Why I’m Stopping My @BlairSupporter Twitter Account


July 7th 2013

Why am I quitting the addiction? Short answer? Because life is short. Longer answer? Read the longer bits to follow.


Julie, aka “Ms Intervention”

When Julie, aka @MsIntervention e-mailed me and asked why my twitter account was no more I thought she and other twitter friends and followers deserved an explanation. So [note, fellow pedants (especially John Rentoul) – correct usage of the word “so”] I have resuscitated this blog, if only for a short time.

I e-mailed Julie back and told her it seemed as good a time as any to cease the tweeting. It’s hardly news that I was not intending to go on and on in this vain little game of no-he’s-not-a-war-criminal. But the zeitgeist has spoken – rather, shouted – and who am I to argue with any shouty geist?

Some time ago I’d already concluded that blogging was time and life consuming. I stopped it officially last June.  However, tweeting too is a voracious consumer, especially if one is seriously addicted. Having been too serious and too addicted about more than is wise or necessary I’ve decided it’s time to throw in the towel.


But before I move back to normal life, I’d like to put on record that I have come across some lovely people on twitter. Those who follow me will know that the lovelies are outnumbered by the not-so-lovely; the haters. Sadly, twitterland is full to bursting with the pent-uppiness of so many of them.

Where does all the rage come from?


Did their parents favour one of their siblings? Didn’t they get enough of whatever took their fancy last night? Did they miss Eastenders? Or worse, did they catch Question Time? Are they all unbalanced brainwashed twerps?

We can be sure of one thing – before they started yelping about the unique, horrific horribleness of those they so detest – I’ll bet they never spent a moment of their time similarly snarling about the horribles stopped or removed by the so detested.

TB-Israeli-Pres meet June 2012

Tony Blair, aka “lying treacherous war criminal Yank loving Champagne Socialist really-a-Tory rich bastard.” Or “hero” to the sane among us.


Whatever else happens in history’s records as regards Tony Blair and his legacy [#hashtag alert] #twitternumptyland has shown itself the perfect vehicle for disseminating Blair-directed hatred in 140 nasty, uninformed, often unthinking characters. As the recipient of such characters Mr Blair will, at the present rate, go down in twitter annals as the most tweet-hated politician in recent British political years. The fact that said hatred is based on ignorance, political bias or selective opinion-quoting is of little importance. Equally unimportant is the fact that said ignorance, political bias and selective opinion-quoting are repeatedly regurgitated, though factually largely incorrect and/or unbalanced.

This latter point in particular may prove to be of historical significance in the free speech, free thinking battle of rights and wrongs.

I want to say a little more about the good people that serious Blair supporters might wish to follow on twitter, but that will take at least one more post.

By the way, my heartfelt congratulations to another Scottish hero – Andy Murray. If it hadn’t been for his amazing Wimbledon win today I may not have been tempted to tweet in celebration at http://twitter.com/blairsupporter

Andy Murray kisses the Wimbledon trophy

With thanks for above picture from Guardian – Adrian Dennis/AFP/Getty


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