No bin Laden body photos. Jay Carney gets and then gives it straight


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4th May 2011

No photos of Osama bin Laden’s body

Jay Carney gets and gives it straight (from Obama’s mouth)

Before 7:30pm tonight Sky News broadcast the statement by White House spokesman, Jay Carney –

Too “graphic nature of photos – not in our national security interests … to rally opinion against the United States … incitement to additional violence or as a propaganda tool. We don’t trot out this stuff as trophies … create a national security risk … that’s not who we are.”

To be perfectly frank I doubt if the British Prime Minister’s Press Officer would have got away with “I have no answer to that” so frequently. But the press in the USA are very polite (compared to ours.) They accepted that he knew so little or was willing to reveal so little regarding the operation which took out Osama bin Laden.

It’s fairly clear that President Obama has always been unwilling to let the pictures of bin Laden’s body be viewed by we, the (mere) people.


Let’s have no misunderstanding here – I can see the arguments against showing these pictures.  BUT, if ever a leader of the free world breathed new life into the vanquished and defeated leader of the UNFREE, this was it.

Phew! ‘Thanks Obama’, says Osama.

So there we go, folks. We’ll have to take the US President’s word for it. Unless, perhaps, someone in contact with the CIA decides otherwise.

Watch this space.

I expect that DNA evidence will be released soon. Then, later, if pushed, the pictures of Osama bin Laden’s shrouded body before burial at sea.



This, at the New York Times is probably the most persuasive reason to support this decision,which I have no doubt must have been a tough one:

“Imagine how the American people would react if Al Qaeda killed one of our troops or military leaders, and put photos of the body on the Internet,” said Representative Mike Rogers, Republican of Michigan and chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. “Osama bin Laden is not a trophy. He is dead, and let’s now focus on continuing the fight until Al Qaeda has been eliminated.”

Of course there can be little doubt, no doubt at all in fact that Al Qaeda would upload to the internet, given the opportunity. They have done so before, often.





New York Time: President Obama says he will not release pictures of Osama bin Laden’s body.

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Recent comments:

I am staggered by all the hate directed towards our former Prime Minister. I believe that Tony Blair made the Iraq decision in good faith and is most certainly NOT a war criminal. If anyone should be tried at the Hague it should be those in the media for totally misrepresenting the information and facts. The media are to blame for fuelling this hatred as it is purely driven by them. (UK)

The greatest and most successful leader the Labour Party has ever had with the courage to fight the Islamist terrorists who really would like to kill us all, and you never hear a good word about him. The herd of independent minds, commentators, activists etc who have never had to make a difficult decision in their lives drown out all debate with their inane chants of war crimes and blood on his hands. Defend him at every chance. I just wish more people would do it. (Glasgow, UK)
Blair was the greatest Labour Prime Minister. It is a disgrace that the party has turned away from his legacy. Shame on Ed Miliband and his so-called ‘new generation’.


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13 Responses to “No bin Laden body photos. Jay Carney gets and then gives it straight”

  1. Peter Reynolds Says:

    Watch the apologist for the Nazionist Israeli state on Newsnight just now!

    Desperately trying to prevent Hamas from moving towards compromise. Pouring scorn on any Palestinian attempt at peace.

    Deliberately choosing the most negative interpretation of the Palestinian treaty.

    The Nazionists are warmongers with no integrity and a complete absence of good faith. They disgust me.

  2. Peter Reynolds Says:

    Yes, but if you saw the Nazionist punk squirming and vacillating and deceiving, even you would be embarrassed at the disgusting response of Netanyahu’s yobbos to what offers real hope.

    It’s not what they want. They want war because they are evil men with no integrity or honour

    • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

      And what do the IslamoNazis want? Love and peace? They still will not recognise right to exist. Did you hear the Hamas guy today saying ” we need to work together against the real enemy – Israel”?

      I’m amazed that you are so taken in by them, Peter. I’d have thought an intelligent man might have got the hint when they called OBL a hero and all that junk the other day. Hamas wants war, not Israel. Israel could have wiped them out years ago if they wanted to.

