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10th April, 2009: I have now altered the default home page so that the first post you will see on clicking this blog is the latest post rather than the original first Home page. The original first page can still be found here: Dear British Voter

15th September, 2007

It’s been exactly a year since I first got a bee in my bonnet about the Labour party’s treatment of our then Prime Minister. See this, the first post. I’m tempted to say “goodnight, and goodbye”, but I doubt if I can completely wean myself off it just yet. You’ll probably notice fewer contributions as time goes on. I am not going to have much to report about Mr Blair in his new post as Mid-East Envoy, as it isn’t something he’s going to talk about for obvious reasons. And I’m not REALLY interested in the rest of them in British politics. Still, you’re not getting rid of me THAT easily; I don’t think so anyway. Thank you to all of my thousands of readers from ALL over the world. Not quite hundreds of thousands, but still many more than I thought I’d get.  And in particular, thanks to those who took the time to comment. We may have lost this battle, but as far as the war is concerned … well, that’s another story.

A picture I found at this site. Bearing the Iraq flag as well as our own, and from a grateful Iraqi, this kind of sentiment should have been and still should be uttered more frequently towards our great former prime minister, rather than the usual insults.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

13th November, 2007

Watch my latest video – More Tony Blair Words (part 2) – the follow-up to ‘Tony Blair – Everlasting Words’, as below.

Not quite sure why Gordon Brown looks so panic-stricken on the question of the “relationship between faith & state” (at around 3 minutes). He didn’t need to prompt Mr Blair as to how to handle this; it’s water off a duck’s back to the former PM. This is probably my favourite part of this last PMQs clip, and just ONE of the reasons we already miss Blair in the weekly jousts in the Commons.

No, my favourite part is the contribution by Alan Williams, the Father of the House:

“He is the most politically successful prime minister this party has ever had”.

So right, Mr Williams. And your party should NEVER have forgotten that.

1st November, 2007

(The day we MIGHT have had an election!)

I’ve uploaded another video to YouTube


Click here to see it on YouTube site


aptopix_mideast_israel_bethlehem-palestinians_policeweaponsep6th2007.jpgaptopix_mideast_israel_bethlehem-palestinians_policeweaponsep6th2007.jpg‘IMPOSSIBLE DREAM’ as International Middle East Peace Envoy



(or something like that!)

Click here to see it on YouTube site

How many prime ministers a few weeks out of office have had two musicals running about them? You got it. None. They haven’t even done Maggie The Musical as far as I can recall. But then again she wasn’t quite the ‘tragic hero’, like our boy. Although, come to think of it, she too was stabbed in the back by her own.

“Tony Blair – The Musical” & “Tony! The Blair Musical”

Hmm…mm! Somewhat confusing. I’ve got a really good suggestion for the next two –

How’s about “Blair, the Musical Tony” and “Tony, The Musical Blair”.

So don’t wonder why he’s The Real Thing for theatrical art! It’s obvious – he’s just the real thing.

Consummate communicator, emotion (or not) for every occasion, daring, driven, one-of-a-kind. And now, political history before his time, so fitted to the role of tragic hero writ large.


Stabbed in the back, front and everywhere else by those who owe him everything – Macbeth Shakespeare style, or as the all-powerful, but sadly mortal Caesar in the most famous political tragedy. And as the Greek democrat undone by democracy, where his libertarian instincts and actions meant that he must be done away with in order that the essential elements of his instincts and actions should survive.

I suppose they didn’t have a phrase for “ar** backwards” in Ancient Greece!

Misunderstood and at times misunderstanding; liable to overstretch himself due to self-delusion and over-confidence. The flawed hero? All these things and more – that’s Blair, The Tony Musical.

And apart from that – he’s GOOD. Bl***y good. Star quality in abundance. He knows it but more importantly, so do we. And so the scribblers have scribbled, and all the world’s a stage for Tony. Interesting.

In the absence of the real thing, and still suffering withdrawal symptoms, I’ll make a page in the next couple of days looking at both Blair shows at the Edinburgh Festival. Haven’t seen either show yet, but I’ll tap out a page soon and if I do get up to Edinburgh I promise I’ll write a review or two, too.

And it’s all happening in Edinburgh – where he was born and went to school.

Art is stranger than life, or vice-versa.


1. Click here for reviews of “Tony Blair – The Musical”

“Tony Blair – The Musical” is at The Gilded Balloon, Edinburgh.

The TBTM company, whose video is above, also have their own blog here

The other TB musical, “Tony! The Blair Musical” is at C, Chamber Street, Edinburgh.

