A question for George Monbiot. Seriously. (Poll)


27th January 2014

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Dear Mr Monbiot (@GeorgeMonbiot)

What if Twiggy Garcia had been filled with revengeful hate when he stood behind Tony Blair at a restaurant last week?

What if… I don’t need to spell out the possibilities in gory deal; we all know they were in a steak restaurant.

As I reminded others here – you, George Monbiot, intend to hound Mr Blair until he is either prosecuted or is no longer with us.

You can write all the provisos, rules and opt-outs you like at your Arrest Blair website but you MUST know where this could lead. It IS a “bounty”, after all. Dead or alive, hmm?

So my question is: if some hater in a position to actually attack Mr Blair were able to do so, and admits having been inspired by you and your site, would you bear any responsibility?

I think you would.

What do others think?

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