Police Overkill?


Updated Thursday 14 December, 2006

The Prime Minister has been questioned by Police, but not “under caution”. Although this does not prevent his being questioned further, it may at last give the Prime Minister some relief and rest from this ridiculous, (to my mind), investigation.

The Scottish Nationalists have been after the PM’s head for a long time, and seem to have persuaded the Police that there was a case to at least pursue, if not to answer.

The Police may eventually come to the conclusion that this is no more than an internal party issue, and not a criminal matter. I sincerely hope so.

Whatever else happens, we should remember that the Prime Minister is only human. However, he bears a heavier load than most. I know it is probably asking too much but it would be something if the press and anti-Blair bloggers would cool it for a bit. Everyone, even a Prime Minister, deserves a restful Christmas.


Wednesday 8th November, 2006

Woeful Wednesday – A long old day in politics

The results of the mid-term elections have been woeful for Bush’s presidency. So that’s two leaders who’ve had a rough day today. Mr Blair’s cash for honours worries have also surfaced with the news that his 2005 election cabinet will be questioned or asked to put to paper what they knew about loans for peerages.

Am I just prejudiced here or does this seem like overkill?

Haven’t we always had business people donating cash to political parties in return, implied or expressed for lordships? Isn’t that something we kind of expect? Maybe we shouldn’t, but we have got so used to it over the decades that we just shrug with resignation. Certainly we have never had the spectacle of our governing party under the spotlight in such a glaring way as this. And our Prime Minister is expected to be questioned next, possibly under caution, preparing the way for him to be charged.


The money raised was no greater than in other years. And there was actually less money raised by Labour for the 2005 election than by the Conservative party, raised in a similar way.

It may have something to do with using the “loans” guise to hide donations. It may have something to do with accounting records not being kept too accurately. Whatever it is, I fail to see that it is a high crime for which the PM and/or ministers and employees should be dragged before the courts.

Where are the bodies?

So who did their “manouverings” hurt, if there were any manouverings? It’s not as though they have killed someone as in the Lloyd George open sale of honours scandal, or started an international drugs ring. I’d feel much happier if the police were pursuing some of London’s criminals with the money this inquiry is taking. In fact London’s criminal underworld must be laughing up its collective sleeve at the moment watching the country’s leaders and law-makers squirm while the criminals are allowed to stash away millions in VAT fraud and drug dealing. If I sent this little tale in a script to Channel 4 they’d return it unread!

Surely political parties can sort this out themselves? Presumably the Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties will also have to learn lessons.

But the whole idea that this can hang over the PM’s head indefinitely as he waits for the knock on No 10 is ludicrous. He has no more than seven or eight months left in his premiership and one or two other things to think about. And of course while this inquiry is ongoing he can’t defend himself in the court of public opinion, but the public opinion formers continue to let us know theirs on a daily basis.

Hopefully it will come to an end soon and the crown prosecution service will decide not to press charges. Then maybe the business of government can resume in earnest. My concern is that the police inquiry has taken on a life of its own and that even the police will feel compelled to push the CPS to charge someone to make sure the exercise is not portrayed as a waste of resources. (Not that they’d do that, of course.)

The police can rest assured that if the case goes no further they will have secured a payback for all of this. That payback will be that the parties, ALL parties, finally get around to banishing this cash for honours business at last.

Less stress

Even on a human level I really think that serious thought should be given to this inquiry and the time it is taking. The prime minister has much unfinished business and would, I’m sure, appreciate a little less personal stress in the closing months of his premiership.Hit Counter


12 Responses to “Police Overkill?”

  1. billy Says:

    Yep, you got it one. You are just prejudiced. Tony Blair has destroyed socialism and should be condemned for that but charges of selling peerages would do instead.

  2. keeptonyblairforpm Says:

    About time SOMEBODY destroyed socialism! It’s as relevant as the other ancient class-based ideology and should have sank in the 1950s when universal education became the norm. Haven’t you noticed that even David Cameron realises this is also true of HIS party?

    And who’s Mr Fixit? Yep … you got it!

    Nice to see where you’re coming from, billy. Don’t know where you think you’re going though ;0)

  3. billy Says:

    Your right again. I was a Conservative party member Ted Heath to John Major and can’t see me voting for an old Etonian.
    My local MP is excellent but imagines he is a socialist of the new variety.
    I’ve had this vote a long time and now I know longer know what to do with it. Some hard decisions coming along.

