21 Responses to “Shooter in Tucson custody. Jared Loughner’s YouTube account – Read it! Before it’s removed”

  1. little ole American Says:

    The lefties, without taking a breath, will call this guy, a Tea Bagger or a Right-winger, when in fact, it is the lefties (with help from the mainstream press) that feeds these individuals what they need to “act” on their threats. It pumps them up. You have been warning your readers for a long time, of the threats against Tony Blair. What has happened in the States is proof positive, there are those who would carry out the calls for “off with his head” or “hang him high”. So, while the Guradianisto-types encourage violence against the man, they have the audacity to complain about the costs of security, which they are at fault for creating in the first place! Loughner (and there may be another) is a terrorist, whether he is domestic or not. When a pilot flew his plane into an IRS building, there was no Party affilitation released to the press. They did release the fact that he had a “Communist Manifesto” in the home he had torched before he flew the plane into the building. Because of this horrible attack, innocent people have been killed, including a nine-year-old child. It also seems too much of a coincidence that we had exploding letters sent to politicians in Maryland and D.C.
    Is it a concerted effort? It would be a wise move for the mainstream press to take a second look at their biased reporting and to moderate more closely, those comments that spew hatred and call for actions against any politician or anyone for that matter. It’s time for newspapers and journalists to censor themselves, unless of course, they are happy about this outcome. If the journos don’t do this on their own, (like they used to do) it will become necessary for the government to “interfere” with our Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press. That would only cause even more hatred of the government. It becomes a vicious circle. We need to get back to our sense of morality (our Christian roots), our right to respectfully disagree, and most of all, our patriotism. When we stifle those basic tenets, we unleash the opposite.

  2. Stan Says:

    As I understand it Giffords was on Sarah Palin’s hit list because of her strong support for Obama’s health reforms. Palin had published a target map on her website using images of gun sights to identify the “guilty” congress representatives, which included Giffords.

    Given the hate speech spewing from Tea Partyers against the Obama government and Palin’s website images I think it is more likely that the Right was responsible for this atrocity. It does not take much to tip the unhinged over the edge.

    If this proves not to have been the case in this instance I think it will be only a matter of time before someone else is incited to act on that hate-arousing right-wing propaganda.

    • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

      That is true, Stan. And I disapprove of this hugely. We can’t expect the public to behave in a civilised way if politicians use this kind of imagery.

      Others in the US can tell us if this is normal behaviour in American politics. Perhaps both parties have been doing it in the past. I have no idea. But it is not good. She immediately took down that picture when the congresswoman was shot. Well of course she did!

      However, as in our country, I don’t think that the right is any more unhinged than the left. In fact, online I have found the left, here and in the USA more unhinged, to be frank.

      The one responsible is in the end the one who did it. Did you see his website? Basically he thinks politics is corrupt. Doesn’t say if he is of the left or right. Sounds unhinged, and says that it is time to overthrow government. A revolutionary, and there are plenty of them online these days, imho, more from the disappointed left than from the disappointed right.

      So I disagree with you in saying that it is the right who spew the propaganda. Both sides do. We, above all, should know that.

      Have you noticed the fun and games over at Rentoul’s btw? He had the audacity to mention that hated ‘right-winger’ T Blair and all hell has descended. As usual. I bet the vast majority of the haters are of the “left”. The disappointed, anti-Iraq war, anti-Blair left.

  3. James Newman Says:

    Does it seem strange that on the congresswoman’s youtube channel she is subscribed to only two people. One is the person who tried to kill her and the other is Ike Skelton.

    What are the chances of her subscribing to this guys youtube channel while never subscribing to anyone else apart from Congressman Ike Skelton.


    • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

      It does seem strange. So what are you saying, Mr Newman? That someone else has subscribed her to Loughner’s site, and since the attempt on her life? For some “conspiratorial” reason?

      Always possible, though I fail to get the reason for that. Though I must admit it is odd that Loughner’s YouTube site was still up there when his MySpace site was taken down almost immediately.

      Btw, we Brits wouldn’t know who Ike Skelton is or what his politics are. Perhaps you can enlighten us.

      Addendum: Just noticed you are probably British too. And your site tells me that you subscribe to the ‘evil Israel’ agenda. The ethic cleansers, btw, were Palestinian Arabs. Historically factual.

