Peace in Middle East? Views From The Arab World


The Alarab Online site has extensive insight into moderate mainstream Islam’s stand on the issues facing the world today as regards fundamental terrorism (Islamic) and the inter-relations between global powers, democracy and business.

Its comment on the Glasgow airport bombing displays a commendable approach, though it still seems to fail to grasp the complexities of the position taken by Tony Blair during the Israeli bombing of Lebanon in the summer of 2006. Many believe his stance in not pursuing an Israeli cease-fire was the last straw for his continued leadership of the Labour party. This may or may not be correct, but the Alarab Online’s effusive, and largely accurate, praise of Blair’s Britian as a land of freedom of religion and dress-code, virtually unmatched anywhere else in the world, should not be dismissed in the fog of Blair’s stance vis-a-vis the Israeli Lebanon attacks.

Their opinion, shared it seems by many of the British liberal press, that Blair’s stance, had it been the opposite, would have made any real difference, is to utterly misread the complexities of the situation.

Article follows, from this site:

03/07/2007 02:21:47 PM (GMT)

Blind terrorism renews its attack on Britain

By Alarab

Terrorists have renewed their attacks on innocent people in Britain, repeating another evil deed perpetrated since 7/7/2005 by individuals who are not God-fearing and are outcasts of their communities.

Al-Arab adds its voice to the voices which condemned the attack on Glasgow Airport, and holds the view that the aim of the planners and executors of this evil action is to create a breach within the Arab and Islamic communities which enjoy peace and liberty under the British Crown and Her Majesty’s government.

It is our view that those fanatics do not belong to genuine Islam although they allege that they belong to it. For Islam is a religion of tolerance, peaceful dialogue, moderation and preservation of innocent lives.

Islam, certainly is not a backward, barbarian and murderous religion.

It is absolutely necessary to unite all Islamic organizations and leaders of our communities to declare with one voice that these criminals do not belong to us and we do not want or need them.

We all of us, must give up our apathy and should organize campaigns to educate members of our communities to make them understand where their real interests are so that they may defend those interests.

It must be pointed out to them that their feelings of being marginalized and treated unfairly are baseless and should be grown up.

For Britain is almost the only country in the world which guarantees for them freedom of worship and adherence to their traditions, and does not interfere in their choice of clothing or religion. Many of them have left their countries to seek even a small portion of the freedom against which they turned when they found it.

There are three million Muslims in Britain.

All of them enjoy stability and practice the rites of their religion in peace and security.

There are 450 mosques and Islamic organizations practicing their religions and humane duties in a climate of tolerance and peace of mind. But a limited number of them show such ingratitude as would endanger such gains and prompt politicians and security forces to reconsider the situation as if the Muslims do not value freedom and can live only in fear and hot pursuit.

Were it not for the old British traditions of freedom and multicultures; their forbearance under the reign of Queen Elizabeth the second who treats all as her own offspring, the situation for our communities would have been different.

The Muslim communities in Britain in particular and Europe in general regime a special kind of information output, under the patronage of the British government, but conducted by members of these communities and supported by their native countries. The objective should be to present the real depth and tolerance of Islam to our new generations.

Islam considers that killing one person is tantamount to killing all mankind and considers that reviving one soul is equal to reviving all. Islam believes in freedom of worship and forbids compulsion. But myths and ideologies of death and suicide have distorted our tolerant religion.

Therefore its sanctity and veracity must be restored.

The Muslims in Europe and the United States need satellite broadcasts in their own tongues and in English which should built up a proper public opinion among those Muslims which rejects and opposes terrorism threatens their interests and endanger their very existence in te west which cannot bear the stupidities of those terrorists indefinitely regardless of their tolerance and broadmindedness.

We believe that the new British Government under Gordon Brown should adopt measures to pull the carpet from under the feet of those murderers and criminals. The most important step would be re-evaluation of British policies towards the Middle East, particularly towards Iraq and Palestine.

For those policies have provoked hostility towards Britain unnecessarily, during the ten years era of Tony Blair who adheres to American policies, forgetting their ethical obligations and values, and bearing the sins of America especially in Iraq though London ‘s faults were not comparable to American atrocities at Abu Ghraib, Haditha, Baghdad etc…

Britain and also the European Union should take a more positive stance in dealing with the Palestine Issue and should be distinguishable from the American total bias in favor of Israel.

How can Britain, the cradle of modern morality, condone the siege imposed on the Palestinians, to watch them die of starvation or being murdered by the daily cold-blooded Israeli air raids which destroy their homes and hospitals without any deterrence.


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