Tony Blair in sports crazy Brazil: “Nothing new in WikiLeaks documents”

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    29th October 2010

    Click to Buy Tony Blair’s ‘A Journey’

    Tony Blair has been on a visit to Brazil in recent days, amongst other things advising the country on their 2016 Olympic Games (See Telegraph.)

    Telegraph excerpt:

    Blair, who was crucial in helping London win the bid for the 2012 Games, stressed that decision makers should make sure the Games bring benefits to the city well after 2016.

    “It cannot be just about the three weeks of the games,” Blair told a seminar with business leaders and Brazilian government authorities in Sao Paulo.

    “There is no point doing the games if there isn’t a sense that something is being built for the long term.

    “Part of the legacy is about what sport can do to society. Sport today is far more important that just sport itself. It can be used as a great anti-crime policy, a great health policy.”

    Blair said he hopes the London Games will provide youngsters the opportunity to discover sport and learn what it can do to their lives.

    He was asked, but of course, about the Wikileaks documents on Iraq.  News 24 reports that he said there was “nothing new in them”.

    I’ll drink to that.

    What else did the world statesman say about WikiLeakalot? Jump here and then jump back, jumping beans.

    Now here’s a guy who knew a little about drinking.

    They’ve got an awful lot of coffee & Tony in Brazil –



    It never ceases to amaze me how some little been nuffink/done nuffink bean sprouts in Britain, invariably of the Disappointed Left, describe our former PM as a “has-been”.  Do “has-beens” command the sell-outs he does? Even in the early morning?

    While some of us here, well, me for one,  are prevented by brainless bean-heads from listening to Mr Blair in person in our freedom-hating country, he’s The Biz in Brazil.

    Brazilian businessmen listen to the speech of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair as he appears on a TV monitor during a breakfast at a hotel in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on October 26, 2010. (Photo credit: MAURICIO LIMA/AFP/Getty Images)

    Forget the full tables! That’s par for the Blair course. How many speakers at a business breakfast would get that number of cameramen out of bed early in this country?

    Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair delivers a speech during a seminar with businessmen and athletes in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Tuesday, Oct. 26, 2010. (AP Photo/Nelson Antoine)

    But in case you’re leaping about complaining that he’s one of those narrowly focussed “new/old generation” types, only speaking to the high-powered winners and would-be winners, later on Tuesday Mr Blair addressed students at Anhembi Morumbi University.

    Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair attends a meeting with Brazilian students and teachers in Sao Paulo October 26, 2010. (REUTERS/Paulo Whitaker)

    No tea…

    Tony Blair listens to Sao Paulo's state governor Alberto Goldman (L) and Brazilian businessmen leaders group CEO Joao Doria Jr. during breakfast. (Photo credit: MAURICIO LIMA/AFP/Getty Images)

    Accused of drinking water?

    Water? (Photo credit: MAURICIO LIMA/AFP/Getty Images)

    All pictures above, with thanks to Day Life


    Anhembi Morumbi University part of the Laureate International Universities

    SAO PAULO, Oct. 27 /PRNewswire/ — Tony Blair, former Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, addressed students, alumni, faculty members and education and business leaders on the importance of education in Brazil’s growing economy on the campus of Anhembi Morumbi University. Anhembi Morumbi is one of Brazil’s leading institutions of higher education and a member of the Laureate International Universities network. The speech took place on October 26 and was broadcast worldwide to 30 institutions of higher education in the Laureate International Universities network.

    PR Newswire also reports that Colliers International, the third largest Real Estate services company in the world, with a presence in 61 countries, will host a fundraising event to raise money for Tony Blair’s Faith Foundation, TB Faith Foundation, US branch.


    Any British bean sprouts willing to fork out $10,000 for a table for the renowned world leader’s charity? Out of your class, kiddies, eh?


    More from PR Newswire

    ‘An Evening with Tony Blair’ to feature Charlie Rose in conversation with Tony Blair on the Challenges and Opportunities in this Increasingly Globalized World —

    The fall gala season will hit a high note in a matter of weeks when PBS host and 60 Minutes contributing correspondent Charlie Rose conducts a fireside chat with renowned world leader and Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair in downtown San Francisco. This high-profile event will be sponsored and hosted by leading global real estate services firm Colliers International.

    Tony Blair, a leading figure on the international stage, will engage in a spellbinding discussion with Charlie Rose about the challenges and opportunities of the modern world. All proceeds from the evening event will benefit the Tony Blair Faith Foundation. The Foundation runs educational programs, and organizes practical projects in countries around the world so that people can work together to tackle ill-health and global poverty as an alternative to conflict.

    A host of bold-face names hailing from the Bay Area and points distant have already committed to attend. Table sponsorship opportunities are currently available for $10,000. Sponsorship includes company name visibility and seating for ten.

    All contributions are tax deductible.

    Additional details about the Tony Blair Foundation can be accessed here

    About The Tony Blair Faith Foundation

    The Tony Blair Faith Foundation was founded in May 2008 and aims to promote respect and understanding between the major religions. It empowers, support and trains young people to take multi-faith action against extreme poverty in over 100 countries, providing them with a positive alternative to those who try to use faith as a means to divide.


    Tony Blair on WikiLeaks

    São Paulo – The release by WikiLeaks of 400 000 documents related to the Iraq war and showing torture and more Iraqi deaths than previously thought revealed nothing new, former British prime minister Tony Blair said.

    “All this information was already known,” Blair told Wednesday’s editions of Brazilian newspapers Folha de São Paulo and Estado de São Paulo during a visit to São Paulo.

    The number of Iraqi civilians killed since the 2003 US-led invasion of Iraq – which the WikiLeaks documents said was 15 000 more than the 50 000 previously disclosed – “were, basically, victims of terrorism”, Blair told Estado de São Paulo.

