Carole, Anji, Cherie & Tony

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28th April, 2008

24th May – UPDATE TO THIS POST: I have some information including a link to the full transcript from the Australian radio interview of the international conman Peter Foster here (scroll to the end of that post.)  Y’know the one where he says “Blair was the daddy”.” (Admit it, that’s why this post is suddenly popular again.)


A propos the Lord Levy Daily Mail extracts, see my extracts and comment here, I decided to place this little titbit on its own page, since it’s mainly frivolity and little do with REAL politics.

Lord Levy: ‘I warned Tony Blair about long massages with Carole Caplin’ – He went bright red.

Now, if he’d gone white, I might be suspicious. But ‘red’? Sweet.

The attractive masseuse

To the handsome Prime Minister

Who loved and relied on women, such as platonic friend & colleague, Anji Hunter.

But especially, on the REAL love of his life,


They’ve always seemed to me the closest of married couples. I used to watch her at party conferences as her eyes filled with tears of pride when he spoke. And she of all people must have known what he was going to say. And I found myself getting highly irritated at the abuse she got from the press, despite her being a highly capable and experienced human rights barrister and charity worker in her own right.

They have a lovely, close-knit family, and when they had a fourth child, in their late forties, I thought, “Great! Show the ba****ds what you’re made of. Love & stuff.” That’ll throw the press. Many of them don’t know what love is.

So, whether or not Carole was “in love” with Tony, or Tony had become too dependent on Anji for guidance and comfort in their platonic friendship, I’m as convinced as anyone can be that Tony & Cherie Blair are well suited and happy in their long marriage. And probably still deeply “in love”.

I wish them many more happy years together.

Just in case they ever require another masseur can I suggest this:

ADVERT: Masseur required: Preferably male, heterosexual, or (at a push) fat, ugly masseuse. No conversation, knowledge of politics, or much intellectual input required. Please reply, with photo, at first and last instance to Mrs C. Booth-Blair.

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