Top Gear – Clarkson & Hammond in ‘smoking’ burqas

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    30th December 2010

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    Top Gear Burka Outrage 2

    Just to rub salted into the wounds of the humourless, those whose religion frowns on this sort of dressing-up (see here and here) Jeremy Clarkson smokes a cigarette. Most unladylike, I should imagine. Especially through a full face covering.

    Guess what. The original video on YouTube was removed.  Can you believe it?  All the real life YouTube videos calling for real death to others, and this bit of fun and games was removed! Incredible.

    It really is a clash of civilisations.

    H/t to BareNakedIslam

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    6 Responses to “Top Gear – Clarkson & Hammond in ‘smoking’ burqas”

    1. Rob Says:

      The whole programme is still on iPlayer at the BBC site. Most lowly it came off YouTube because the BBC didn’t want competition until they take it down next week. I don’t think anyone except you and your pals at BNI pays any attention to Anjem Choudary’s stupid views. Certainly the British Muslm community has nothing to do with him.

      Oh, and if burqas are “Islamic religious dress” you’d think they’d be compulsory in Islamic countries other than Saudi and Iran. Even in supposedly extreme countries like Yemen not many women wear them – and some Muslim countries ban the things altogether.

      The Top Gear show is good fun, but your attempts to stir up religious hatred on the back of it with your tame “Muslim” Choudary are a bit desperate.

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        @ Rob,

        Choudary is dangerous and runs several “schools” in London preaching jihad.

        Please clear off, Rob. You and I have nothing in common apart from our Scots birth and some types of music. I do not attempt to stir up religious hatred, especially since I am not religious. I do attempt to show the insanity of Islam as it is accepted by some, quite a few and perhaps many within Muslim communities.

        Btw, don’t call me a racist any more at your stalking site. I am no racist, never have been and never will be. Falling back on that argument against someone who is not exactly convinced that Islam is a good thing is churlish, and I’m sick of your juvenile claptrap.

        But you ARE right on the burka. In most Middle East countries the burka is NOT compulsory. It is only here in Britain and in other western countries where they have taken to wearing it in recent years. They never used to. I know, I worked among many Muslims well over 25 years ago. Not a burka to be found then. The wearing of the burka in Britain today is a political statement, NOT a religious one.

      • Rob Says:

        Scots birth? I’ve lived here for nearly 30 years but I was born in Manchester. I have remarked elsewhere in your American habit of confusing Scotland and England.

        I will write what I like at my ‘stalking’ site – freedom of speech and all that. If you dont like being described as a racist, the solution lies in your own behaviour.

        • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

          Rob, yet again I have something to try to get through your thick head:


          I don’t generally descend to personal abuse even towards those who do. But for you I’ll make an exception. A private e-mail to me in reference to your site described you thus:

          “…a nasty piece of work”

          For constantly falling back on this “racist” response when people raise concerns about Islam, this “nasty” description may well be accurate.

          You sound as though you are intelligent enough to understand that not being convinced about Islam does not equate to racism.

          You’re clearly not that intelligent.

          How would I know that you were born in Manchester? Do you think I have the slightest interest in your background? All I know is that you live in Edinburgh. I think it says so at your site.

          Btw, don’t talk rot about my ‘American habit’. I am a Scot, and a Briton, though thank goodness I now live many miles away from you.

    2. Rob Says:

      When I tried to view the programme on YouTube I was told it contained content from BBC Worldwide and had been removed because of copyright violations. I suppose the world’s copyright lawyers are all in an Islamist conspiracy.

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