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EU Commission President Tony Blair?

May 27, 2014

27th May 2014

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El Presidente Blair?

Not that I’m holding my breath or feeling TOO expectant as to the likelihood of the prospect, but just in case, this is to let the usual suspects know they heard it first on my twitter page.


Can this man stop Farage, Ukip et al? More than a few of us think so.

TB _europe_star

Jose Manuel Barroso is about to step down as EU Commission President.  We just felt an “earthquake” across Europe this last weekend. kilroywashere4The multifarious anti-ists regarding the EU project are now no doubt askance with a “why bother?” as this continent searches for a replacement President. Our UKIP MEPs in Britain are probably too busy to notice. They are in full attack mode. Their strategy? To get in there, wreck the joint and leave a note saying “Kilroy Farage was here”.

After the car crash of anti-EU-ism at the weekend and this “Third Man” mention from Christian Thams on twitter

Schulz says me or Juncker as EU Commission President, not a third candidate. Rumours in Berlin say Merkel looks for ‘Third Man’

… I felt it was time to write something.

Like a lot of us, I spent much of the “count” night watching in puzzled bemusement. I thought Mr Thams’ tweet timely, and tweeted my own thoughts on it. My tweet went virtually unnoticed. It got 1 RT from and I faved it for future reference:

I had actually pre-empted that thought in a reply to Harry Vaughan’s tweet, at 1:18am –


And I pointed up the thought again in a reply to Dennis, with the Farage/Blair video link at 2:41am –



Now, as I write, the rumours are getting warmer still. EU Presidents, Prime Ministers, Chancellor Merkel et al are chewing the cud at Brussels tonight. With the realisation that France’s position after the EU elections’ euro scepticism is even more threatening to EU unity, perhaps to its very future, than is Britain’s UKIPism, the time may well have come for Ms Merkel to turn to the man she reportedly derided as “Mr Flash” last time an EU (Council) Presidency post was up for grabs.  Word is that she has thrown her support behind Jean-Claude Juncker, the recently defeated Luxembourg prime minister. He too was mooted as a contender in the 2009 EU Council Presidency race.

From Dave Keating at 4:52pm, today, 27th May –



The complexities of the in-house limited voting for the Commission President and the Commission members themselves will not ease the pain or anger of those who insist there is no TRUE democratic accountability or choice for us mere voters. The principle, as from Treaty of Lisbon days, is that the group of parties with most electoral support has preference for its nominated candidate. However there have been anti-EU votes from ALL sides, left to right. A certain third way Blairite, the original, could span this breadth with comparative ease and incomparable political nous and productive diplomacy. We should remember that across Europe there are more senior politicians in the Blair mould than ever before, notably France’s beleaguered President Francois Hollande and Italy’s ambitious and new self-declared Blairite Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. Such individuals will throw their thoughts into the ring.

Tony Blair has been all over the media today here at home. From BBC Radio 4’s Today (listen here) to BBC’s News 24 (here) to Huffington Post (here). There is no doubt his profile is presently on the rise. That may not be due simply to post-election questions hanging over the leadership Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg and David Cameron.

There is little doubt that should a referendum under a future Tory government as promised by David Cameron result in an “OUT” vote, the rest of the EU would be up the creek without a paddle. Whether we Brits like it or not the UK is one of the three main countries in the Union. Angela Merkel will know this better than anyone, as she watches France’s keenness on “the project” falter even under a socialist leader like Hollande.

EU Commission


The election of EU Commission & President at a glance [click here]


(by qualified majority)
The candidate negotiates with Parliament’s political groups to get backing from a majority of members
ELECTION OF THE COMMISSION PRESIDENT BY THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT by a majority of its component members (at least 376)


Clearly nothing will be decided over the foie gras tonight. Today’s statement on the Commission President Election at the European Parliament website at 1:19m said:

The candidate of the largest Group Mr. Jean Claude Juncker will be the first to attempt to form the required majority.


