“CAIRO! CAIRO! CAIRO!” yell student fees protesters in Manchester

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    29th January 2011

    As Egypt’s president Hosni Mubarak is reported to be in crisis talks, following the demos/riots in many of Egypt’s major cities, what’s happening in Britain?

    “CAIRO! CAIRO! CAIRO!” yell the brain-dead, aka infiltrators, aka anarchists…

    some of whom, undoubtedly, are students, of a sort

    There were more student demonstrations today against the government’s education cuts.  After the last few times when violence marked them, the BBC News Channel was mightily relieved.

    It reported that the marches in London and Manchester were peaceful. Odd that.  Since at least part of the Manchester march didn’t look all that peaceful to me. If you switched over to Sky News, that is.

    But perhaps the BBC were just a little slow on the uptake, as is their wont. [ Trust the BBC (Trust). Eventually? No. Not even eventuallly.]

    Sky TV News covers all breaking news far better than does the BBC, in my humble opinion. I think the Beeb takes its leads from them. It is often several minutes later before they “break” news. So if you’re watching BBC News Channel and they say “we have just heard…” flick over to Sky. They will tell you the developing situation.

    And even today on the Egypt crisis, Sky is streets ahead on the Egypt and Manchester streets.

    Follow Sky’s Tim Marshall here on Twitter

    If it’s at all possible, and they can get away with it, the BBC tends to ignore such riots, demos or civil disobedience  in Britain.

    They now have decent Egypt coverage at the BBC News Channel live here.  But yesterday, and the THREE days prior, they were very far behind their rivals in the news game.


    After four worsening days of violence in the largest country in the Middle East, Sky News had assembled an impressive array of contributors, some at home in Britain or linked from the USA.  Most in Egypt itself.

    They covered Egypt’s riots/demonstrations with due priority.  Up-to-the-minute, without umpteen re-runs of earlier interviews.

    The BBC were not even in the same business! They preferred to show us re-runs of earlier incidents and snippets of interviews. Especially if the interviews were from people telling us that “see, this has nothing to do with religion!” and “the people are blaming western policy towards their country”.

    But today the BBC has caught up. Perhaps tomorrow the BBC will catch up as to why this contagious domino effect is of some significance here in Britain.


    While you’re waiting listen to Tony Blair, on BBC R4’s Friday edition of “Today” on the Egypt situation and the dangers of a vacuum. Yes, I know it’s BBC Radio. Despite my concerns over partiality Radio 4 is still a great channel. But one thing Mr Blair alluded to is not reported anywhere in print, or even quoted by radio or television broadcasters. Can’t imagine why.

    I’ll be writing more on this at my new blog – The Feral Press.

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