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15th September 2007

Who says: “Blair’s a Good Guy”?

Looking for other positive blogs about this, the most electorally, and arguably politically successful Labour Prime minister ever? Perhaps I can help.

The aim here is to cut through the chaff and find you the Goodies. There is so much information online that it can take you a half a day just to read one website. Life’s too short.

It isn’t hard to find blogs, writers, newspapers and commenters who in their wisdom regurgitate the same old stuff about why Blair should be sent to Coventry, Siberia, or perhaps the moon. but there are some who still trust him and keep the faith. Even perhaps, some like me, who have only recently found it!

The Blair Appreciation Society

So here you can find a few noteworthy writers who, in my judgement, deserve recognition for their lack of knee jerkiness to Iraq and other big issues surrounding Blair. That is not to say that they agree, necessarily with his every decision or action. Who amongst us ever completely agrees with anyone else in politics?

But the writers listed here tend to be at least empathetic, and often sympathetic to Mr Blair. I will remove any link, if I have mis-construed any opinion, at their request.

For being unafraid to stand up and be counted as a Blairite in the present climate, the following deserve a ripple of applause. Personally I give them all a big hand.

They may never work again for much of our written meeja. Fortunately I do not depend on scribbling for a living, or ditto would be the case for me.

Oliver Kramm is a well-researched and erudite political writer. Criticising Martin Bell’s recent book for making wrong analogies, upon which Bell has based his whole book, is Blair-empathetic enough for me.

Kramm says on Bell’s holier-than-thou (my words) damning of Blair:

“These are political questions about the decision to go to war. They are not about the effectiveness of our armed forces once deployed in war. Raising those questions is legitimate in itself without resorting to tendentious analogies.

Even so, it cannot have escaped Martin’s notice that those of us who identify with the foreign policies of Tony Blair have no particular diffidence in answering those questions (apart from the one about postwar planning, on which the principal failure is not British). There is never an obvious point at which diplomacy is exhausted, but there is a point at which you can reasonably say that diplomacy is futile and counterproductive. The government concluded that that point had been reached in our relations with Saddam Hussein. American security strategy can be faulted at immense length for its execution, but a strategy of pre-emption against hostile regimes is far from being a whim: it has historical precedent and academic weight. [ … ] the historian John Lewis Gaddis has argued.”

Bell, like others, is pushing for a parliamentary enquiry into the decision to invade Iraq. In support of that his slamming of the Butler and Hutton enquiries is shameful. His constant hark back to trust or its lack, is eye-opening!

Trust! TRUST? Such as Bell trust no-one but those with whom they completely agree. He will be reconciled to the facts only when they are confirmed as having been HIS facts and therefore the ‘right’ ones.


“The decision to go to war was a political decision. Martin is not satisfied with the inquiries that have taken place because he disagrees fundamentally with that political decision. The place to manage – not resolve – fundamental political disagreements is in the political process. Martin is instead proposing a quasi-judicial arrangement to supplant the political process; in short, his proposals are not a reform to make good a weakness in our political system, but a challenge to cabinet government and the principles of representative democracy.”

Well said, Mr Kramm. They’ve already had prime ministerial blood. What else do they want? Our whole democracy in the hands of the naive, gullible and Daily Mail readers!? (splutter … out … my … pinch … of … salt … words) All in white suits on white chargers, of course.

More to add later


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