Osama Bin Laden killed? Buried at sea? Pictures? Evidence, please…


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2nd May 2011

Update, new post, 4th May: Pictures of Osama bin Laden’s son Hamza & two other men killed at Abbottabad compound. Warning. Graphic


Will Heaven has this at his blog at the Telegraph – “Why that photo of a dead Osama bin Laden is a photoshopped fake”

Click his links to see his detective work. Unfortunately, he may well be right.

My request to President Obama should be updated: WE NEED TO SEE VIDEO EVIDENCE OF OSAMA BIN LADEN’S BODY. That and other evidence, DNA for a start, might quell the suspicions of those of us who have a sneaky, uncomfortable feeling that this announcement is little more than an electioneering tactic by President Obama. His out of jail (Afghanistan) card?

UPDATE 2: Is this Obama’s get out of jail (Afghanistan) card?  More posts on this here:


With undue haste, some might suggest.

Call me sceptical if you must, and I am no conspiracy theorist, but until I see verified, authenticated, official pictures of the dead body of Osama Bin Laden, killed by the Americans, it is said, in Pakistan on Sunday, I’m not convinced.

There are, thus far, various versions of what has happened to the Al Qaeda leader’s body, but this one – ‘already buried at sea’ – should give us cause for concern.


This picture is findable online –

Osama Bin Laden looks younger than he did last time we saw his photo. No grey beard. Easily photoshopped.

The picture above looks just about plausible, until you see this –

If this is Osama bin Laden he's been using "Dye before you Die" - aka Saudi 2011

This purports to be his body – “tortured”

These pictures do NOT back each other up.  In fact they contradict each other. Both pictures, therefore, are highly questionable.

Come on Mr Obama – show us Osama. We know you are busy – what, with elections upcoming – but PLEASE.

If we never see an official picture – and please don’t tell us pictures were not taken – I will simply NOT believe this.

Given that there are multitudes of pictures online of babies blown to bits and people actually being decapitated by jihadists from Al Qaeda and the Taliban no-one in this world today will accept any argument that the pictures of Osama’s body are too gruesome. Or that the Muslim world will be incited by them.

Please do not insult our intelligence.

Sky News is invariably quicker than the BBC with news. So keep an eye out here. At present there is an American CIA man – Michael Shuer(?) sounding particularly supportive of President Obama. He is saying that Bin Laden should have been taken out years ago – ditto Gaddafi. I’m sure this will go down well with the liberal lefties who thought they had got rid of the gung-hos when Bush and Blair went!

Sky has this report here, with Tony Blair’s thoughts and Anjem Choudary’s, obviously equally worth reading!

Apart from a silly video at YouTube purporting to be of Osama’s dead body – don’t waste your time – this is all that even refers to the Al Qaeda leader.  And, despite the title of the video, there is no pictorial evidence:


This business of his body having been sent to Saudi Arabia, the land of his birth, looks like passing the buck. So, it was the Saudis’ decision to bury him at sea. Was it?  Hmmm…

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Recent comments:

I am staggered by all the hate directed towards our former Prime Minister. I believe that Tony Blair made the Iraq decision in good faith and is most certainly NOT a war criminal. If anyone should be tried at the Hague it should be those in the media for totally misrepresenting the information and facts. The media are to blame for fuelling this hatred as it is purely driven by them. (UK)

The greatest and most successful leader the Labour Party has ever had with the courage to fight the Islamist terrorists who really would like to kill us all, and you never hear a good word about him. The herd of independent minds, commentators, activists etc who have never had to make a difficult decision in their lives drown out all debate with their inane chants of war crimes and blood on his hands. Defend him at every chance. I just wish more people would do it. (Glasgow, UK)
Blair was the greatest Labour Prime Minister. It is a disgrace that the party has turned away from his legacy. Shame on Ed Miliband and his so-called ‘new generation’.


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