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2nd May 2012

David Singleton, News editor at Politics Home and editor of  the lobbying industry magazine Public Affairs News broke this story on Twitter this morning.

Blair to ‘re-engage’ in the UK

Tony Blair has signed up a new communications director as he prepares to “re-engage” in the UK .

Coincidentally of course, it is 15 years to the day that Tony Blair first walked into Downing Street.

Excerpt follows from PoliticsHome

The May issue of Public Affairs News magazine reveals that Mr Blair has recruited Rachel Grant, communications director at the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts (Nesta), to be his top communications adviser.

Ms Grant is expected to join the Office of Tony Blair later this month. The job entails overseeing the former prime minister’s personal PR and managing communications around his extensive lobbying operations.


In the new role, Ms Grant will help Mr Blair boost his UK profile, following critical media coverage around his overseas lobbying activities. The former prime minister has faced heavy scrutiny over Tony Blair Associates, his consultancy providing guidance for foreign governments.

A source close to Mr Blair said he was now keen to do more in the UK .

“He wants to re-engage in the UK ,” said the source. “He has things to say and he thinks it’s the right time.

“The question is how he re-enters the UK scene without re-entering domestic politics and interfering with the Labour Party. He wants to intervene where he can add value to political debate, but it will be above party politics.” (more here)

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From Iain Martin at the ever Blair-watching Telegraph. Sign of the times(?)  – he has even taken to using my fellow Blairite John Rentoul’s ‘QTWTAIN’…  or maybe Yes.  Disgraceful!

Excerpt. Martin: ‘Could Tony Blair come back to UK politics in an elected House of Lords? That headline is not designed to be a Question to Which The Answer Is No. I really do wonder if an elected House of Lords will provide Blair with a way to get back into British politics.’



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