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20th March, 2007

Well, we still don’t quite know really, what Mr Brown will do about Iraq if he becomes Prime Minister. After today’s Financial Times interview, he must have some idea. But, well, there you are then. You’ll just have to wait and see – and he’ll tell us when he feels like it. I just hope that for reasons of world peace, we won’t rue the day when we got rid of Tony Blair. At least he had his hand on the pulse, and we ALL knew where he stood.

26th February, 2007

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7th October, 2006

On the same day that the Americans seem to be thinking of altering in a big way, their approach to the Iraq war, the Chancellor has announced that we need to tackle the Iraq question in a different way – “to win hearts and minds”. Well, fancy that, Gordon! Wonder if anyone else came to that conclusion, on the same day as our friends across the pond?

Shouldn’t criticize. Nice to see a policy coming from your direction, anyway. I was beginning to think you were like Dave, a policy-free zone.

Meanwhile, the PM gets on with the business of running the country, meeting Condaleeza Rice to discuss Iran and preparing for the Northern Ireland get-together next week. And to think all of this possible fortunate fallout might have been yours, Gordon, if only you’d managed to shift whatsisname BEFORE THAT SPEECH.

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