From – British Influence, The Campaign to Keep Britain in the EU comes this (uploaded yesterday. No mention of Tony Blair)

Neither of the current frontrunners for the Presidency – the centre-right’s Jean-Claude Juncker and the centre-left’s Martin Schulz – is inspiring. One or other of these so-called Spitzenkandidats might be fine if the EU needed the status quo. They might be OK if the EU needed another integration drive, as both are federalists. But neither is suited to the task of decentralising power and boosting competitiveness.

This group will surely recognise which inspiring European (and world statesman) IS suited to decentralising power and to boosting competitiveness.

Only time will tell if those with the power to decide on the incumbent for the next 5 years of this important position act wisely. Europe – this is not a time to opt for a second MR NOBODY.



For Europe’s future!

You know it makes sense.



‘I’m yEUr man’, friends of Blair say HE says … more or less

October 29, 2009
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    29th October, 2009



    (Peter Nicholls/The Times) Tony Blair is prepared to give up his lucrative commercial interests if the EU job is to his liking

    Times: By Philip Webster, Political Editor, and Tom Baldwin


    Tony Blair will stand for the presidency of the European Union if its leaders agree that the role is a substantial one requiring clout on the world stage, The Times has learnt.

    The former Prime Minister would give up his lucrative commercial interests for a job that would allow him to “make a difference” for Europe, friends say.

    In the clearest indication so far that Mr Blair wants the job, allies acknowledged last night that he would be a “highly interested spectator” as European heads of government meet tonight and tomorrow in Brussels.

    Mr Blair, currently in Washington, was also waiting to learn the outcome of last night’s meeting in Paris between President Sarkozy of France and Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor. Mr Sarkozy was an early backer of a Blair presidency while Ms Merkel is also believed to be comfortable with Mr Blair. However, while Mr Sarkozy believes it should be a powerful role, Ms Merkel is reported to be much less convinced of that.

    Gordon Brown publicly threw his support behind Mr Blair yesterday, saying that the Government would be “very happy” to back him if he entered the race. Officials admitted that Mr Brown would be pushing hard for Mr Blair in informal soundings in Brussels.

    Mr Blair has refrained from throwing his hat into the ring for a job that does not exist until the Lisbon treaty is ratified. But his allies make no secret of his interest in doing it if it is seen as an important role where he could use the leadership and diplomatic skills acquired during a decade of being Prime Minister of Britain.

    A rejection from Paris and Berlin at this stage would kill Mr Blair’s hopes, but with their blessing he could undoubtedly win. Well-placed sources in the British Government put his chances at 50-50. Mr Blair will not run if countries such as Belgium and Luxembourg get their way and the job is seen solely in terms of someone who will permanently chair the Council of Ministers, The Times was told.

    The former Prime Minister’s friends say that he has never “chased” the job and is happy combining business interests and speaking engagements with his work as a Middle East envoy and for his Faith Foundation. Allies said that if he got the job, he would give up his business interests, reported to be a £2.5 million-a-year consultancy with the US investment bank JP Morgan, a £2 million deal to advise the finance firm Zurich and speaking engagements worth £100,000 a time. Reports suggest that he has earned £12 million to £15 million since standing down from government in 2007.

    Opposition to Mr Blair’s candidacy from Conservatives led by William Hague, the Shadow Foreign Secretary, has left the former Prime Minister “utterly bemused”, according to a Cabinet source. Mr Hague told EU ambassadors that choosing Mr Blair would be interpreted as a “hostile act”.

    Several countries are said to be worried about alienating the likely next British government. Others are known to have been irritated by the threatening tone of Mr Hague’s remarks, which follow the decision to sever ties with the European People’s Party and indications that the Tories will try to unpick existing EU treaties.

    Chris Bryant, the Europe Minister, called the Conservatives “unpatriotic” last night for opposing a British president of Europe.

