Videos: ‘Student’ scum to Charles & Camilla- “Off with their heads”

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    Or –

    11th December 2010

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    whose regent street? our regent street! charles and camilla on the student demo 9-12-10 (1:07)

    “Off with their heads”?

    WHY? What have the non-politically involved heir to the throne, Prince Charles and his wife Camilla done or said to deserve this? Oh hang on a minute, I get it – they’re “Tory Scum”.

    This Regent Street is NOT YOURS, violent scumbags.  It is ours.  The rest of us. The quiet majority. Those of us who support democracy NOT anarchy as you lot clearly do. Even when we don’t necessarily agree with political decisions or the party(ies) imposing them. That’s DEMOCRACY, you fools.

    Try living – SURVIVING – in this country without it.

    Longer video here of the Student Riots, (Sky report videoed from TV screen, so bad sound):

    Prince Charles and Camilla’s Car Violently Attacked Tuition Fees Protests Riots UK Live Footage (13:27)

    This was NOT Police Violence. It was STUDENT violence. It was Police Response to violence;  Police Protection FROM violence.

    No policeman got up that morning in order to attack the country’s peace-keeping forces and buildings in London. Nor to pick on poor innocent students. That is utter tripe and a shameful claim by those who make it. On the other hand many, many of these so-called democracy-loving students did.

    Proud of this feral behaviour, eh, Peter? ( Still determined to side with the ‘stoodent mindless’? (Present family members excluded from this description, of course!)

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    AND – “Tony Blair was the greatest Prime Minister since Winston Churchill and the only regret I have he didn’t get my vote as I live in Canada.”

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    9 Responses to “Videos: ‘Student’ scum to Charles & Camilla- “Off with their heads””

    1. Peter Reynolds Says:

      Don’t try and bully me into your coffin shaped box for students.

      The attacks on Prince Charles, the Cenotaph and any violence against people are DISGUSTING and UNFORGIVEABLE!

      But the police are not just incompetent and incapable of protecting the heir to the throne or managing a demonstration, they are out of control, in an orgy of frenzied violence.

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        I cannot tell you how disappointed I am that you, an intelligent man, really think like this, Peter.

        But the police are not just incompetent and incapable of protecting the heir to the throne or managing a demonstration, they are out of control, in an orgy of frenzied violence.

        Well, actually I CAN tell you.
        And I will. Those are disgraceful posts at your site, if that’s not too rude an adjective.

        Don’t give ME that “coffin-shaped” nonsense! I have spent most of my life in and around education. I KNOW the benefits and disbenefits (if that’s an acceptable word these days.)

        I have been there, done that, worn the numerous t-shirts and drawn the pictures! Today many still have no idea which dots to join to get the FULL picture. And I, Peter, unlike your good self, am no Tory or right-winger.

    2. Peter Reynolds Says:

      Well I’m not sorry ktbfpm. The spectacle of brutish, inane, medieval behaviour by the police is what’s disgraceful. They are utterly useless, managed by intellectually-inadequate plonkers and incapable of any response to a demonstration except disproportionate violence. Never was the term “Plod” more appropriate. Thick, dumb, stupid, thuggish, neanderthal plod.

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        Peter, if there was, as you say –

        brutish, inane, medieval behaviour by the police

        – and I don’t accept there was, why was this happening?

        OK, since you may be unwilling to address this, I will: because of the brutish, inane, medieval behaviour of the “students”.

        Perhaps you can respond to one of my contentions – that the police do not get out of bed ready and willing to attack people.

        Our police do a fine job, on the whole, and a tough one.

        They are there to “respond” not to attack. This is not a police state. Though if it ever does become so it is thanks to the –

        utterly useless… intellectually-inadequate plonkers

        – who think they deserve a FREE education. They don’t.

        They are mainly thick, dumb, stupid, thuggish neanderthals. Time we recognised this. (For the sake of avoiding rudeness – present company’s family members excluded, of course!)

      • Peter Reynolds Says:

        I agree with the tuition fee proposals. You know that. That’s not what my complaint is about.

        Actually, I think you’re very, very naive. You should go and have a look at Inspector Gadget. There are dozens if not hundreds of policemen who do get out of bed in the morning precisely to go and crack heads. They love it! That’s what they joined up for.

        Of course there are brave and honourable policemen but there are far too many like Sgt Delroy Smellie and the murderer PC Simon Harwood.

        Come on ktbfpm, you know the type, he’s a bully and a coward so he gets a job in which he can wear a uniform and legally carry a weapon. There’s loads of them.

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    4. little ole American Says:

      When a police officer is called to a domestic violence scene, he quietly takes the victims (usually women and children) aside, and takes them to a shelter that will care for them and change their lives. When a child goes missing, the police are called and form an organized search (part of their training) and leave no stone unturned to find that child (because they have children of their own). When there is a car accident, the police officer notices a child in the car; crying and discomforted. He pulls out a stuffed animal that he carries in his car at all times, and immediately, the child is comforted. Everyday, these officers take criminals off the streets, making it easier for the rest of us to go on about our business. When the officers are praised for saving someone’s life, they show more humility than these violent demonstrators have their little pinkies. They simply say, “It’s my job; this is what I do”.
      Unsung heroes.

      • Peter Reynolds Says:

        And policemen like that?

        We venerate them and value them and appreciate them.

        We should also pay great respect to people who have the courage to take to the streets to voice their opinion, even if we disagree with them. If they face policing that treats them all as “rioters” and seeks to repress them using disproportionate violence then we must stand up for them.

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