2. Click here for reviews of “Tony! the Blair Musical”

Both run until 27th August, but I understand tickets are hard to come by. For more information on both Edinburgh Festival Blair musicals click here.

Click for The Edinburgh Fringe website to enquire about ticket availability.


13th August, 2007

Interesting stuff on the BBC ‘ON THIS DAY’ site

Omagh, Northern Ireland

“At least 27 people are feared dead in the worst paramilitary bombing since the start of the Northern Ireland conflict three decades ago.”

Thank goodness that dreadful conflict seems at last to have been resolved. I won’t mention who has been central to this.

Also, I don’t know why THIS is of interest, but ON THIS DAY in 1057, 950 years ago, Macbeth, King of Scots, was killed in a battle by Malcolm, the eldest son of King Duncan, whom Macbeth had slain.

Amazing how some stories live on. Where’s today’s Shakespeare?

25th July, 2007

For updates on the Middle East envoy’s progress, please go to the Envoy’s Progress post.

This article from the Arab News highlights the problems he will have persuading some Palestinians that he is an honest broker.

[Picture: 17th July, 2007, Mr Blair meets EU leaders for discussions regarding his new post as Middle East envoy]


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NOTE: 15th July, 2007: I’m not a stirrer, honestly, but I was intrigued by these two revelations:

  1. It “rankles” with our former great prime minister that he has “been pushed out” (of office). Warm words have to be exchanged in order to keep Labour together, but his party are lucky that he can keep any festering feelings under wraps.
  2. He does NOT accept that it was ‘Iraq or Bush’ that “did it for him”. Nor do I, Mr Blair, nor do I.

Read my report on his thoughts here

Thank you for visiting – Keep Tony Blair For PM

TB multiculturalism speech dec 2006

27th June, 2007


If you want to view the whole of Tony Blair’s last PMQs – including the unheard of standing ovation, please click here

Please note: Yes, I am aware the battle is lost, but since traffic has more than quadrupled today on the “change” of PMs I expect to keep the site going for a bit if only to allow people to access some of the content. Please note that this will NOT be the place to update you on Mr Brown. I may continue for a short time to add more about Mr Blair’s future tasks in the Middle East.

If you have found this site after an internet search please look through the list of pages below or on the right. I have tried to put together as much as possible of the Story of Tony Blair’s Ten Years as PM (and a little prior), including videos, audios, pictures & transcripts. This aims to try to balance in a small way the judgemental press and prejudiced and half-informed blogging world whose search is mainly for the ‘bad’.

Click here to read about commenting, and to comment
My thanks to a reader for THIS kind comment

20th June, 2007

View Tony Blair Videos – I’ve even made one myself now. Modest start.

I’m feeling flattered. On its website ‘The Economist’ has placed a link here. See their article on the Prime Minister. This publication has been one of the few outlets which, to put it in the vernacular, has “got it” about Tony Blair. Not that I agree with their every analysis; but then I never expected to.

Thank you for the link.

WHY THIS BLOG? tonyblairannouncesleavein1yr6sep06.jpg

This blog has been set up with the sole purpose of supporting the Prime Minister, Tony Blair. I was moved to do this after the disgraceful “coup” attempt in the summer of 2006. I seem to be in a minority of online bloggers, but I actually DO believe that this prime minister is worthy of our support, in the same way that he has worked to support us over the last ten years. Until Mr Blair has left the British political scene or until I am convinced that he is truly as evil and/or manipulative as 90% of bloggers seem to have concluded, I’ll defend him. If that makes me sound deluded or naive, well … so be it.


Read news reports at the time of the Munificent Seven’s (or Seventeen’s) masterful piece of (self) destruction! What I want to know is this; where were all the hundreds of other MPs and thousands of party members who should have leapt to his support? This was the man who had resurrected their party and broken all, yes ALL records in its electoral history.

Tony Blair 7 Sep 2006 Tech College London

[Pic: Tony Blair on the day he announced that he would stand down within a year]

I was, and still am disgusted at their treatment of the Prime Minister. The backstabbers were hardly chastised, and in some quarters hailed as heroes. And Gordon Brown, as often before, was the Invisible Chancellor in the hour of need, hardly intervening to defend Blair. Tony Blair seems much more willing to forgive than I am ever likely to be.

BBC written report on coup effort, 5th September 2006

BBC video report on Blair’s leaving date

David Miliband’s radio interview on the Today programme regarding PM’s departure date. “PM is not driven by his own ego.”

