Fearless Northampton Gran thwarts 6 robbers with her handbag!

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    Or –

    8th February 2011

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    Just had to show you this –

    Hero Granny Stops Thieves!!!

    Northampton Heroine beats off SIX would-be robbers with her HANDBAG!

    No sound to the above as it was filmed by an “onlooker”. Nothing personal to the video filmer, but thank God in this world we don’t all choose to be onlookers.

    Video also here with a report – at ITV News. and here at Anglia where it sounds as though the people filming are calling the Police.

    Watch the one with the white helmet, in the jeweller’s doorway, thumping away in vain at the shop window. When he spots Northampton’s gutsy crime-fighter walloping his partners in crime it is as though Clark Kent has landed. He runs, terrified, to jump on the back of a moped/scooter. He is the one the other passers-by then leap on with some (delayed) gusto.

    It isn’t often I whoop while watching the news. This time I had to whoop and laugh out loud at the same time.

    The granny who used her handbag to fight off six hammer-wielding thugs has spoken of how no one came to help her when she first intervened.  The woman, who has been named as Ann Timson from Spring Boroughs in Northampton, said those standing nearby appeared mesmerised and stood their filming or taking photos.

    Yeah, we noticed!

    Well done that super-brave TRUE British citizen.  Great to see that some of us still believe in fighting to prevent the bad from laying low the good.

    The British fighting spirit still lives.



    Daily Mail : “‘Nobody was doing anything, so I just clobbered them!’ OAP tells how she foiled SIX robbers with her handbag”

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    4 Responses to “Fearless Northampton Gran thwarts 6 robbers with her handbag!”

    1. menace Says:

      Why didnt the cameraman stay where he was and film the whole scene properly using zoom instead of rushing around like a bloody amateur TB? And furthermore, having done so, why did it take SuperGran legging it across the street and attacking them for 20-30 seconds, knocking two off their moped and doubling over in laughter before before anyone else or the cameraman got involved? Northampton, you should hang your heads in shame. Except for SuperGran, of course. She’s from Manchester

    2. menace Says:

      “The manager of Michael Jones Jewellers said he was happy that their security measures had prevented the robbery. ” I didn’t realise SuperGran was part of their security measures?

    3. celia walters Says:

      well done the lady

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