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Quick Quote: “Ideas are everywhere, but knowledge is rare.” Thomas Sowell.

UPDATE – 24th April, 2009 – they’re STILL at it! Cif – the gathering place for the world’s losers! Read the article & comments here and ask yourself how many infiltrators/anarchists/anti-west types we need before we actually notice.

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UPDATE, 26th July, 2008


Quentin Letts of the Mail is getting a little uppity because the Guardian Cif-ers are looking forward to Lady Thatcher’s mortal demise.  What did he expect from that crowd?  Sanity?

As I did below in defence of my hero Mr Blair, so does he today in defence of his.

And quite right too. But perhaps we need to analyse what it is in the human psyche that turns presumably ordinary people into rabid death mobs. Helplessness? Hopelessness? Uselessness?

It’s got to be something with a “ness” at the end. Perhaps Loch Ness? Anyone for a ritual dumping of the Cif-ers?

I submitted the comment below to Letts’ page. But since the Mail never seem to want to print anything from me, I thought I’d paste it here too, for the benefit of those who would like to see both outstanding Prime Ministers of this country live to a ripe old age.

My comment at the Mail, submitted 26th July, 2008:

The Little Cif-ers are a bunch of losers. Mostly left-wing socialists and anarchists, they have a blindness about the Iraq & the Israel/Palestinian conflict that is truly mind-boggling.

Of course the fact that they hate Tony Blair as much as they hate Lady Thatcher is the REAL measure of them. Power, even democracy, in all its forms, comes as a threat to them. And meantime, on a recent Pilger website, one of them (he says he’s proud to be a Guardianisto) tells us all how Islam is better for women’s rights than Christianity.

I have a page on this bunch of hangers-and-floggers I wrote some time ago on their rant against Blair.

As for their bile against Lady Thatcher, they should be ashamed of this attack against an elderly lady, whether they like her or not.

But they feel no shame – except towards their own country.

They are the true enemy within. (Well, they and some of our equally repellent press!)

23rd March, 2008


It’s been about five months since I wrote about this crowd. Mainly because I have more positive things to do than argue with the intellectually compromised. I’ve worked it out, though. They have perfected the art of passing round the braincell electronically. It’s already programmed so it doesn’t get worn out and will last indefinitely due to lack of use, in pretty much the way anything lasts if you just stick it in a cupboard in the corner and forget about it.

And so to today’s little contribution to journalistic excellence

“They led us into a disastrous war, yet still they prosper. Why?”

The commenters all sing less than merrily from the same hymn book. Crowd Comfort, I suppose it is. A quick resume:

Blair & Bush were up to no good in Iraq – it wasn’t just incompetence – it was all planned that thousands of people would die as a consequence – and all for oil, land, power etc – and Jonathan Powell is still giving his side of the story – and these war criminals have not been held to account – and they are still respected and commanding money for their memoirs – and several of the fools missed the chance to shoot Blair years ago when they could have – and governments are all corrupt anyway – anarchy’s the best form of government – and we need to start a revolution – and it’s all a big international business/boys’ club thing – and we’ll get them in the Hague one day even if he whom none of them can banish from their braincell might be delivered there in a state of ‘hung/drawn/quartered’-ness after the communal aforementioned Cif-er Braincell gets its hands on him.


You want more of this junk? Really?

I can’t …. really, I can’t. You’ll have to go there yourselves.

Read more of this Liberal Leftie rubbish, if you must…

2nd November, 2007

I’m having fun with another of those all-knowing types on this eminently sensible Martin Kettle Guardian Cif article. Why not go and have a look at the stuff that passes for informed opinion? Biased, pre-judged bigotry, imho. As time passes I am most definitely changing my mind on proportional representation (I used to be a strong advocate). But fancy having this lot’s multiple self-righteousness thrown into the melting pot of every policy debate. My Gawd! Talk about over-cooking!

22nd October, 2007


(A kind commenter on Cif, yes, all right, there ARE some, suggested I edit the next sentence slightly, so I have done. Thank you.)

Oh, my goodness I feel like an abused and bullied wife.

And this is from a Cif page with which I agree! The writer (Mr Kamm, who I hold in high esteem), or another ‘moderator’, evidently must have received complaints about my comment, which sadly I haven’t saved.

I don’t recall ever having been deleted before, so things are looking up!

Although on checking, the moderator here has had quite a heavy hand. A few of us have been obliterated.