Please Read This Note On Comments:

I am no longer at the stage of accepting critical comment on the Prime Minister, and I no longer apologise for that.The ‘liberal intelligentsia press’ (LIPpies), continue to provide us with an over-abundance of such – you know where to find it.The acceptance by the semi-detached British public of this lack of balanced reporting and the political press’s general refusal to see the wider picture is, alongside his own party’s connivance, the reason the Prime Minister has been forced from office. However we, the Labour party and he would like to paint it, that is what has been happening.He has been forced from office at the time when we need him most. It won’t go down in history as such, as he has chosen the actual date. Pity it’s the wrong year.Melanie Phillips, although as I understand it quite to the political right, and I would not say I belong there in any measurable or philosophical way, has been fighting a bit of a lonely battle too.She has taken on board the debate on terrorism and the War against the West.A “war” that is dismissed flippantly by the majority of the press and political watchers.It is well worth subscribing to her site if you’d like to keep up with the other side of the argument.You won’t read it in editorial pages of The Independent, that’s for sure.She says:

“In the light of this, John Bolton’s second significant contribution was his revelation that Foreign Office officials worked to undermine Tony Blair’s pro-American policies at the United Nations because they had been ‘infected’ by French and German views.

Mr Bolton, who has been criticised privately by British diplomats as an abrasive unilateralist who showed contempt for the UN, singled out Jeremy Greenstock, the British ambassador to the UN in the run-up to the Iraq invasion, and his successor Sir Emyr Jones Parry, who is still in the post.

‘Greenstock was a lot of the problem,’ he said.

‘British diplomats’, Mr Bolton continued, were ‘vehemently opposed to much of what Mr Blair wanted to do. On Iraq in particular, they didn’t like it.’ It reflected the increasingly Eurocentric view of the Foreign Office, where they’re just not as Atlanticist as they used to be. This is probably the biggest split between the Foreign Office and the British people as a whole, who remain basically at least somewhat Eurosceptic.

Given the virulent opposition of large sections of the British establishment and intelligentsia towards America and the war in Iraq — much of which is the product of rather deeper and even more obnoxious attitudes than rampant EUphilia, which is itself as much the result of those attitudes as their cause – such reported disloyalty within King Charles Street is not surprising.

But it reveals Blair’s unwavering support for Bush and the war to be an even more lonely and admirable position than has been acknowledged.”

I’m not sure if I trust Bolton’s analysis of Greenstock (see more here) any more than Blair haters should distrust Blair on someone else’s say-so.

But the reference to the Foreign Office attitude towards the EU and the USA might have been influential. In our prime minister we have a man who sees the need to be close to both. The responsibilities of power are many and complex.

[Note from me – thinking back to Tony Blair’s – retirement speech:]

“I did what I thought was right.”

Mr Blair, I BELIEVE YOU. The pertinent question for some became whether you THOUGHT RIGHT or wrong.

The fact that the Prime Minister felt compelled to ask us to trust that his motives for that decision were NOT ulterior, still saddens me greatly.

I gave up politics some time ago when I realised I had ceased to trust the people ;0(

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

[Hamlet, William Shakespeare]

So to commenters – if yours is an ‘anti’ comment, forget it! The antis, in various guises, wallowing in their self-indulgent, half-informed opinion, have already done their worst.

I’d just like to thank a recent commenter at this page for his kind words. I’ve been doing this little job here, completely off my own bat, and under no influence from anyone else, because I believe that Tony Blair has been badly treated and that he has been a great prime minister and ambassador for our country. But I’ve felt, some of the time, like the proverbial voice in the wilderness.Therefore, I appreciated this comment:

Stan Rosenthal said on May 8th, 2007:

“I do not think the Blair era should pass without paying homage to those who have stood by him despite the vilification of lesser mortals. Prime amongst these has been this blogsite. I’m not sure whether other visitors to the site appreciate the courage, professionalism, dedication and effort that has obviously gone into maintaining (against enormous odds) an on-going defence of one of our greatest Prime Ministers but I certainly do. Well done whoever is responsible. It is guys like you that make the whole political thing worthwhile.”

Thank you, Mr Rosenthal.

Here is a link to Mr Rosenthal’s “Progressive” site articles

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227 Responses to “Ref Home Page (of historical interest)”

  1. kev Says:

    Personally, I think Tony Blair should be stoned live on Channel 4, by the next winner of celebrity Big Brother. Hopefully the public would pick a winner with a strong throwing arm. KAPOW! Right between the eyes! It would be natural justice for all the people who were against the war and those who have lost loved ones.

  2. Goodfairy Says:

    Hey! How did you do that. Cool!

