Blair Supporter is resuscitating the “Keep Tony Blair” blog


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19th November 2011


On 8th November I published this on The Jon Snow interview with Tony Blair after Philip Gould’s untimely death.

Then I ‘hibernated’ the blog; for time constraints, in the main.

Although it’s hardly yet spring I’ve been persuaded by a number of individuals and by several other factors that I should resuscitate the poor old thing.

All right, you knew I would, didn’t you? You know me better than I know myself! I know, I know.


Main reason is simple: once a website or blog is no longer being indexed by search engines, updated or is accessible it falls right out of search engine indexes. On thinking this through that seemed a pity, given that it can take many months, even years to get it back up there again.

I noticed a few days ago that a search for the keywords “Tony Blair” brought my blog up at number 7 of 22,300,000.

It seemed a pity to let all that work just go. Especially since some have told me they are using the blog for university and research purposes.

Also I noticed that tweeting the keywords “Blair Supporter” brings up 6,560,000 pages – the first page dominated entirely by my Twitter link or the blog itself or links to it.  I haven’t bothered to check the remaining 6,559,999 pages.

So there we go. Apologies to those who wondered, perhaps with some relief that my blog had gone for the long sleep – dead parrot-like – never to breathe Blairite hope again. Well, it’s stirring slowly back to life.

I imagine one or two others might welcome this resurrection a touch more.

I’ll end with a comment from the Ban Blair-Baiting petition. More updates below.Tony Blair, Prime Minister of the United Kingd...

“Blair was a great PM and is missed.”


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Comment samples follow from the Ban Blair-Baiting petition

1. I completely agree with everything that has been said on this website. As Prime Minister, Tony Blair worked tirelessly and selflessly in the interests of the people, and continues to do so today. He is primarily a humanitarian, and doesn’t deserve any of the vitriol that has been levelled at him. He was a great Prime Minister, is a thoroughly decent man; and should in my opinion, be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his outstanding work. – David Miliband (New Labour’s heir) for the next PM!

2. Best politician in Britain by a long way.

3. Fully support the petition. The criticism of Mr Blair has gone way beyond anything acceptable and seems to be carried out mainly by those who are looking to wash their hands of any involvement in supporting the Iraq war at the time. It is very easy to be ‘wise after the event’ and to make assumptions about how much Mr Blair knew or did not know before the war. In these people’s eyes, the former PM is guilty whatever the evidence.

4. An excellent petition this for a very undervalued PM. A PM who is not only the best in my lifetime but my parents lifetime too!

See full signature list


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11 Responses to “Blair Supporter is resuscitating the “Keep Tony Blair” blog”

  1. Stan Says:

    Nice to have you back. You had us worried for a moment bearing in mind how few ” we happy few” are. And as the song goes “nobody does it better”.

  2. Labourbird Says:

    Phew so glad your back. Life without this blog is like a broken pencil – POINTLESS! 🙂

  3. Karen Says:

    Glad you have not given up your blog x

  4. Ms Jupiter Says:

    Good to see the blog back and functioning. It was not a good idea to have send the blog to hibernate. Shouldnt have happened!

  5. Ms Jupiter Says:

    Recently went through a facebook page dedicated to faith. And read this poem. The person who wrote it said it is meant for all those who fight against extremism. Surely one of them is Tony Blair who stands against extremism; he is an inspiration for this poem:

    The heavy soles of the boots were smeared by the
    bruised petals of sweet-scented roses
    The black crows and sparrows scattered their wings,
    To fly farthest away from a sight that is blood stained.
    There are but few who lament!

    Your quivering voice,
    A remembrance of the deed not finished.
    The sundry bare trees were black,
    Against a sky strangely turned red.

    Tell me my dear friend, this is not true,
    There are but few who lament!

  6. Ingrid Jones Says:


    Dear B and Julie

    Merry Christmas. I do hope you are well.


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