Yesterday I did a bit of tapping away and can’t recall exactly what I said at this Cif page, but I’m pretty consistent in my views so I’ll try to provide the gist below. And perhaps Mr Kamm, or the Cif moderator, would kindly e-mail it back to me here, so that I can let others know what you’re not supposed to say on Cif sites.

Wouldn’t want to call for someone’s death or anything! Oh, no, sorry THAT IS permitted. Seems what you can’t say is that Mr Blair is a good guy.

All I can think of is this:

  • I passed judgement on a certain “Berchman’s” whose comment, the first on the page, was succinct and to the point – “B*ll***s”. So I referred to him and his erudicity as ‘Mr Boll***s’. His comment has also been banished to the ether.
  • I criticised Cif as largely a forum for left-wing extremism.
  • I said that Mr Kamm and Mr Blair are right in their warnings over Iran.
  • Many of the commenters are too immature and ill-informed to hold a driver’s licence much less a reasonable opinion on politics’ complexities.
  • Mr Blair is one of the few political leaders who is not afraid to tell us what we don’t want to hear.
  • The peace-loving Blair hangers and floggers want to get a grip of their language.

But there we are then; whatever I said, well it was obviously over the top.

I apologise to no-one.

And by the way, I’m not that bothered about having a comment deleted. In the bigger picture it’s not too painful. I only dwell on it here to point up the fact that there seems to be a widespread acceptance of certain violent comments, (which I have never used.) At least they do publish all political opinions on Cif. Go to The Mail, and if you’re identifiable as a Blair Supporter – forget it! Possibly even as a left or centre supporter – try it and see.

Here is a positive comment on Cif. I hope the commenter doesn’t mind my pasting it here.


Dear Mr Kamm, telling it like it is infuriates those who have a hatred of Mr Blair. They are too busy hating the messenger to be bothered to listen to the views expressed. Many people have similar views, but it seems we have ‘thought police’ on CIF whose intense dislike of Mr Blair prevents them thinking clearly. Its a problem for them, because he will be annoying them for many years to come.


21st October, 2007


Have you ever visited the Guardian’s Comment-Is-Free pages? It’d have to be free. No-one would pay for this stuff!

I used to hang out there for a while defending our man, until I got sick of the peace-loving hangers ‘n’ floggers. You’ll find some of my humble little contributions over the last year or so if you do a search for ‘BlairSupporter’.

But a friend said I should pop back and take a look, if I had a spare hour. So I have, and I tell you I am SO glad it’s still running. We owe it a debt – it keeps many of the idiots off the streets.

I can’t quite decide if they’re mostly anarchists, though it’s clear some are, so they don’t count. Or right-wing extremists. Some are, so they don’t count either. Or yesterday’s lefties, so they might count – you’ll have to ask GB/PM. I think they’re mostly liberals – whatever THAT is!

Anyway, they have trouble putting two and two together so maths isn’t their strong point.

Their constant theme is that Blair is a ‘mass murderer’ and ‘war criminal’ because of Iraq. In other words, because insurgents, Iraqi, Iranian or whatever have attacked the now democratic peoples of Iraq, BLAIR DID IT! And because they don’t understand international law, they think they’ve got Blair, or will have him one day, when they will temporarily shelve their anti-capital punishment principles and draw lots to decide which of them can have the honour of meting out to Blair his just deserts, slowly does it.

Ah, the fools.


I mean, how are we supposed to take these people seriously? They can’t ALL be Islamist terrorists? Surely not. It must just be that the government’s education policy, especially in maths – (oh, and in English too – their writing is normally pretty atrocious) – needs another generation or two to sort them out.

Of course it’s not ALL junk on there. Michael White, for example, is a writer who admires Tony Blair, writes sensible stuff, and therefore usually has few commenters. They can’t argue with reason. And Mr White actually responds to his commenters. The Blair-hating writers generally lack that courtesy.

Go and have a look at this current one – to which I am about to add a few words since one or two of the lost souls say they are missing me. Well, they’re missing me in the same way as they are missing Mr Blair – like a hole in the head. They just like someone to argue with. That’s their raison d’etre. ‘I argue, therefore I am’.

And that’s another thing …

Why are these people so transfixed about doing away with Tony Blair? The first comment that appeared here on my Home Page was from one of them – laughingly called “Goodfairy”. I prefer to call her/him “wicked witch of the west”. S/he was another peace-lover who looked forward movingly to Mr Blair’s demise. Oh no – just noticed – s/he’s still there on this page.

