Twiggy Garcia, aka Ghoulian Assange described the Police as sh**s


23rd January 2014

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Excerpt from Garcia’s chat with his girlfriend @GeorgiaBronte

If you saw him again would you do anything differently?
I’d probably get someone to film it. I was scared to get my phone out in case it was confiscated by his bodyguards. The police have held my phone for five months before when I had done nothing illegal. They are shits.

I fully realise that some people today would have sympathy with this description. But it is perhaps not quite the thing to say if you ever intended to “accompany” an “arrested” individual to the local cop shop. And if you never intended to do so anyway, don’t act like a big kid show-off. That’s you, Mr Garcia.


Unlike Mr Blair’s considerate treatment of this individual in the restaurant I have no inclination to treat Garcia with anything approaching courtesy. He is testament, however to at least two things: firstly, the failure of Tony Blair’s ‘education, education, education’ policy. Secondly, Garcia’s self-appointed guardian-of-the-people-and-defender-of-the-truth behaviour is also testament to the failure of the media, mainly the written press to concede that they may – just may – be wrong in all they opine about Blair and Iraq.  The media is the conduit of ALL our opinions. It was noticeable in the last few days that only non-British media outlets noted which of these two men came out with egg on his face at Tramshed.

Clue? It wasn’t the diner.

Tom Doran (twitter) says of Tony Blair’s reaction: Even though he’s probably used to it by now, this is an impressively sanguine reaction to being called a war criminal by a total stranger in front of your children, as even Garcia himself semi-concedes (“Tony Blair Vs Brave Sir Robin”).

I don’t agree with every aspect of the article. I DO believe the Iraq invasion was the right thing to do for all sorts of reasons, regardless of how many people sectarian, Islamist fundamentalists have killed there since. But Mr Doran’s main point is that Mr Garcia was more of a Monty Python character than a Robin Hood.
I expect Ghoulian Assange (yes, that’s what he calls himself on twitter) will  prove me wrong now by donating to charity all the monies Mr George Monbiot (the Bounty Hunter who sends others to do his dirty work) has sent to him. No?

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2 Responses to “Twiggy Garcia, aka Ghoulian Assange described the Police as sh**s”

  1. Prat Says:

    Complete and utter.

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