Iran will “never use force” against other Muslims. Hmm…

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    4th December 2010

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    Rattled by the Wikileaks disclosure that Saudi Arabia urged the USA to cut off the head of the (Iranian) snake, Iran has told its neighbours what most of us with half a brain already knew.

    Iran will ‘never use’ force against Muslim neighbours

    Not that I take their word for that little promissory note.

    But we now know, if we ever doubted it, that Iran’s target has nothing to do with religion! Oh, no, nothing at all. As long as your religion is Islam.

    Some of us, those who believe in illusionary moral equivalence and a juvenile values-free world, have never understood this. And probably never will. Even when such creatures (and I use this word purposely) as Anjem Choudary, have told us the same –

    Over and over again. As here – Anjem Choudary Vs Usama Dakdok: Jihad Exposed in the USA and here Anjem Choudary, “UK Head of Al-Muhajiroun”. WHO??? WHAT??? and here Anjem Choudary, Islamist fundamentalist (Islam4UK) – videos. Enjoy! and here Arrest Super-Jihadist Anjem Choudary (Part 2) and here Choudary “investigated” by Police over Mujahideen fund-raising and here To Home Secretary & PM – Arrest & Deport Coup Plotter Anjem Choudary NOW! and here Anjem Choudary on Protest at Luton troops/Should “Hate Speech” be Banned? and here Sharia Law for UK – OK say Anjem Choudary AND English Barrister Hockman and here –  Buck House- a Mosque when Britain succumbs to Islam and here Choudary smiling because Sharia is coming and PARTICULARLY here –

    Transcript: Anjem Choudary HARDTalk Interview-7/7 London Bombings

    LONDON,  JANUARY 12, 2010: Islam4UK Spokesman Anjem Choudary (C) leaves a press conference in Millbank Studios in London. The radical Islamic group had planned to stage a march through Wootton Bassett as dead soldiers were being repatriated. They wanted instead to honour Muslims who have been killed in the conflict in Afghanistan, but were prevented from doing so, under counter-terrorism laws. Honour indeed, when it was mostly Muslims killing the dead in Afghanistan. (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

    EXCERPT from the HardTalk transcript which I transcribed myself, as the BBC didn’t think it worth bothering its little head about (read it all at the last link above):

    Anjem Choudary: Look, at the end of the day innocent people, when we say “innocent people” we mean Muslims. As far as non-muslims are concerned they have er … they have not accepted Islam and as far as we are concerned that is a crime against God.

    Stephen Sackur, Interviewer: I want to be clear about what you’re saying. This is very important. You’re saying only Muslims count as innocent people.

    Anjem Choudary: As far as Muslims are concerned you’re innocent if you … if you are a Muslim then you’re innocent in the eyes of God. If you’re a non-Muslim then you’re guilty of not believing in God. Yes, there were many ‘victims’ …

    So, dear reader, it should come as no surprise to us  – any of us – that the Islamic State of Iran  says exactly the same as this creature – Anjem Choudary. If you’re Jewish, Christian or anything else non-Islamic a la Choudary and Iran, be kind to democracy, while you’ve still got it.


    Iran will ‘never use’ force against Muslim neighbours

    MANAMA — Iran sought on Saturday to calm the fears of its Arab neighbours, saying it would never use force against them because they are Muslims, after the United States highlighted concerns over Tehran’s suspected nuclear weapons programme.

    Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki was speaking at a conference on Middle East security at which Jordan’s King Abdullah II said Israeli-Palestinian peace talks must be rescued from collapse to ensure regional and world stability.

    “We have never used our force against our neighbours and never will because our neighbours are Muslims,” Mottaki told journalists on the sidelines of the Manama Dialogue, which US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton opened on Friday.

    “Your power in the region is our power and our power is your power.”

    Clinton had said US concerns over Tehran’s nuclear programme are shared by Iran’s neighbours in the Gulf, through which most of the world’s oil flows.

    Mottaki cautioned against submitting to “pressure by outsiders to divide us and create instability,” saying “the presence of foreign powers will not help establish security in the region” and urging cooperation among Gulf countries.

    He said it was vital for Iran to “have stability and security, because we (Iran and its neighbours) provide the world with most of its energy.”

    “Iran is determined to guarantee international security in the field of energy.”

