Number 10 website deletes its page on The Queen. One IS disappointed!


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7th June 2012

“[The Queen] … lamented the loss, in 1997, of the Royal Yacht Britannia (a decision wrongly ascribed to Tony Blair, but in fact inherited from the Major government), which had enabled her to visit the smaller, more remote Commonwealth countries.”

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That pain in the rear end, aka Blair Supporter to the rescue. Soon, hopefully.


Sep 2011, Robert Hardman at The Daily Mail – headlined (DO note MIND-BENDING headline) – “Why Blair wished he hadn’t made the Queen cry” – (even though the article does not point to Tony Blair as the only tear-maker.)

The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh leave the Royal Yacht Britannia for the last time in Portsmouth.

The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh leave the Royal Yacht Britannia for the last time in Portsmouth.

Excerpt from Hardman’s article. MY bolding:

“Distant memories now. To the Queen’s evident distress — and Prince Philip’s ill-concealed anger — the incoming Labour government of Tony Blair decommissioned the Royal Yacht, turned her into an Edinburgh tourist attraction and vetoed a replacement. Ultimately, though, responsibility for the decision rests equally with the Tories.

But what the Royal Family may find particularly intriguing — and infuriating — 14 years later, is that Tony Blair now deeply regrets his part in it. As he tells me: ‘I think if it had happened five years into my time [as Prime Minister], I would have just said “no”.’

The twisted saga of Britannia’s final years began under John Major’s government, which announced, in 1994, that the 41-year-old yacht would be decommissioned when she came up for her next major overhaul. There was little enthusiasm for replacing her.

‘During the early Nineties, the monarchy went through a very difficult time,’ Sir John Major explains. ‘Ask yourself this question: in the midst of the recession, with the British people facing economic hardship, how popular would it have been to announce a £50 million spend on a new yacht for the personal use of the Royal Family? How would that have been portrayed by the media?’”


You don’t mean that even pre-Blair governments were “afraid” of the media??!! It didn’t start with Alastair Campbell? How CAN you say that? WHAT? You’ll be suggesting the Tory-led Government has a valid reason to delete this page next.


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