SHOCK! Moral Decay! Margaret Thatcher beds Tony Blair! (Part 1)


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29th August 2011

The Shame of the British Arts world & ensuing Press coverage

The pair are shown sharing a post-coital cigarette. "I'm so in love with you," she tells Blair. "I won my war. You didn't."

Baroness Thatcher, the former conservative prime minister (below), was the first (and still the only) female British PM.  She is now aged 85 and is suffering from dementia, as revealed by her daughter Carol in August 2008.

September 2008, former PM Dame Thatcher, attends a Commemorative Service on 10 year anniversary of Northern Ireland settlement.  A settlement signed and delivered by the man in the picture below.

Picture above:  September 2008, former PM Baroness Thatcher attends a Commemorative Service on 10 year anniversary of Northern Ireland settlement.  A settlement signed and delivered by the man below.

Picture below:  Former Labour prime minister, Tony Blair, record-breaking winner for his party and confessed admirer of Margaret Thatcher’s leadership qualities. He is 58 and is not afflicted by degenerative illness.

Tony Blair is known and admired worldwide as a “world statesman”.  But in Britain he is the constant target for relentless, often cruel personal attack.


Channel 4, which regularly plumbs depths of depravity in its search for others’ imagined depravity, has performed a right old cock-up here.

It has put together an hour-long “one-off” – The Hunt for Tony Blair – in which Mr Blair is seduced by Margaret Thatcher. Yes, I’ll say that again – Tony Blair is seduced by Margaret Thatcher. You couldn’t make it up. Except that C4 has.

  • Forget for a moment that Baroness Thatcher is in her 86th year and is suffering from dementia, as many of us do or eventually will.
  • Forget too that Tony Blair at 58 is not so afflicted and that he has children, one of just 11 years old, who will be aware of this inane hogwash.  They may even be personally affected, if only through ribbing or bullying.
  • But forget that – as Channel 4 clearly has. Forget any personal consideration towards the individuals or their families displayed in this romp of perverted imagination.

But forget this at your peril:


This latest example is about as bad as I have ever seen, and not only because of this Blair & Thatcher sex/power/war tripe.

There has been a lot of useless and oh-so-informed prattle in recent weeks about moral decay following the riots.  I have not commented on those issues here partly because Tony Blair has done it so much better while so many others have not.  I suggest the reasons for the riots are many and complex.  But I differ from Mr Blair in that I think there is some moral decline exemplified and perpetuated by this kind of careless, self-indulgent, titillating rubbish.

Call this “film” a comic strip; call it a satire; call it a film noir. Call it what you will. I call it a disgrace.

If it were up to Yours Truly I’d sue the lot of them to within an inch of their unprincipled, self-centred and highly immoral earnings.

More to come on this disgraceful episode.


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Recent comments:

I am staggered by all the hate directed towards our former Prime Minister. I believe that Tony Blair made the Iraq decision in good faith and is most certainly NOT a war criminal. If anyone should be tried at the Hague it should be those in the media for totally misrepresenting the information and facts. The media are to blame for fuelling this hatred as it is purely driven by them. (UK)

The greatest and most successful leader the Labour Party has ever had with the courage to fight the Islamist terrorists who really would like to kill us all, and you never hear a good word about him. The herd of independent minds, commentators, activists etc who have never had to make a difficult decision in their lives drown out all debate with their inane chants of war crimes and blood on his hands. Defend him at every chance. I just wish more people would do it. (Glasgow, UK)
Blair was the greatest Labour Prime Minister. It is a disgrace that the party has turned away from his legacy. Shame on Ed Miliband and his so-called ‘new generation’.


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2 Responses to “SHOCK! Moral Decay! Margaret Thatcher beds Tony Blair! (Part 1)”

  1. Stan Says:

    Agree with you 100%, KTBFPM. Sick humour is the product of sick minds.

    It’s interesting that the Daily Maul picked up on this insult to Lady Thatcher while ignoring the nastiness directed at TB, including a plot line involving Blair being hunted down as a serial killer ( which will no doubt figure in your following piece). Not to mention that the TV showing is scheduled to coincide with the final stages of the Iraq Inquiry

  2. keeptonyblairforpm Says:


    The Mail DID mention the pursuit of Blair as a “killer”, if I am not mistaken. I’ll be refering to their take on the whole business in the next post, which as you rightly say will emphasise that part of the plot (!)

    It isn’t called “The Hunt for Tony Blair” because Margaret Thatcher is portrayed as being after his body.

    As we all know – as they all say, on other matters.

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