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16th July, 2009

(Last updated 2nd January 2010)

I have compiled this comprehensive list of the posts I have made thus far on any news item which I think is designed to prejudice the outcome of the upcoming Iraq “Inquiry”.  This inquiry is NOT a trial. But I fear, with others, that Mr Blair has already been found guilty of all sorts of perceived “crimes” by many in the press, and as a result by the court of public opinion.

The press is the conduit for all information which the public now shares and seems to hold as “sacred truth”.  In the name of justice and fair play for ALL, including our former prime minister, I will be watching them.


Edited portrait by way of a Conservative-supporting blog, in case you wondered. This is the LAST thing I want to see happen to Tony Blair. But many of his "war crime" accusers think it'd be too good for him. Thus the picture: to remind you of the kind of 'peace 'n' love' people we are fighting - the enemy within. (He was wearing a poppy on that day as it was around 11th November, Remembrance Day in Britain, when we remember the millions who die in conflict.)


All Links to the Iraq Inquiry Evidence Sessions: Witnesses


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103 Responses to “All links to “THE TRIAL OF TONY BLAIR” posts”

  1. Belittling MPs – Expenses Saga & the Power of the Press « Tony Blair Says:

    […] The party leaders were all accused of failing to stand up for the “innocent until proven guilty”, their own MPs.  It was simple – the public wanted scalps so the leaders provided them.  I cannot be sure of this, of course, but I feel it would all have been handled differently by Tony Blair if he had still been PM. There’s a man who knows the power of the press to destroy reputations. And they are still pursuing him. See links to my posts on “The TRIAL of Tony Blair”. […]

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    […] point being that the Iraq Inquiry is NOT a trial but an Inquiry. (See my list of posts on this TRIAL MIS-nomenclature […]

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  10. EXCLUSIVE! TOP SECRET! Wording of Tony Blair’s Iraq Inquiry Oath « Tony Blair Says:

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