    Clinton said “there is no debate in the international community, and perhaps the Iranians will engage seriously… on what is a concern shared by nations on every continent, but most particularly right here in the region.”

    She was referring to talks due to start between major powers and Iran in Geneva on Monday over Tehran’s nuclear programme.

    “Because obviously if you’re the neighbour of a country that is pursuing nuclear weapons, that is viewed in a much more threatening way than if you’re a concerned country many thousands of miles away. But the concern is the same and we hope that Iran will respond.”

    The Manama Dialogue comes as US diplomacy reels over State Department cables published by WikiLeaks.

    Some of the most prominent headlines highlighted widespread fears among Arab countries in the Gulf about Iran’s nuclear programme and their calls to nip it in the bud.

    The United States and other Western states, along with Israel, suspect Iran is using a nuclear energy programme as cover for building a bomb. Tehran strongly denies that.

    Mottaki told the conference, “it is our right to create fuel, and to deprive us from our right is scientific apartheid.”

    On Friday, Clinton urged Iran to be constructive in Geneva.

    “We hope that you will come to it, as we will, in good faith and prepared to engage constructively on your nuclear programme,” she said.

    The talks will bring Iran together with the P5+1 grouping of UN Security Council permanent members Britain, China, France, Russia and the United States plus Germany.

    For his part, King Abdullah said “our region will not enjoy security and stability unless we solve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, and Arabs, Muslims and Israelis find peace.”

    “If hope is killed, radical forces will prevail. The region will sink into more vicious warfare and instability, threatening security far beyond the borders of the Middle East,” he warned.

    “This is why it is essential that we rescue the new round of negotiations between the Palestinians and Israel,” he said of direct peace talks launched in September in Washington.

    The talks have ground to a halt as Israel refused Palestinian demands to impose a new moratorium on settlement construction in the occupied West Bank.

    A 10-month freeze expired on September 26, shortly after the launch of the latest round of negotiations.

    The king said “the building of settlements has to stop,” and he urged Israeli and Palestinian negotiators to resume “serious negotiations” on all pending issues namely borders, security and refugees.

    “The alternative is new conflicts that will reverberate far beyond the borders of the Middle East.”

    On Friday Clinton told reporters in Manama that Washington is “working intensively” to break the impasse in Palestinian-Israeli talks.

    She later said in an interview aired by the US Arabic-language satellite television Al-Hurra that Washington would make announcements next week about the peace process but she declined to give more details.

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    2 Responses to “Iran will “never use force” against other Muslims. Hmm…”

    1. Victim Says:

      How dare you insult the great sir churchill. Tony blair is nothing TOTLTY NOTHING like our war hero sir churchill.
      Tony blair is a war criminal and thats all he’ll ever be, he’ll NEVER walk the streets of england safely again with someone spitting in his face.
      Along with bush, tony blairs boyfriend who is also a war criminal.

      Anyone who beleaves either one of these men are innocent is as thick, dumb and greedy as bush & his ass kissing poodle tony blair.

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        Since you write with such certainty on matters of which you clearly know nothing, I’m minded to respond in a similar vein, in order that you grasp the point.

        You, Victim, are an idiot.

        This post is about Anjem Choudary. Since you have FAILED to mention him and his antics in Churchill’s beknighted land presumably you think Choudary is some sort of saint?

        Choudary is EVIL, imho.

        Tony Blair, on the other hand, I repeat for the hard of understanding, is the best political leader this country has had for decades, if not even including the great Sir Winston Churchill.

        Churchill would have been a supporter of the English Defence League were he politically active today. He wrote extensively on the dangers of “Muhammedanism” in the River Wars, yet few mention this today. Blair on the other hand is far more restrained regarding this sort of condemnation. He understands the subtleties, unlike his critics who understand zilch.

        What we have today is the braindead such as yourself and the BBC talking as though there is moral equivalence between all religions and al peoples in this land and in the world. That, while a fundamentalist ‘religion’ still kills people worldwide on a DAILY basis. Not now and again. DAILY. Do your research.

        There clearly isn’t moral equivalence. But liberal live and let live – rather live and let die principles so strongly held today mean that we have lost our critical faculties as well as our backbone.

        If you choose to return here and endow us yet again with the wisdom of your ignorance, use restrained language. This is not a hangout for the dumb.

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