Some of these people are dangerous. It’s bad enough that our authorities ignore Islamist appeals in a London Park in June to “bring back Tony Blair in a box” from the Middle East – “how you do it, is up to you”. (Btw, a Cif commenter also thinks this might be a good move).

In one of the fundamentalist countries which Cif-ers evidently clasp fondly to their hearts (hearts?), they’d be beheaded for ‘inciting violence’ in that way towards a political leader.

They need to move off to such great lands asap, en masse and in a hurry.

In such a land, even in the best of them, women are subjugated, killed off when they dishonour the family, and basically don’t really exist in any way we in the west would recognise as acceptable.

I expect goodfairy and her ilk would be happy there; for the day or two they survive.

Aside: I’m listening to the Radio 4 midnight news as I write and there are two items which just about sums things up. No, not the disappointing rugby result for England in Paris. Nor Anthony Seldon’s book saying that Ed Balls accused GB of cowardice for not forcing Blair’s resignation. (WHAT! – I thought he had! Eventually.)

No, the first item confirms what the Cif-ers seem to think, and the second item confirms what I think.

Though it might just be affordable to do something about the first one – the second problem may not be quite so manageable.

1. ALL CIF-ERS take note – there IS a way out without going to your beloved fundamentalist states.

Mike Oldfield, composer of the 1970’s hit “Tubular Bells” is leaving the country because he says that life in Britain is intolerable because of the smoking ban, CCTV coverage and the Health & Safety culture. So he’s using his millions made from this nasty capitalist country to move off to sunny Spain, where things, it seems, are MUCH better.

Well, you can still smoke in the pubs, I think.

2. Omar Bakri Mohammed, the radical Muslim cleric, who was banned from the UK in August 2005, says from his “luxury lair” in Beirut, Lebanon, that he is desperate to get a two week visa to visit his daughter who is about to have an operation.

Awww … sweet.

He insists he never had anything to do with terrorism while living here, but adds as a point of information, that he “longs to see the flag of Islam flying in Downing Street.”

He said it, not me nor the hated Mr Blair.

You couldn’t make it up.

Thoughtful of him to remind us, don’t you think?

If you don’t fancy Beirut or the environs of other such like minds, why don’t you fly out to Spain while the going’s good? EasyJet do cheap one-way tickets. And you can still tap away on the Cif pages. Internet access is NOT limited in the EU.

Me? I’ll fight them on the beaches.

But don’t say, Cif-ers, that you haven’t been warned.

Another Quick Sowell Quote:

“The most fundamental fact about the ideas of the political left is that they do not work. Therefore we should not be surprised to find the left concentrated in institutions where ideas do not have to work in order to survive.”

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6 Responses to “The Guardian Cif-ers and other such …”

  1. adam Says:

    Excellent blog! and completely true… those left-wingers on CIF should be tried for treason

  2. keeptonyblairforpm Says:

    Hi Adam,

    And thanks for your kind comment. Did you come over here from the Bunglawala article?

    Dreadful stuff, isn’t it? It really makes you wonder. And now Blair isn’t in a position to tell us, unless it’s from the USA! And his successor certainly won’t until after the next election when all the necessary (& ethnic) votes are safely in the bag.

    Mr Cameron? Oh no, not him. He’s at the Tony Blair Year 1 stage.

  3. SEN5241 Says:

    Blimey, didn’t think you really would change it (assumed that was more spin, ha-ha). Sorry if I sounded grouchy, I was rather tired.

    Personally I loathe Tony, but I’ll admit to some grudging respect for your blog and your commitment to him as I used to be a fan myself. I’m afraid my views on him nowadays are rather diametric to yours (to say the least!) but never mind; there’s room enough for all of us.

    Actually, I too have been a victim of the Mods :-O In many ways you were lucky to get it entirely removed. I’ve occasionally had totally innocent lines deleted from a few of my posts that have fundamentally changed the tone of what I was saying. Coming back to a thread to find that’s happened and that now you’re being torn apart for something you weren’t saying is even more of a shock!

    Anyway, farewell!

  4. keeptonyblairforpm Says:

    No spin from this quarter! Thanks for your suggestion – it was a good one.

    Yes, I really MUST stop going over to the Cif pages – testing on my delicate constitution.

    All the best.

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