  4. Chuck Says:

    Everyone is spinning what the young man said for their own political purposes. This is just more of the same politically motivated propaganda and lies that cause the problems in the first place. All liars are to blame because it is lies that divide us.

    • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

      @ Chuck,

      Aww, the poor young man. The only honest one in a lying world!


      So, driven by his “honesty” he killed a child, a judge and others as well as shooting a politician in the head.

      Honesty, love and purity personified!

      How is it propaganda, from any side? Have you read his own words at his YouTube site? Don’t you think there’s something a liitle strange about them? Honestly?

  5. Stan Says:

    Here’s an example of how the Tea Party rhetoric is interpreted by their supporters.


    I appreciate of course that left-wing rhetoric can have the same effect on on the weak-minded (as in the case of Bush and Blair) but two wrongs don’t make a right.

    I say a plague on both their houses.

    • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

      Yes, Stan it MUST be a plague on both their houses. Earlier today I came across a site with a similar picture of the kind of “sights” thing that Palin used. Only it was the Democrats with Republican candidates in their sights.

      Not that it should matter, but it looks as though the Left did it first. I’ll have a dig around and if I find that post and picture I’ll link it here.

    • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

      Haven’t found the shoot Republicans graphic yet, Stan, but I found this.


      The article is very balanced, but some of the commenters! There’s one about Palin exploding in a church, tongue-in-cheek, presumably, although it’s hard to be sure.

      Another commenter says that Bush & Blair would have cut the Tucson senator’s throat. All largely anti political power at the top. A bit like the young man who DID pull the trigger. Anarchism.

      On the whole I think these commenters are a far bigger problem than most article writers. We used to laugh and say “let it all hang out – free speech an’ all that”. We thought it’d balance itself out. But has it? Not really, the unbalanced and those with a grouse are far more likely to be sitting around with nothing to do but vent their spleen online. And so it’s proved.

      I wonder if some are reckoning it is time for a re-think regarding unbridled commentary online, commentary without real controls?

  6. Stan Says:

    I think I’d rather be called a slut than be targeted as someone who is part of the great communist conspiracy to turn my country into a police state.

    • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

      Yes, of course, Stan. There are insults and insults as I have been saying at Rentoul’s here after having a comment removed for calling someone a “brainless wonder”. He should be flattered. I called him a qualified wonder.

      Anyway, the slut business is a touch un-pc, don’t you think? What’s the male alternative? A “stag”? Something implying wholesome, virile sexuality?

      I’m not sure if this ‘slut” remark is easily excusable, but it’s par for the course than many on the left use this language when it suits them and don’t when it doesn’t. Thus they seldom complain about how Islam treats women, when yelling that they are all for women’s rights.

      As for the communist and police state business – that is way over the top too. Of course Blair’s government had that too, still gets it from many on the right!

      But many on the right in the US believe it deeply, unfortunately. That is quite different in that it’s not personal towards an individual. Not to say they are NOT at times personally insulting towards Obama. We all know that.

      As you said before two wrongs don’t make a right.

    • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

      Stan, I keep forgetting to look for that picture from the Dems with Republicans in the crosshairs. But this just came into my inbox:

      One side is as bad as the other, clearly.

  7. Stan Says:

    As I’ve always said extremism begets extremism.

    • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

      Stan, we could start a debate about where, when and why this extremism started, as well as on the the downside of free speech. And, just to let it all hang out, we could debate what our responses should be! Or should have been! And when! And how!

      But I have a feeling we’ve aired those arguments before.

      So, in our impotence, I suppose we should just turn away and hope it all goes away. Hmm?

  8. James Newman Says:

    “It does seem strange. So what are you saying, Mr Newman? That someone else has subscribed her to Loughner’s site, and since the attempt on her life? For some “conspiratorial” reason?”

    It means they knew his youtube channel before it was reported. They helped point people to his youtube channel. In most cases congressmen and woman do not personally run the youtube account. Someone in the party does that. When I said she I was playing the game of going along with the fake idea that she actually sits there on youtube.

    “Btw, we Brits wouldn’t know who Ike Skelton is or what his politics are. Perhaps you can enlighten us.”

    Ike Skelton is a congressmen for the 4th District. Districts are areas we call them Seats here in the UK. Skelton is also Chairmen of the Armed Services Committee.

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