    Mind you, I would still like to see Blair strung up.

  3. keeptonyblairforpm Says:

    Hello Goodfairy,

    Glad to see you over here from the Cif pages. I take it from your comment here and on the Guardian page that you are impressed, bemused or perhaps irritated by this blog ;0) Please don’t send all the hangers-and-floggers over. I’ll only delete them!

    On Losing His Mind, by Richard Dawkins: (Ref your favourite subject – nice Mr Hussein).

    You said –
    Comment No. 364612
    January 5 2:59

    Hmmmm. Did you see what Blair-supporter did? Check that link!

    I’m publishing your ‘polite’ little comment here though I usually delete such murderous rantings to the Galloway not-for-recycling-junk-only folder. Might change my mind later though. Did you understand this bit on Dawkins page btw?

    “… Tch..tch… [Goodfairy] yours has got to be one of those See-I-Effers whose amygdala and neocortex are definitely detached!”

    Perhaps I should give you a clue – it has something to do with your emotional intelligence reacting illogically when your thinking brain (?) feels under threat. Whose minds are lost these days on Cif pages?

  4. Goodfairy Says:

    So, are you, or are you not threatening me? Don’t be shy!

    Hey! maybe YOUR amygdala and neocortex got just a tiny bit detached, eh?

  5. keeptonyblairforpm Says:

    Not yet Goodfairy. But if you keep up your evident references to a nasty physical ending for the prime minister, I just might report you to the Cif pages. Do you realise how ridiculous you look with your constant stuff about it?

    Btw, I’ve been to a few pantos in my time, apart from the big ones at the Cif pages, and the Goodfairy invariably waves her magic wand and forgives even the “evil emperor”. Looks like you should rename yourself “wickedwitchofthewest”.

  6. Goodfairy Says:

    Message waiting………….on CiF.

    Btw, I only make a reference to my preferred option for Blair’s demise (after a fair trial in Iraq, natch) HERE, not on Cif. Well, at least as fair as the one he gave Saddam. (I’ve summarised it all for you).

    Like Blair I oppose Capital Punishment in principle but like him I’d accept the right of the victims of War Crimes to implement their own prescriptions. Which apparently in countries occupied by the UK involves taunting the condemned man.

    I’m at a loss what you intend to report to “CiF” because on CiF I have been discussing only what will happen to him AFTER he dies and reaches his appointed destination! Boiling tar and all that.

    Unless you reckon he will never die? Maybe rise again? Religious nutters will believe almost anything as we know!

    Regards to all at MI5.

  7. keeptonyblairforpm Says:


    I’ve replied to your comments at Cif.

    You continue to damn yourself. A “fair trial in Iraq”? Why? Has Blair taken out citizenship there? Who would try him? Not the Iraqi government and courts (who are grateful for his help)? Who then? You are plainly after the taunting of the PM before he meets a sticky end, here as on your See-I-Effer posts. Do you get off on this as well as other things you keep on about? You also said, “Like Blair I oppose Capital Punishment in principle but like him I’d accept the right of the victims of War Crimes to implement their own prescriptions. Which apparently in countries occupied by the UK involves taunting the condemned man. ”

    So you seem to conclude that you and Mr Blair accept the rights of the victims of war crimes etc… By that, in your logic, you conclude that deaths in Iraq are all caused by the coalition, nothing to do with insurgents, so Blair and Bush killed or ordered those resultant deaths (by insurgents) personally? ARE YOU MAD?

    And if you are against the death penalty why does this not apply to our Prime Minister? Or do you choose who you want to die based on some other criteria? Not Saddam or his ilk, but Blair? Politically and psychologically you make no sense.

    As to “religious nutters”. Well, let’s put it this way, we don’t all share the same (or any) religious beliefs. That does not give us the right to call those who do “nutters”. Grow up, Goodfairy.

  8. yucca Says:

    keep him!

  9. tony jarrett Says:

    As he is going best he goes soonish, so Brown can get some service in before an election. Less than 3 years and he will have trouble pointing to things which he has instigated and followed through, over 2 years and people will expect such achievements and there will not be much. Simplistic I dare say, but it feels right, and I bet it works too!

    Best wishes,


  10. keeptonyblairforpm Says:

    Well, Tony, that’s one point of view. And the way things are at the moment, who knows? I just think after all your namesake’s done he should be permitted to get his ten years in. I am also not convinced that Brown is going to lift Labour’s hopes in the way that some think, partly because of the possible “mess” if the ScotNats do well in May. With Brown’s Scottishness, well there could well be some pull of allegiances.

    Thanks for your comment.

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