  4. billy Says:

    Excuse typo … now I no longer know ….

  5. keeptonyblairforpm Says:


    I thought you meant you had been a socialist when you said the PM should be condemned for detroying it. Would never have imagined you were a Tory. Your present Tory guy sounds like most of Cameron’s New Conservatives – Tony’s Cloneys. I might even vote for him!! It’s OLD Socialism I am glad to see the back of, btw.

    As for “selling peerages” – the Tories have ALWAYS done that, or didn’t you notice when Heath and Major were in charge? It’s the system.

  6. billy Says:

    I was a socialist when I first voted but I wasn’t earning enough for it to matter. Socialism hurts the wallet but provides an exact opposite to Toryism. What have we now? In my view two parties that are hardly different. Tony Blair is Maggie Thatcher with snaggly teeth and an even more unpleasant family.
    I changed sides when the miners demonstrated that they thought they controlled the country, and got away with it.
    My local MP is Nu Labour. Makes voting decisions very difficult. On the debit side he is a privately educated solicitor but on the credit side he is a good constituency MP.

  7. keeptonyblairforpm Says:


    It’s mainly BECAUSE of the continuing class positions that the old Left and old Right take, that I am with Blair and his changes. To me, despite some of the things that we can all disapprove of, he’s brought politics in ALL the parties into the centre ground, which is where most of us now reside. That is also his problem, of course. It’s hard to focus and to sell “radical moderation”. I suppose that term’s actually a bit of an oxymoron.

    What’s wrong with his teeth ;0) Or his family? I don’t go in for personal politics.

    Except for Gordon Brown, I suppose! No, it’s not really personal there either. I know he has had much personal unhappiness within his young family, and I’m sorry about that. BUT, I abhor the way he has schemed to get rid of Blair, while pretending it had nothing to do with him. So, that’s not really a personal dislike, but political, I think I can safely say.

  8. billy Says:

    Can’t agree with you there. Ted Heath was the first to bring politics to the centre ground in my view and Maggie made many more of us middle class.
    What TB has done is move the Labour party to the middle ground and removed any real choice for the voter.
    The advent of DC as Tory leader concerns me because it may be indicative of a lurch back to class based politics by the Tory party. It is bothering me enough that I’m not ready to give him my vote. I guess that the majority of voters today are not old enough to have known the Tories under Douglas-Hume, Macmillan and the other chinless wonders of the post war years.

  9. keeptonyblairforpm Says:

    So, you say that Blair has moved the Labour party to the middle ground and removed any real choice. Did he do that purposefully to spoil it all for the voters? Or because he thought most people think of themselves as in the centre ground? Or because his New Labour policy ideas were attractive there?

    Whatever. My point was that the other parties – mainly the Conservative party actually – are now cramming into the centre ground. Prior to Cameron they were still right-wing as regards Europe, single mothers, homosexuality, you name it. Cameron is still in the process of this movement to the centre, which he is making purely due to Blair’s lessons and their success. You have to give it to Cameron – he recognises a political maestro when he sees one.

    I don’t share your fear Billy, that Cameron might be indicative of a lurch to class based policies. He seems to be unlurching the Tories from the Right at the moment (while they’re still putting up with him that is). Or is it because of his educational background that you are worried? You should get away from that, Billy. Tony Blair got the same dirt dished, and it wan’t true about him. It is probably not true that Cameron is old fashioned right wing Tory. That’s not my worry with him. Just that there is no beef.

  10. billy Says:

    Of course he never did it deliberately to remove choice. He did it for wealth and personal ambition.
    What he did, very cleverly, was to take an existing party and recast it in his own mould. The fools of Old Labour allowed him to do it because they were desperate for power, both personal and political. He took the party away from them and as I said before destroyed socialism. Principle went by the board. Look at some of the ministers that we have had to endure: Blunkett, Estelle Morris, Mandelson, Prescott to name but four. Then there has been the enormous number of unelected, special advisers funded by we tax payers. Liars by inclination and profession. Finally, and back where we started, loans to the NU Labour party buying seats in the House that they would abolish. TB couldn’t even be honest about his intentions there.
    The man is a political maestro for that, but as a PM he has brought shame upon this nation and made us little better than a 3rd world country. It will take more than GB or DC to repair that damage. It took a Maggie Thatcher last time it needed doing and there is nobody with her strength of purpose on the political horizon at the moment.

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