    I left this comment at The Times:

    At last! Great to see one of the few publications with the political nous to see the value in Blair reporting this before the junk papers get hold of it.

    Not that it’ll make much difference to the commenters. They also read the junk mail … er … Mail.

    I can hardly wait to witness the apoplectic fits of some if Mr Blair REALLY goes for it. If he goes for it – it’ll mean he’s guaranteed it. Why should he bother otherwise? This winner has never lost an election which mattered before. Why start now?

    Anyway, I’m proud of him. Very much so.

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    Is Obama waiting for Blair to take the BIG decisions (and the flak)?

    October 3, 2009
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  • BREAKING NEWS: Ireland votes “yes” in Lisbon referendum vote

    See here for a breakdown & thanks to Ireland (in Irish), and a Lisbon Treaty explanation.

    Comment at end

    3rd October, 2009

    DECISION TIME – Is Obama Waiting for Blair to become EU President?


    The President and "The President"? Two heads are better than one.

    This, from American Elephants and at RedState (pasted here) is priceless.

    ‘American Elephants hopes that the administration is delaying making a decision on Afghanistan until Tony Blair becomes the first President of the EU.  The idea being, it’d give the White House moral reinforcement:

    Now we all know Tony Blair has his head on straight about both the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and resolutely so. Is Obama then waiting for Blair’s leadership to give him the political cover to send more troops to Afghanistan?

    Well… it’d be both a good idea and a personally satisfying scenario*, so I think that nobody should count on it happening. After the President’s unforced error yesterday in Copenhagen it’s no longer safe to assume that this administration’s strategic planning abilities are up to even minimum standards. It’s much more likely that the White House simply doesn’t know what to do next. Which does mean that they might seize upon enlisting Blair’s support – but if they do, it’ll probably be out of desperation. Which means that people still won’t be able to assume that any forethought went into the decision.

    Just the way it goes.

    Moe Lane

    PS: “President” of the European Union for an unelected position may not be technically incorrect, but it’s a little eyebrow-raising.  Why didn’t they just call the position “Premier?”

    *Tony Blair was hated by the antiwar Left, you see. They didn’t like being reminded that their loudly-expressed support for freeing the oppressed and saving the doomed turned out to be contingent on whether a Democrat could take credit for it or not. So watching the Usual Suspects swallow their bile on this would provide many of us with many happy hours of innocent amusement.

    Karma.  It’s what’s for dinner.’

    American Elephants links to these two “within weeks” headlines and wonders if they’re linked.

    White  House: Obama to take ‘Next several weeks’ to review strategy

    Tony Blair to head the EU within weeks

    The BREAKING NEWS is that Ireland has definitely ratified the Lisbon Treaty.

    NEXT steps?

    Poland and the Czech Republic.


    It’s only opinion, of course, and perhaps no more than that. But it has the sniff of some truth about it. Mr Obama has shown his hand to friend and foe alike and now dares not upset the Left in America and the western world, not to mention his new-found peace ‘n’ loving friends in the Middle East.

    Mr Blair has taken so much flak for having made the right decisions already that he has little to lose and perhaps a lot to gain.

    There are at least three immediate and pressing issues:

    1. Will we see a peace-deal in Israel/Palestine when and only when Mr Blair is EU President? He has NOT been the decision-maker in his two years as peace envoy. Perhaps it’s time he was.

    2. Will we see the EU under Blair, Sarkozy and Merkel stiffen the White House backbone as to continuing the battle in Afghanistan? The French, German and BRitish governments seem more committed to continuing the battle than some in America right now, notwithstanding the fact that the Europeans’ armed commitment is smaller and their losses too. THAT will have to change.

    3. Will we see a firmer hand held out against Iran’s nuclear ambitions any time soon?

    If this conjecture is accurate in any way, it’s a real kick up the backside for the Obamanites of the British anti-war Left.

    No more than they deserve.

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