Anjem Choudary Vs Usama Dakdok: Jihad Exposed in the USA

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    17th October 2010

    Click to Buy Tony Blair’s ‘A Journey’

    You may not want to view these videos if you think Obama is the great protector of western values. That said, no-one knows what Britain’s present “leaders” think of anything to do with Islam, fundamental or not. It’s the elephant in the room – better not mentioned. But Germany’s Chancellor, Angela Merkel has surprised us today, saying that multiculturalism has failed.

    I recall Tony Blair saying in 2006 that immigrants must integrate.

    Due to the fact that the British press has long been overrun by Islamist apologists and those who see multiculturalism as a great success story, he could say no more, even if he thought it. Especially since he was on his way out by then.  See 2006 – December 8th – Tony Blair on immigration and the duty to integrate

    Listen to this prize wally asking Christians to “love thy neighbour”. Go away, Choudary! The day you stop calling in LONDON for the death of the Pope, the Queen, our government’s leaders, is the day WE will love you. Sorry, we will consider treating you as though you were human. Love is more precious.


    Great stuff here at 2:30: Usama Dakdok puts Choudary in his box. Debating this phrase – sallallahou alayhi wasallam – Dakdok says, “I’m going to show to the world you’re ignorant … How much Arabic do you know, my friend? Do you know what salah means?” After Choudary’s weak response citing “peace be upon him”, Dakdok says, “Study Arabic? I can teach your scholar Arabic … That’s what they taught you, my friend, you do not understand. They taught you this when they make you a baby Muslim.”

    Choudary ums and ahs and tries to bounce the question back to Dakdok, but doesn’t seem to know the meaning of ‘salah‘. He just recites “may the peace and blessings be upon him” (Muhammad).

    An editorial at the Washington Times – Islamic Flag Over The White House – referred to ABC’s This Week and an item starring Britain’s very own proud jihadist Anjem Choudary.


    In an interview Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” British radical Muslim activist Anjem Choudary made clear what he and his Islamist brothers have planned for the West. “We do believe, as Muslims, the East and the West will one day be governed by the Shariah,” he said. “Indeed, we believe that one day, the flag of Islam will fly over the White House.” He then quoted a hadith, or saying of Muhammad, as related by 10th-century Muslim scholar Al-Tabarani, that “the final hour will not come until Muslims conquer the White House.” Another version of the saying goes, “A small portion of Muslims will rise and conquer the White House.”

    No link at the Washington Times for the video, but I found the above video and part of a discussion at ABNSAT where there will soon be a new 24-Hour ENGLISH Channel, described as The FIRST channel to reach and teach the English-speaking WEST about the risk of radical Islam and its violent teachings. (E-mail:

    Pamella Geller and Robert Spencer also appeared on the programme above, but the clip does not include their contributions.

    I have added below a video or two with them both, so you know who Atlas Shrugs and Jihad Watch bloggers are, Geller and Spencer respectively.


    Atlas Shrugs: Impromptu Interview with Robert Spencer on Jihad

    Pamela Geller of ‘Atlas Shrugs’  and Robert Spencer of ‘Jihad Watch’.


    Robert Spencer – The Complete Infidel’s Guide To The Koran (1 of 3)

    Courtesy of David Horowitz Freedom Center

    The Complete Infidel’s Guide to the Koran

    Book Description:

    The Koran: It may be the most controversial book in the world. Some see it as a paean to peace, others call it a violent mandate for worldwide Islamic supremacy.
    How can one book lead to such dramatically different conclusions? New York Times bestselling author Robert Spencer reveals the truth in The Complete Infidel’s Guide to the Koran: not many Westerners know what’s in the Koran, since so few have actually read it — even among the legions of politicians, diplomats, analysts, and editorial writers who vehemently insist that the Koran preaches tolerance.
    Now, Spencer unveils the mysteries lying behind this powerful book, guiding readers through the controversies surrounding the Koran’s origins and its most contentious passages. Stripping out the obsolete debates, Spencer focuses on the Koran’s decrees toward Jews, Christians, and other Infidels, explaining how they were viewed in Muhammad’s time, what they’ve supposedly done wrong, and most important, what the Koran has in store for them.

    Coincidentally I have just started reading Robert Spencer’s “The Complete Infidel’s Guide to the Koran”. It has much of the same content, dissecting the koran and the meaning of Islam, in a similar way to Dakdok in another set of interviews. It also shows how much of Islam comes from the Bible, both Old and New. Meanwhile, remember if you will, that Muslims say that only ISLAM is the true religion, and its precursors – Judaism and Christianity –  were only the warm-up acts. In some weird way only understood in their upside-down thinking what this means is that we were all born Muslims!

    That’s what they say, folks.

    I will publish Usama Dakdok’s videos in another post, and more from Spencer, as I work my way through his book.


    And here’s another of Choudary – cos I just KNOW you can’t get enough of this waste of a good British birthright.

    Islam is not a religion of peace says Anjem Choudary (CBN News)

    Erick Stakelbeck says: “Political correctness is killing Europe. We need some Muslims to speak up about these issues.

    But it’s good to know that Anjem Choudary is ‘honest’! Don’t you think?


    Here’s a taster from a man who knows his koran.

    Usama Dakdok – Islam in America Today – 01.flv

    Usama Dakdok is an Egyptian Christian who knows Islam inside and out and in this interview exposes Islam for the violent religion that it is and calls the Church to wake up!
    File 1 of 8


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    AND – “Tony Blair was the greatest Prime Minister since Winston Churchill and the only regret I have he didn’t get my vote as I live in Canada.”

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