When the going gets tough ….

10 April, 2007


He’s still here, despite everything. I found this Time article concerning the PM’s appearance at the CBI meeting in February, 2007.  Good article.



[Pic: Prime Minister Tony Blair addresses a productivity public services summit hosted by the CBI in London]

18 October, 2006

At Prime Minister’s Questions today in the House, Tony Blair stuck to his guns, to coin a pertinent phrase, over his policy on Iraq. Despite the James Baker Iraq review in the USA and a lot of cold feet around the American President, our Prime Minister is so far showing no signs of weakening in his resolve to “stay the course”.

His argument to questions from the opposition parties was simple. Whether or not you agree with the strategy of being in Iraq in the first place, getting out at this stage is not an option he will take. Leaving before control has been fully transferred to the democratically elected Iraqi government would hand Iraq’s new democracy to sectarian insurgents, give comfort to our enemies all around the world and cause great concern to our allies. There are twenty-six countries under the UN mandate in Iraq, not just us and the Americans. If we were to leave at this stage and other allies followed suit, the PM believes that after the inevitable ensuing civil war, a breeding ground for terrorists with scores to settle all around the world would rise phoenix-like from the ashes.

He took us there in the first place to try to quell such a breeding ground. Would we expect anything less of a British premier than to stay the course?

And of course we will hear criticism from Blair’s detractors now that the Intelligence services think that this is the country most under threat from Al Qaeda. As usual it will be all Blair’s fault and we’d better run away a bit faster. Somehow I’m not expecting the PM to concur with that. He has more political nous, charisma and presence in the knife wounds in his back than the rest of his cabinet, or party even, put together.


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