    “What is important today, whether it is in Iraq or Iran or in other places in the world, is that we have to confront those who commit these acts of terrorism,” he said.

    Defended support

    He has defended that support [for Bush and the USA] in a recent autobiography, and in the Estado de São Paulo interview he dismissed calls in Britain for him to face war crimes charges as coming from “an extremely small group of people”.

    WikiLeaks, an international whistleblowing website, last week released the 400 000 classified US military documents it said shed light on the Iraq war.

    The documents showed alleged widespread torture by Iraqi forces trained by the US, and reports suggesting the 15 000 additional civilian deaths in the Iraq conflict.

    US officials claimed WikiLeaks was jeopardising the security of its troops and Iraqi civilians.

    But Iraq’s rights ministry has said the logs “did not contain any surprises”.

    UN human rights chief Navi Pillay on Tuesday urged Iraq and the US to investigate the allegations contained in the documents “and to bring to justice those responsible for unlawful killings, summary executions, torture and other serious human rights abuses”.

    Jump Back to where you were


    Eat up, boys. It’s good for you…

    Tony Blair has breakfast next to Brazilian businessmen leaders group CEO Joao Doria Jr.

    I AM getting slightly worried about his loss of weight, though. In this picture, and admittedly it’s not great being photographed even when you’re only trying to eat, he looks like a reluctant 10-year-old who’s just been told to finish his sprouts.



    And in case you think being a world statesman is all about stuffing your face, or not, on October 19th, the Quartet’s Middle East peace representative was in Ramallah with President Abbas discussing the on/off Middle East peace process. Reported at The Tablet, along with a few other little happenings –  Daybreak: The Salvage Job

    Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas (R) meets with Quartet Middle East envoy Tony Blair at the Palestinian Authority headquarters in the West Bank city of Ramallah on October 19, 2010. (Photo credit: ABBAS MOMANI/AFP/Getty Images)

    • U.S. diplomats are frantically trying to put together a compromise that would allow President Abbas to re-enter the direct talks. [JPost]
    • In a turnabout, Prime Minister Netanyahu now advocates a version of the loyalty oath bill that would require all prospective immigrants, including Jews, to pledge allegiance to a “Jewish and democratic” state. [JPost]
    • Netanyahu alleged that Hamas in Gaza has anti-aircraft weapons, which if true would change the current dynamic wherein the Israeli Air Force can lauch strikes with abandon if it chooses. [AP/NYT]
    • The Israeli demand for recognition of its Jewishness stems from its fear of the growth of its Arab minority. [LAT]
    • A suspect in the Dubai assassination of Hamas weapons man Mahmoud al-Mabhouh was arrested in Canada. We don’t know more, making this seem vaguely like your girlfriend who lives in Canada. [JTA]
    • A further appreciation of the late human rights law professor Louis Henkin. [NYT]



    I’m not sure if I should include this video with the Coldplay song. I found it while I was looking for another one on Brazil.

    No, I won’t add it.

    Yes, I will.

    No. Better not.

    OK, you’ve persuaded me. But don’t read anything into it, oh ye wandering minds. I just like the pictures of Brazil.

    Time you rushed back home, Tony, for breakfast with Cherie.  The Daily Maul is at it again.


    Click to Buy Tony Blair’s ‘A Journey’




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    “All countries need a leader who isn’t afraid to fight terrorism. I believe Mr. Blair did a necessary job in helping his allies. Are we all just supposed to lie down and wait for them to come for us, I don’t think so.”

    And – “Mr. Blair is one of the finest politicians to have had the privilege of serving the United Kingdom, and Britons are fortunate to have had him as their Prime Minister. Time will show that Mr. Blair’s approach to affairs in the Middle East were and remain correct. From a member of the Commonwealth, thank you, Mr. Blair, for your continued service to legitimate and lasting (and not convenient or politically expedient) freedom.”

    AND – “Tony Blair was the greatest Prime Minister since Winston Churchill and the only regret I have he didn’t get my vote as I live in Canada.”

    AND – “I am sick and tired of television and radio interviewers asking the same old questions over and over, regarding the decision to go to war in Iraq, presumably they hope Mr Blair will let slip some secret information which they would then use against him. History will show if the decision was the right one, (I believe it was) but people must accept that Tony Blair is a honourable man, and made his decision based on the known facts and not with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight.”

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    7 Responses to “Tony Blair in sports crazy Brazil: “Nothing new in WikiLeaks documents””

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    2. Sven Says:

      Just bought the book and I am about to start reading it now. Wanted to read up a bit beforehand though 😉

    3. Rob Says:

      Of course you should be pleased that Mohammed is now the most popular boy’s name in Britain. It’s about time the greatest heavyweight in the history of boxing received suitable recognition.


      “Has-beens” can still command audiences: I was in a sold-out hall in Edinburgh some years back to see Gorbachev, who was most definitely a has-been by then. Anyway, nobody claims TB is a has-been as a speaker: it’s his political career that’s over. But then, I’m a bean sprout of the disappointed left, so what do I know?

      Oh, and as for your final DM link, you must at least have enjoyed the comments! I certainly did.

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        But of course, Rob, yes. Anyway a little skeleton clad lad knocked my door last night. I asked him his name. He said “Mohammed”. He wasn’t THAT scary!

        Blair’s domestic political career may, I repeat may be over, but it’s a big old world out there. His career politically is not over, imho.

        I don’t read the DM’s comments any more. Too samey. Too predictable.

    4. Rob Says:

      Oh, but you should read those: all telling the DM journalist to get off Cherie’s back and put a sock in it!

    5. Andrew Says:

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