Diana’s Death – Video, Tony Blair, 31st August 1997



7th April, 2008

I haven’t really been following this expensive and probably unnecessary inquest, but today the verdict on the lengthy hearing is that Princess Diana & Dodi Al Fayed were illegally killed by the actions of their drunk driver and the pursuing paparazzi.

There was no conspiracy.

Death of Diana, Princess of Wales, Sunday 31 August 1997

On the day Princess Diana died, Tony Blair, who had been Prime Minister for less than three months, made this emotional announcement outside church in his constituency.

“She was the people’s princess”

Transcript of the Prime Minister’s speech, Sunday 31 August 1997

“I am utterly devastated. The whole of our country, all of us, will be in a state of shock and mourning. Diana was a wonderful, warm and compassionate person who people, not just in Britain, but throughout the world, loved and will mourn as a friend. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family, in particular with her two sons, and with all of the families bereaved in this quite appalling tragedy.

I feel like everyone else in this country today – utterly devastated. Our thoughts and prayers are with Princess Diana’s family – in particular her two sons, two boys – our hearts go out to them. We are today a nation, in Britain, in a state of shock, in mourning, in grief that is so deeply painful for us.

She was a wonderful and warm human being. Though her own life was often sadly touched by tragedy, she touched the lives of so many others in Britain – throughout the world – with joy and with comfort. How many times shall we remember her, in how many different ways, with the sick, the dying, with children, with the needy, when, with just a look or a gesture that spoke so much more than words, she would reveal to all of us the depth of her compassion and her humanity. How difficult things were for her from time to time, surely we can only guess at – but the people everywhere, not just here in Britain but everywhere, they kept faith with Princess Diana, they liked her, they loved her, they regarded her as one of the people. She was the people’s princess and that’s how she will stay, how she will remain in our hearts and in our memories forever.

She seemed full of happiness, full of life, she was great fun to be with and she was an unusual but a really warm character and personality and I will remember her personally with very great affection. I think the whole country will remember her with the deepest affection and love and that is why our grief is so deep today. Thank you.”

I included the most famous part of the above Blair speech in my ‘Tony Blair Words, 1’ video. Click the video below. It’s only just over a minute from the start.

“Memorial Service – Princess Diana – Blair’s reading from 1st Corinthians and Elton John singing, “Goodbye England’s Rose” – (Candle In The Wind)

“Elton John at Princess Diana Memorial Service – “Goodbye England’s Rose” – (Candle In The Wind)

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