‘FREE Speech’ or Libellous Defamation?

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    17th January, 2009


    I mean to add links here from time to time when I spot what I consider abusive or libellous websites and comment. The reason is not just to point out that some keyboard thumpers are revolting – though they are – but to ask if “free speech” really DOES permit us to try to destroy others by defamation with all the free speech rights we complain the “others” have destroyed.

    Because we THINK other people are ‘evil’, ‘criminal’, ‘psychopath’, ‘right hand of Satan’, ‘violent’ etc – does that give us the right to proclaim so, as if it is proven fact, with no danger of breaking any law? Of course it’s PC gone mad.  But is it time to claw back some civilised, more humble and less destructive behaviour from individuals whose brains have already been filtered through the media muck?

    For instance, this idiot here:


    Referring to Tony Blair as – “born evil”


    “Blair just oozes sleaze out of every pore, lies drip from his tongue like honey from a beehive, and violence proceeds from his hands Jack the Ripper (another member of Blairs tribe). You have to wonder if after watching this criminal clown, or ‘joker’ in action, if is related to Jack the Ripper, and Im quite serious by that. Sadistic criminal Tony Blair. The Henchman of the Royals, and the right hand of Satan. Let me know if you think I am missing anything on this psychopath and abortion of a human being. What did Jesus say about the devil, ‘you were a liar and a murder from the beginning’. That is Tony Blair, he was born evil. An evil man for evil times. Poor England.”

    I replied to this fool thus – (copied here, in case he doesn’t publish it):

    “You were born STUPID!

    What an abusive idiot.”

    I repeat the man’s an idiot. But not, perhaps, too stupid to be called to account for this abuse. His ‘Zionist Fascists‘ post provides another hint as to his extremist views. Such people are dangerous. He would probably escape charges of libel as he is evidently insane.

    And another:


    Here the idea is being propagated – not for the first time – that Tony Blair personally killed Robin Cook. Or at the very least had him murdered.

    This has got to be libellous.


    From the day he left office he was accused of being a war criminal. No trial, no arrest – just the certain statement. Tried by the media and found guilty by the brainwashed and ignorant..


    This too is libellous, in my humble opinion.

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    4 Responses to “‘FREE Speech’ or Libellous Defamation?”

    1. Quietzapple Says:

      The idea that TB killed or had killed Robin Cook is not libelous, it is clinically insane, as is much else you mention.

      Libels can only be issued by the mentally competent.

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:


        Pity we don’t have to pass such a sanity test to write on the internet. Although some might say that would rule ME out.


    2. Quietzapple Says:

      Noooo Blair Friend, you are just a tad over Blair friendly perhaps . . .

    3. keeptonyblairforpm Says:

      Come on QZ,

      Are you questioning my moral rectitude or something?


      I know I can’t join you in the Brown fan club, but I DO think the “seeming” hatred of Blair in this country is very wrong.

      I still think he was probably the best thing that’s happened to politics in this country for decades, even if I was slow to notice it at the time.

      If I’m wrong and proved to be wrong, I’ll admit it. Will you do the same about Brown?

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