Video – “human rights” for prisoners, according to the axe-killer

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    3rd November 2010

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    Ex-prisoner tells Andrew Neil (Daily Politics) why all UK prisoners should get the vote (03Nov10)

    This convicted murderer took the government to court over prisoners’ rights to vote. The previous (Labour) government had failed to follow the directive from the European Human Rights Court (handed down in 2004) that prisoners should be permitted to vote. Unfortunately this obnoxious creep of a man won his appeal and now the present government, against its better judgement, says it HAS to comply or cost the country millions in payouts to convicted prisoners.

    As a longtime pro-European this kind of irresponsibility AND lack of British sovereignty on such issues, imposed on Britain, is exactly what threatens my reviewing my usual supportive EU position.

    The below paragraph is as written at YouTube by the video uploader – ‘liarpoliticians’

    liarpoliticians | 03 November 2010

    “A convicted murderer who took the government to court, tells us why prisoners should get the right to vote. What about the human rights of the people the convicts beat up, rape, murder, steal from? The previous Labour government allowed this situation because they support criminals more than the decent honest hard working people.”

    Er, NO, Mr “liarpoliticians”.

    Precisely the opposite. Please take note of the below from the Daily Politics website (in red, so even you can’t miss it.) The previous government fought this directive for six years.

    The present LIBERAL Conservative government has capitulated.

    But thanks for uploading the video, anyway.

    More from the Daily Politics website:

    John Hirst, who was convicted of manslaughter in 1980 and took the Government to court on prisoners voting, defended his own actions in a lively interview with Andrew Neil.

    Mr Hirst was asked about his case as they debated why prisoners should get the vote, regardless of their crime.

    The Government is poised to give up its long-running legal tussle with the European Court of Human Rights and remove the blanket voting ban on British prisoners.

    The move comes after government lawyers advised that failure to comply with a 2004 European Court of Human Rights ruling could cost the taxpayer hundreds of millions of pounds in compensation.

    Also see (October 2009) – Convicted murderer loses vote bid

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