BBC reporter on Control Orders: “And BOTH were cleared”

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    24th January 2011

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    The BBC’s Home Affairs correspondent, Danny Shaw said:

    “Only two … have been prosecuted … and BOTH were cleared”

    I was just waiting for the “So there!”

    I really don’t have time to post on this, but I thought you should know how the liberal-loving and freedom-adoring British media brainwashes the gullible, in an indirect, subtle way, of course.

    I was listening to the BBC Radio4 PM news headlines at 5:00 until 6:00pm. I should make it clear that I am a big fan of Radio 4. In fact it’s probably the only radio station I listen to, for all its faults.  BUT …

    After going through the two-minute headlines with such as the horrendous terrorist attack on a Moscow airport, mention was made of (Tony Blair’s) Control Orders.

    “Control Orders” as was; who knows what they’ll be called when the Con-Dems David Cameron and Nick Clegg put their determined Liberal Conservative stamp on them?

    More points from Mr Shaw’s report here:

    • Only eight suspects are presently subject to control orders
    • Two of these, “AY” and “AM” are (allegedly) linked to the 2006 transatlantic airlines plot (of up to ten aeroplanes on their way to North America)
    • One of these, “AY”,  was described by a High court judge as a committed Islamist extremist
    • The judge said “AY” would represent a risk to the public if free from control orders. Material indicated this
    • Another suspect “AM” was said by a judge to be prepared to be a martyr in an attack designed to take many lives
    • Eighteen months ago “AM” was put under control orders due to what the judge described as an “overwhelming case” against him
    • Two others on control orders travelled to Pakistan for terrorism-related reasons
    • Another, “BX”, came to Britain from Somalia. He worked in the UK as a train conductor, and has been attending a terror-training camp, and has links with Al Qaeda in East Africa


    Bob Quick, a former Chief Inspector, said that these are (Islamist fundamentalist) individuals in respect of whom there is real anxiety, but no obvious routes to conviction. [Especially given our high hurdles of legal proof, which as we know, or if we don’t we should, attracts characters from all over the world, since they know that in Britain they can get away with murder, and/or the incitement of murder.]

    • These 8 control-ordered individual are under 16 hours curfew, with electronic tagging. Limits on where they can go and use of mobile phones and the internet.
    • Already 3 of these 8  have breached their control orders. Two face trial this year. One has been jailed for 15 months for breaches.
    • One former “controlee” says that it is “psychological torture”

    You might conclude that 8 out of a population of over 60 million isn’t exactly clamping down on OUR human and civil rights. But no, this is the BBC. They now hand some airtime to a solicitor who acts on behalf of some of these men. These men – suspected of planning to blow you and me to Kingdom Come.


    Solicitor Imran Khan says that the “internal exile” is the toughest condition.

    What, with “internal exile” and “psychological torture”, life is tough for these poor suspected terrorists. Just as well they’re not living in – er – just about any other land in this world.

    Still, it seems the sweethearts can’t have a normal life with their families, and some of their wives even have to wear their burkhas to bed, ready for the next night-time raid from our dreadful Police! How disGRACEFUL!

    But good to know that the man who was once under control orders knows how to press the right buttons – “TORTURE!” – he says.  That’ll have the luvvies up in arms.

    Today was meant to be the day when this government was coming up with its plans for their replacement. To be blunt I haven’t checked. But I think they may be panicking now they’ve realised that Control Orders – BLAIR’S Control Orders – are actually as good as it gets. So, after this realisation how will the present Liberal-Conservative government deal with their confused and confusing position(s)?

    Word is that the day-time curfews may go.

    What!? No nasty night raids from the nasty Police? Does that mean those burkhas will still be on show for 24 hours a day? How demeaning.


    According to Mr Khan, “internal exile” is what most is “most intrusive”.

    Yes, please STOP that immediately.

    EXTERNAL exile is the answer.

    NOTE: “Internal exile” should sound familiar to a certain Mr T Blair. Most of us can’t remember when we last saw him out and about, free to roam safely, in his own country.   (The Iraq Inquiry excepted, of course. And with dozens of police officers on duty, and his resembling greased lightning, [pic here] that hardly counts as FREE! Join the dots, folks.)

    REMINDER“What we’ve found is that two of the eight controlees have been prosecuted for terrorism offences and BOTH (the announcer’s emphasis of voice not my keystrokes) were cleared.”

    We got the message from the biased BBC: Blair’s Control Orders are unnecessary.

    So, go on – Mr Clegg and Mr Cameron – DON’T JUST TALK big to the liberal intelligentsia. Scrap them. Entirely. No messing about.

    Then make sure you keep us all safe without them. And if we find that we are NOT safe without them, DON’T BLAME TONY BLAIR.


    Control orders were set up by Tony Blair in 2005 in order to keep an eye on suspected terrorists or would-be terrorists for whom insufficient evidence is either obtainable or useable in our courts. The British public were and probably still are largely supportive of these orders, just as they are regarding CCTV cameras, and even detaining suspected terrorists for long periods. (Blair originally wanted 90 days detention without charge. He was defeated in parliament on this. Then 42 days was mooted, and 28 finally settled on. Now it is to be reduced to 14 days, on the naive basis that in the past 28 days has not been needed.)

    There are only a very few people held under these orders. They restrict and keep tabs on the movements of those on whom they are placed, but these people are still free to get out and about, within certain geographic limits and for limited hours per day.

    Also see here- Wikipedia

    And by the way …

    From the same news report on PM from Wyre Davies, we had a reasonably well-balanced report on the Wikileaks report on the Palestinians “agreement” to concede land to the Israelis. It was part of the negotiations, incomplete, therefore rejected.

    But later, on the Six O’Clock News, if I recall correctly, another BBC reporter was airing the bias. This time against Israel, that other bete noire of the Beeb.

    The seemingly biased towards Palestinian cause (aka BBC employee) Jeremy Bowen says: (paraphrased, I haven’t the direct quote to hand) –

    “This shows that the Israelis cannot be trusted”

    Unfortunately, I have to say that this shows that the BBC cannot be trusted.


    Shift this AQ suspect to the USA ASAP, before he gets on to his favourite Human Rights lawyer. British, of course.

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