      It won’t last, imho. Abbas is an honest man. Not so the Hamas mob – they are evil with no integrity or honour!

      Tony now has his work SERIOUSLY cut out.

      Who was it on Newsnight, btw?

  3. Peter Reynolds Says:

    Come on ktbfpm, it is you who are failing the intelligence test – or rather deliberately failing it. You and the Nazionist warmongers who choose deliberately not to recognise negotiation when it is in front of your face. Hamas wants to move. All you and your sort have to do is get off your high horse and engage. Yet again, the Israelis are the enemies of peace.

    FGS! Hamas has to contend with a people that has been oppressed, incarcerated and persecuted. Cut them some slack. It is posturing. Is Netanyahu so dumb? No, he’s a warmonger.

    • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

      Not at all. If it is REAL negotiation that’s great. But it isn’t. It’s a lie.

      Answer me this, rather than just accusing me of being on a high horse:

      1. What do you think of Hamas’ words on their hero, OBL’s death?

      And – 2. what do you think of their insistence that they will NEVER recognise Israel?

      It is HAMAS warmongering. It always is. ALL THE TIME. If they change, that is progress. But they won’t. Let’s watch and see what happens.

      Btw, the people in the streets today waving their flags didn’t look too oppressed, prsecuted or incarcerated. Why? Because they’re not. It’s lies. ALL lies, and such as you swallow it.

    • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

      Did you see what Blair said on this today:

      Blair agreed. “I think the central question people ask is, ‘Does this mean a change of heart on behalf of Hamas or not?'” he told The Associated Press.

      Why would he say that if Hamas are the good guys you seem to assume?

      Does Tony Blair know something you don’t?

    • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

      Peter – And another thing, as the Blairite Tom Harris might put it –

      Blair tweeted this 7 hours ago:

      tonyblairoffice Tony Blair Office
      Quartet Rep Tony Blair says new Palestinian gov’t must recognize #Israel, denounce violence: #MidEast

  4. little ole American Says:

    Mike Rogers said one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard. The American people have been subjected to watching our people burn alive, right before our eyes, we have watched people (Daniel Pearl, for one) get their heads cut off, we have seen our troops’ bodies drug through the streets and hanging from bridges. We deserve to see the pictures of Osama’s dead, bloody body and we are NOT afraid of retaliation. There were people in Somalia and Nigeria celebrating Osama’s death. President Karzai told the Taliban (as reported at the Pakistan Tribune) that what happened to Osama will happen to them if they don’t stop. According to, an Al queda terrorist (Al Qahtani) turned himself into the Saudi authorities right after Bin Laden’s death was announced. The Saudis are asking the other 47 or so, to do the same and quickly. So, why should we be afraid of picture? If the terrorists are on the run just because they heard Osama was dead, just think what impact a picture would have.

    • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

      I’m afraid that even those of us who DO believe OBL was killed the other day will always have a sneaking doubt until we see the proof. The pictures of the other men, published at my latest post, will be enough of an “excuse” for those looking for excuses.

  5. little ole American Says:

    Hamas is controlled by Iran. Period. The majority of Arabs living in Israel have revealed in a poll they would prefer to stay in Israel if Palestine should become a state. Those are the smart Arabs; they know where they are free and where they are not.

    • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

      Here is the poll information that you refer to, little ole American.

      A recent survey conducted by Pechter Middle East Polls, in partnership with the Council on Foreign Relations, ahead of the possible Palestinian bid for statehood in September, revealed that given a choice, the majority of east Jerusalem residents would prefer to remain Israelis.

      The survey sampled 1,039 Palestinians living in all 19 neighborhoods of east Jerusalem, and was supervised by Dr. David Pollock.

      Perhaps the most striking finding regarded the residents’ citizenship preference, after a two-state solution is reached: When asked if they preferred to become citizens of Palestine or remain citizens of Israel, only 30% chose Palestinian citizenship.

      Thirty five percent chose Israeli citizenship and 35% declined to answer or said they didn’t know.

      I wonder what Peter makes of this. I expect he won’t accept it.

  6. little ole American Says:

    Oh, and for those “Hamas good – Israel bad” types:

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