Honest to Gord! I don’t do Spin or Populism …

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And there we were thinking we had something different. Though why we’d want something different is beyond me!

The Spin


The PM Elect is pictured all over the shop surrounded by a bevvie of beautiful young things – all smiles and New, New Labour. The “Brownites” no doubt (why does that conjure up unappealing thoughts?)

The Populism

Sending his “moral support” to the family of the poor little child missing in Portugal is clear unadulterated populism. If he was asked for his support, of course that is different, but if his press luvvies thought they’d just ring up the newspapers and offer it – well, makes Blair’s former press man Alastair Campbell look like a trainee.

Every week 10 children die or are seriously injured on our roads. Has Brown been in touch with THEIR parents across the airwaves? No? I didn’t think so.


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