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21st March 2012

ADDENDUM (as it were) WARNING!  Aware of some sensitivities, I thought I’d better explain that that isn’t really a beheaded man in the picture below.  I was just trying to sate the press’s blood lust. But if you’re sensitive, better go away now. Just  in case.

This a PS to the previous post,  Note to Self

In case you missed it, or the press omitted to tell you – whichever comes first – or rather doesn’t come – on Monday Tony Blair spoke in London on issues around good governance in the African continent.

From article & exclusive interview at CNN - See link at end

Somehow the London gathering escaped the attention of many. Positive news hits no headlines.

Instead they were up in tweeting arms about the recent comments of Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in a joint-interview with Tony Blair.

Liberian President Sirleaf is AGAINST homosexual rights? What? Off with Tony Blair's head! (Wonderland, Part... whatever)

Only, SHE wasn’t universally castigated for HER comments. HE was lambasted for not arguing back against them!

It’s like Paxman in Wonderland all over again.


Now look here, children – it really isn’t THAT difficult.

President Sirleaf of Liberia makes and/or enacts her country’s popular policies.

Tony Blair’s Africa Governance Initiative (AGI) has been asked to assist her country in setting up “good governance”.

He is not there to TELL her about policy issues, even though there are bound to be many with which he disagrees.

This is a chicken and egg situation. Which comes first?

For anyone with a brain clear enough to detach itself from its own bias against Mr Blair it is clear which has to come first; good governance. Following that human rights, homosexual rights and so on and so on…

Tony Blair can no more fly into Liberia and tell Liberians which policies to adopt than he can tell China, Russia or Iran.

Got it now? Told you it was easy.

Now tell our ignorant, biased, agenda-ridden & -driven press.


Tony Blair’s Africa Governance Initiative,  (AGI) –

Twitter accounts – Tony Blair – AGI & Tony Blair Office

CNN press Room Exclusive interview with Tony Blair



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