What Mili-E said on Cameron regarding Lord Young’s truth-telling

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    19th November 2010

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    David Cameron's enterprise minister Lord Young has departed from the role just one month into the mandate, following controversial comments he made that appeared to downplay the state of the UK's economic woes.


    Ed Miliband LEAPT right in there today and said, “Mr Cameron was WRONG to sack Lord Young.  Clearly Lord Young is not permitted as an adviser to the ‘open’ coalition government to tell the truth. The country is clearly NOT in the mess that the present coalition insists it is.  And that is largely thanks to the previous government doing the right thing in the first half of this year.”

    Sorry, Ed.  Tony Blair, even Gordon Brown, perhaps even David Miliband or Alan Johnson would have had the political nous to express Cameron’s present predicament with something similar to the above.

    But Labour is now led by MilipeEd.

    Ed Miliband, British politician and Secretary ...

    Ed Miliband (Image via Wikipedia)

    His response (watch it here) was the earth-shatteringly and sort of quarter-knee-buckling remark that Lord Young’s words ‘raise serious questions about Mr Cameron’s judgement because Mr Cameron appointed Lord Young‘! Yes, honestly, that’s what he said, this leader of Her Majesty’s loyal opposition.

    What planet is this guy on, frankly?

    In fact AT THIS TIME (which are the three missing words from Lord Young’s indiscrete chat), he is absolutely right.  Most Britons are not, RIGHT NOW, suffering despite the recession.  We have been told ad nauseam that we will in time, and we certainly will, given the CUTS the Con/Dem government has put upon the country.

    But since he was talking about today, Lord Young is right.  Or at least largely right. There’s no getting away from that.

    A breakdown here illustrates this. Thanks to Guido for the link.

    Mr Cameron knows this, of course. But he has GOT to keep us expecting the worst, so that if/when it doesn’t happen (just as we are approaching the next general election) he can claim credit. He will tell us it was HIM and all of us being “IN IT TOGETHER” wot fixed it!

    But as for Mr Miliband’s response – totally inadequate.

    While you are leader of the opposition you will rarely be handed on a plate SUCH an open-goal feast of an opportunity.  This time you failed to kick the ball. You could have eaten the Tories for breakfast (to continue the metaphor.)

    The further we travel from Labour’s influence on the economy, for good or ill, the more unlikely it will be that you will get another chance. Especially if some of the brothers in your own party have their way.

    Listen to Lord Young chatting over dinner

    And it gets worse. Now another experienced Tory – David Mellor has sounded off:

    ‘Close friend of Lord Young, David Mellor, has expressed outrage at the prime minister “cutting off at the knees” one of Britain’s “most experienced politicians and business men”. Mr Mellor, who served in John Major’s cabinet, said it was wrong to have forced Lord Young into a position where he felt “so humiliated he felt he had to resign”. Earlier Labour leader Ed Miliband said the appointment of Lord Young “reflected very badly on the prime minister” and claimed it showed the government was “out of touch”.’

    Report below from Financial Director

    The comments put the government in an extremely awkward position as they seemed to contradict Cameron’s well-worn argument that Labour Party rule left the UK broken, while Lord Young’s words suggest that the state of the economy is currently better than it had been prior to Labour coming to power.

    The comments drew comparisons with those made by former prime minister Harold Macmillan in 1957 as the UK recovered from the Second World War and fought with the spectre of inflation. He said: “Most of our people have never had it so good. Go around the country, go to the industrial towns, go to the farms and you will see a state of prosperity such as we have never had in my lifetime – nor indeed in the history of this country”.  Two years later Macmillan imposed a wages freeze.

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    Recent comments:

    “All countries need a leader who isn’t afraid to fight terrorism. I believe Mr. Blair did a necessary job in helping his allies. Are we all just supposed to lie down and wait for them to come for us, I don’t think so.”

    And – “Mr. Blair is one of the finest politicians to have had the privilege of serving the United Kingdom, and Britons are fortunate to have had him as their Prime Minister. Time will show that Mr. Blair’s approach to affairs in the Middle East were and remain correct. From a member of the Commonwealth, thank you, Mr. Blair, for your continued service to legitimate and lasting (and not convenient or politically expedient) freedom.”

    AND – “Tony Blair was the greatest Prime Minister since Winston Churchill and the only regret I have he didn’t get my vote as I live in Canada.”

    AND – “I am sick and tired of television and radio interviewers asking the same old questions over and over, regarding the decision to go to war in Iraq, presumably they hope Mr Blair will let slip some secret information which they would then use against him. History will show if the decision was the right one, (I believe it was) but people must accept that Tony Blair is an honourable man, and made his decision based on the known facts and not with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight.”

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    6 Responses to “What Mili-E said on Cameron regarding Lord Young’s truth-telling”

    1. Peter Reynolds Says:

      OK John, Uncle Jimmy. Cousin Arafat – Lord Young is already, of course, responsible for exposing the absurdity, dishonesty and absence of integrity in government.

      What’s new?


      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        You said it, Peter. I’m also intrigued at what’s going on with Clegg’s lot – an Islington councillor calling him “traitor”.

        But I honestly could not believe the response Ed M gave this “resignation” thing. INCREDIBLY apolitical. It must be because he is ready, in the absence of vision, to break all previous links with anything Brown did as well as Blair. So he can hardly say that Brown might not have been compLETELY bonkers, I mean wrong.

        Anyway, Ed M is useless, imho. Even more useless than I thought he’d be.

    2. Stan Says:

      I agree, KTBFPM. Labour have lost the plot on this one.

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:


        Perhaps this has shown us that Ed Miliband never really had an economic plot in the first place. Certainly it seems that his appointment of Alan Johnson as shadow chancellor might have been in the hope that he would have more pliable re the direction of a future economic policy than would have been better informed, economically literate MPs in his cabinet – viz, Balls and Cooper.

        The BBC has over the last day or so publicised with numbers which purport to show that Lord Young was wrong. However, I have seen another breakdown which shows that RIGHT NOW he was right.

        As for Cameron I imagine he is more annoyed about the words – “so-called recession”. He has built ALL his extensive cuts on it being a real recession, not a so-called one.

    3. Tapestry Says:

      Blair obeyed Bush and went for Iraq. He never made a decision in his life. He knew how to suck up to the powerful, give them what they want, and then send the bill.

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        You just can’t help it, can you?

        This post is about Ed Miliband, David Cameron and Lord Young.

        I know the facts are tough for you to face it – but try it, rather than just state as FACT your opinion on Tony Blair. YOUR wrong ‘facts’, of course.

        Can we assume that you think Ed M and David Cameron are great “decision-makers” then?

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