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Take A Break – Watch A Tony Blair Video or 2, or 3, or 4…

March 1, 2012

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1st March 2012

I’m feeling a little down with all these good people dying in the last day or so.  Davy Jones, PC David Rathband and now Andrew Breitbart.  You too?

So here’s something to cheer us up.  Well, me anyway.

I think Tina Brown gets quite a lot out of Tony Blair here. Not always the easiest thing to do.

Former British prime minister Tony Blair discusses his new political memoir, A Journey: My Political Life, in conversation with noted journalist and editor Tina Brown.

Tony Blair’s emergence as Labour Party leader in 1994 marked a seismic shift in British politics. Within a few short years, he had transformed his party and rallied the country behind him, becoming prime minister in 1997 with the biggest victory in Labour’s history, and bringing to an end 18 years of Conservative government. He took Labour to a historic three terms in office as Britain’s dominant political figure of the last two decades.

A Journey is Tony Blair’s firsthand account of his years in office and beyond. Here he describes for the first time his role in shaping our recent history, from the aftermath of Princess Diana’s death to the war on terror. He reveals the leadership decisions that were necessary to reinvent his party, the relationships with colleagues including Gordon Brown, the grueling negotiations for peace in Northern Ireland, the implementation of the biggest reforms to public services in Britain since 1945, and his relationships with leaders on the world stage–Nelson Mandela, Bill Clinton, Vladimir Putin, George W. Bush. He analyzes the belief in ethical intervention that led to his decisions to go to war in Kosovo, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan, and, most controversially of all, in Iraq.

Few British prime ministers have shaped the nation’s course as profoundly as Tony Blair, and his achievements and legacy will be debated for years to come.


I have a few posts in draft which might just get published soon. But be warned: there’s a chance you’ll need to put up with more of these videos for a bit. At least until my spirits are lifted.


R.I.P.  Davy Jones, PC David Rathband, Andrew Breitbart.


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