When PM Tony Blair met President Bashar al-Assad


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8th June 2012


In October 2001 Syrian President Bashar al-Assad had rebuffed Tony Blair in a public press conference when Blair had the audacity to ask Assad to help in the fight against terrorism after 9/11. 

Tony Blair meets Assad in Damascus in 2001.

Tony Blair (r) at a 2001 meeting with the Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, in Damascus. [AP]

Afterwards Blair said to Alastair Campbell, “It could have been worse, he could have taken out a gun and shot me.”

It may have been meant in a light-hearted way, but seeing what Assad does to his own people and how no death seems to faze him, there might have been more truth in this than Campbell thought or even than Blair meant.

This excerpt is taken directly from Alastair Campbell's book, in diary form, "The Blair Years".

This excerpt is taken directly from Alastair Campbell’s book, in diary form, “The Blair Years”.

In the light of the ongoing Leveson Inquiry into media behaviour it is also worth noting this remark –

“TB … said it had actually been quite comic to stand there having been promised the guy was going to be supportive and then watch him deliver an attack totally lapped up by our lot.”

Who said Tony Blair got great press until AFTER the Iraq invasion of 2003?


Assad seems to know a lot about killing.

Warning! Graphic. Dead child.

Oh sorry, my mistake. This has nothing to do with the Syrian President. It’s all Obama’s fault – More Syrian Blood on Obama’s Hands

[Who the HELL is Stephen Lendman? Answer – a prize pillock. Translated for my American readers – the enemy within.]

Family killed in al-Bashar's Syria.

Family killed in Assad’s Syria


Excerpt from BBC site’s ‘Syria Profile’: “2001 November – British PM Tony Blair visits to try shore up support for the campaign against terror. He and President Assad fail to agree on a definition of terrorism.”

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