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29th March, 2007

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A bit of fun last night on Newsnight when Guido Fawkes sat in the shadows and took on the big boys in the shapes of Michael White and Jeremy Paxman. Paxman was supposed to be the man in the middle of course, but it’s hard to stay neutral when you’re under such attack. Especially so for Paxo who takes pride in his lack of gullibility and greets much of what he is told by politicians with characteristic raised-eyebrows incredulity.

But last night we had it. Paul Staines (the man in the dark – in more ways than one) accused our press of sycophantic behaviour. The man’s a fool, but he is a fool with a following.

The press might even be responsible for some of this perception as some of them have encouraged a tendency to the “they are all liars” attitude of the public. Although I do not blame the TV or Radio press as much as I do the tabloids and the ‘broadsheet tabloids’ for this. Their headlines NEED to dish the dirt, without it being sifted for facts, in order to keep the disinterested voter on board.

Anyway, I commented on the Newsnight blog and after someone complained, my comment was removed. It comes to something when they are removing voices which SUPPORT the status quo. How politically correct is that?

I don’t quite know why, but I presume it was because I said something about Paul Staines’ BNP associations. I also wondered why he used his pseudonym. Fair comment? No. The Beeb got worried when someone said it was libelous, so they took down my comment.

Amazing, when you think of the junk that appears on Staines’ website with information from “sources” damning all and sundry for every sin imaginable. And when people on his blog call, for instance, for the public execution of political figures, there is no suggestion that THEY are inciting others to violence or treason. Libel is more threatening it seems.

I don’t accept it was libelous to suggest that Fawkes/Staines won’t be happy until the revolution is here. Or that his pseudonym might suggest an ulterior motive. Or that he has, or has had BNP associations, so may not be lacking ulterior motives. It’s OBVIOUS.

He has a following, true, but they are the world’s complainers and moaners.

Can’t provide you a copy of what I wrote on Newsnight as it has been deleted, but this is what one of Fawkes’ contributors said, presumably referring to me, though I never murdered my granny, honestly, Constable!  She always looks like that.

(Maybe they’re confusing me with someone else.)

Magpie said…
By the way, Guido, the granny murderer has libelled you on Newsnight’s comments page…..
2:00 AM, March 29, 2007

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