90 year-old brother of Muslim Brotherhood founder blasts Muslims as “stupid”


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20th November, 2011

Catching-up time on one of the 500+ drafts I have waiting to be published, most of them destined to wither on the vine.

I started to put this post together in October this year. I wrote the below, though it has been overtaken by events as Tahrir Square erupts in unhappy violence again this weekend. As it happens the Muslim Brotherhood seems to be some of the unhappiest of the lot in the newly sprung Egypt.

With the recognition by New Democratic Egypt of the Muslim Brotherhood, the time seemed right to let a few more of us see what this man – a man who should know a thing or two – thinks about that particular organisation.

He is the brother of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood. He criticises the Brotherhood and his fellow Muslims in general – women in particular. “Stupid” is the word HE chooses to use.

Hassan al-Banna’s Brother Lashes Out at Muslim Burka and Backwardness

Note the pictures in the video of women students at Cairo University. In 1995 a third wore hijabs. Yet the pictures from both 1959 ad 1978 show that NONE wore hijabs. And by 2004 90% of the female students at Cairo University were wearing hijabs.  Gamal puts that down to the “success of the Muslim Brotherhood’s work”

He also says, “The Muslim mind is rusty. It has done nothing the last thousand years.”

Gamal al Banna is the ninety-year old brother of Hassan al-Banna

Hasan Ahmed Abdel Rahman Muhammed al-Banna (Arabic: حسن أحمد عبد الرحمن محمد البنا‎,Known as Hasan al-Banna (Arabic: حسن البنا‎ was born on October 14, 1906 – February 12, 1949) was a schoolteacher and imam, best known for founding the Muslim Brotherhood, one of the largest and most influential 20th century Muslim revivalist organizations.

The Society of the Muslim Brothers (often simply الإخوان Al-Ikhwān, The Brotherhood or MB) is the largest political opposition organization in many Arab states. The group is the world’s oldest and largest Islamic political group,[1] and the “world’s most influential Islamist movement”.[2] The Brotherhood has as its slogan “Islam is the solution”.[3] It was founded in 1928 in Egypt by the Islamic scholar and schoolteacher Hassan al-Banna.

That’s THE Muslim Brotherhood, note, not just any Muslim brothers.  Gamal seems to be made of more discriminating stuff than his brother.  In December 2008 Gamal published a book which criticised Islamic Holy Books, and Islam’s approach to women.

Excerpt: Jamal al-Banna, a younger brother of Hassan al-Banna (founder of the Muslim Brotherhood) has just published a book in which he argues that 653 of the hadiths as written in al-Bukhari and Muslim are incorrect and should not be accepted. The Arabic book is titled The Cleansing of Bukhari and Muslim from useless Hadiths (2008).

After the Qur’an, al-Bukhari’s collection of hadiths (the acts and sayings of the prophet Muhammad) is considered the most sacred book in Islam; never before has any Muslim scholar who lives in the Arab world, thrown so much doubt – publicly – on the sources of Islam.

But Mr Jamal al-Banna (86 years old now) [update – now 90] is used to being attacked by al-Azhar, and he says he does not care. He excludes six kinds of hadiths… (More here)

Some current mentions of the Muslim Brotherhood –


1. Egypt University to appeal Niqab Ruling


CAIRO — A leading Cairo university will appeal a court decision allowing female students to don the full face veil on campus dormitories, a university official said.

“Cairo’s Ain Shams University will immediately appeal the decision issued by the Supreme Administrative Court,” the official said.

The court had said that donning the niqab– a veil covering the entire face– “is one example of freedom that no administrative body or any other body can ban.”

2. Egypt: Female students assaulted, Oct 2010

CAIRO: Two female students at Al-Azhar University in Zaqazeeq in the Delta region of Egypt north of Cairo were physically assaulted by the university’s guards after they refused to be searched upon entering the campus on Saturday. One of the students was in critical condition and suffers from internal bleeding in the head, according to local reports, while the other has a broken foot.

They are receiving treatment at a local hospital in their hometown.

The reason for the attack was unclear, yet the two girls confirmed in a short video shot by one of their colleagues that the security refused to let them in and started verbally and physically abusing them.

“He slapped me on the face, kicked me in the stomach and hit me with his shoes on my head and dropped me on the floor,” one of the assaulted girls said in the video statement right before she got into the ambulance.


By the way – on this Arab Spring business – in which I have to tell you I have little faith, here’s a thought –



Where was Our Outrage? (Video of Libya rebel killing of Gaddafi loyalist).

[Apologies. Just checked. The video that was there is no longer viewable – site closed. If I find it again I’ll add it here. It was of a young man, a Gddafi loyalist, being hanged by the rebels in Libya. And we did nothing. Because we were not Gaddafi loyalists.] – Update: Can’t find it on YouTube but this will be similar, no doubt.

It is possible that if we in the mouthy-when-it suits-us west had publicised this sort of thing when it happened Colonel Gaddafi’s captors would not have felt they had the international green light to do with him as they did.

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Comment samples follow from the Ban Blair-Baiting petition

1. I completely agree with everything that has been said on this website. As Prime Minister, Tony Blair worked tirelessly and selflessly in the interests of the people, and continues to do so today. He is primarily a humanitarian, and doesn’t deserve any of the vitriol that has been levelled at him. He was a great Prime Minister, is a thoroughly decent man; and should in my opinion, be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his outstanding work. – David Miliband (New Labour’s heir) for the next PM!

2. Best politician in Britain by a long way.

3. Fully support the petition. The criticism of Mr Blair has gone way beyond anything acceptable and seems to be carried out mainly by those who are looking to wash their hands of any involvement in supporting the Iraq war at the time. It is very easy to be ‘wise after the event’ and to make assumptions about how much Mr Blair knew or did not know before the war. In these people’s eyes, the former PM is guilty whatever the evidence.

4. An excellent petition this for a very undervalued PM. A PM who is not only the best in my lifetime but my parents lifetime too!


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