Anarchists, imho. Anti-democracy, anti-EU, and above all else purveyors of LIES. They don’t give a damn about Iraqis or Afghanis. They hate foreigners, especially if they are not white. They were forced to change their constitution recently by the courts because their constitution said non-indigenous whites were prohibited. But it’s only a token change, as you can see by the picture. Not ONE non-white person in the room.

        They’d like them all to roast in hell, along with Blair. They hate HIM for being popular right across the racial board.

        They make me puke. Remember that, my American friends if you ever hear them ranting against Muslims, which is their raison d’etre. They are anti-immigrant, anti-foreigner, anti-everything. Their leaders look and dress like The Chicago Mob. Not a female among their top team to water down their testosterone, (as you can tell by the picture.)

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