Wilders Trial: Wafa Sultan testifies in support of Geert Wilders (videos)

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    15th October 2010

    UPDATE: Wilders has been found NOT GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS. I should bloody well think so, too!

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    This afternoon, in the trial of the century thus far, the Dutch public prosecution department will state whether it believes anti-Islam campaigner Geert Wilders should be found guilty of inciting hatred and discrimination. Presumably, if they conclude there is no case to answer, the case is dismissed and Wilders walks free. No need for the defence to put its case? Or is it as simple as that? Updates here later.

    Wafa Sultan defending Geert Wilders 1

    Wafa Sultan defending Geert Wilders 2

    Wafa Sultan defending Geert Wilders 3


    Kurt Westergaard, one of the cartoonists of th...

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    I have cross-posted the below from TundraTabloid, including the above 3 videos.


    Here is some stunning court testimony thanks to our never-sleeping Dutch to English translator, V.H.

    The judge reads from testimony that was given by Dr. Wafa Sultan about the nature and threat of Islam to Western liberal democracy at the trial of Geert Wilders for whatever it is he is charged with. I phrase it this way because frankly, I feel he is charged with 1. Being Geert Wilders and 2. Not following the Frankfurt school party line on all things politically correct and incorrect.

    In any case, this is a great couple of clips. Thanks to VH for the translation, and to The Baron over at Gates of Vienna for the formatting.

    And in case you have not yet seen the Fitna videos, here are the main two parts.

    Fitna part 1/4 English Geert Wilders!

    Fitna part 2/4 English Geert Wilders!

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    2 Responses to “Wilders Trial: Wafa Sultan testifies in support of Geert Wilders (videos)”

    1. Peter Reynolds Says:

      Your presence is urgently required at the Mad Hatters tea party again:



      I’ll try to think of something serious to say later BUT I was all for good ol’ Geert UNTIL:


      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        Hi Peter,

        Left a comment at the caption post. As for the other post, well, I thought TB’s sexy bits in his book were quite descriptive, even evocative actually. For a politician. Confusing thought for some punters, I suppose. A bit like realising your parents do it.

        As for the cannabis business and Geert Wilders? I’ll leave that up to you, P. But surely you don’t want him found guilty of that “insulting” nonsense just cos he’s not with you on cannabis? How often do you go to the Netherlands, anyway?

        Btw, I wonder if that’s my friend Julie they’re referring to in the comments? Must let her know, in case.

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