Innocent – Blair & Colleagues – Honours Inquiry

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19th July, 2007


Whoop – whoopwhoop!

The CPS says that there is no case to answer. No-one will be charged in this shameful case of the pursuit of our GREAT former Prime Minister and his colleagues.

As I have been saying here since the beginning, the inquiry by Yates of the Yard should NEVER have been started or pursued.

We are not talking mass murderers or drug syndicates here, but democratically elected individuals and civilian donors who only wished to help their party. Hardly a hanging offence. Yet an opposition party with a vested interest, some in the police, some in the press and many, many others had long ago passed judgement that we were being governed by a gang of low life.


It was clear from the beginning that Tony Blair and the others under this inquiry have been living under great strain due to this. He was nonetheless staunch in his determination to continue to run the country with his characteristic strong and honest leadership. They were all clear in their protestations of innocence and their expectation of being cleared even if a case had gone to court.

But that does not take away from this fact: MUD STICKS.

Tomorrow we can expect to read all the whitewash nonsense – and many will never be convinced. And in the history books, Tony Blair, who I rate as highly as ANY prime minister in the last century, will go down as having been questioned by the police – not once, not twice but three times. The FIRST prime minister ever to be so questioned.

I expect heads to roll for this.

The SNP and many in the press would have loved to have been able to get our country’s former prime minister behind bars or at least found guilty over this trivia! And if it were two centuries ago, they’d have been knitting round the gallows in leery, self-righteous anticipation of a juicy hanging or three.

As it was, they managed to win the Scottish Parliamentary Elections – possibly due to appealing to enough of the electorate as the ‘honest beacon of truth’ out to down corruption in the highest places.

I await the apologies of Angus MacNeil, MP, to Mr Blair and his colleagues.

Tony Blair is a political superstar – and has suffered badly at OUR hands. As have those of his colleagues under scrutiny. “At our” hands because we did NOT complain. We forgot THEIR human rights.

By the way. I didn’t notice Shami Chakrabarti of Liberty sounding forth about the injustice of it all.  Funny that. Perhaps it’s because she WAS given a title for her human rights work! And by whom? Well, guess who – Mr Blair, right at the end of his premiership, when all her good influences on his behalf would have been of no use.

Hmm …..

  • How many of us did as I did, and wrote a blog putting this case?
  • How many of us wrote to the Police and asked why a minor MP was able to hold the government over a barrel on this?
  • How many of us wrote to the Press Complaints Commission to get the right-wing press off the back of Tony Blair and others?
  • How many of us wrote a letter to Mr Blair and his family offering our support and basic human empathy?

It is shameful that a political party instigated all of this for political reasons.

Updated 28th January, 2007

Now that the PM has been interviewed by the police, though not under caution, the disappointed think they are half way there. Well, maybe. I’m still disgusted with the whole over-reaction. Expected nothing less than this nonsense from his pursuers in the ScotNats, but the Police? Haven’t they got anything better to do?

Blair is Innocent Until and Unless Proven Guilty

(Now back to my earlier stuff)

Tony Blair and the government won the Iraq debate vote. That’s it. Finished. Until such time as the war is over and time and events take their course, we must never again in this parliament be subjected to the spectacle of grown men and women, our parliamentarians, baying for the blood of our democratically elected leader. For this is what they were after, make no mistake, as much as for their stated aim of justice for the people they say “he killed” in Iraq. And for those who say that their purpose was to point up an undemocratic and unaccountable system …. well, so what’s new? Change it next time you get the chance!

The Press and the Chattering Bloggers

Of course the MPs are not the only ones who “know” that the PM is as guilty as hell! There is a widespread attitude in some sections of the press and more particularly within the chattering blog classes (click for the Tim Berners Lee article) where Tony Blair has already been tried and found guilty. All they are awaiting now it would seem is the sentence, and they are not inclined to be merciful.

This must stop! It is a contagion which is spreading to the wider, less politically obsessed public bloodstream. Trust is waning fast and all MPs are tainted. Of course the collapse of trust is nothing new.  Political honeymoons are notoriously short-lived and this is a third term. But the PM has gone from being the darling of the country three years ago to the devil incarnate.

Why? Iraq mainly, but also the continual rantings of the “Iraq unconvinced. ” A new low is being reached by the constant noises-off. It is entirely undemocratic of those with a voice to be heard that they persist in this drip-drip damage to our country’s parliament and system of government. Thus, and as a result, it also gives the lie to the widely held claim of the PM’s detractors that only HE is the source of possibly corrupt actions.

The Fourth Estate is a powerful lobby and should use its power of disseminating information with care and responsibility. As a group they are disparate individuals. However, by their combined efforts they can behave like prosecutor, judge and jury.

There are many blogs and comment sites out there, some more balanced than others. This Guardian article and comment page is running at present and displays a refreshing empathy for the PM than the 75% or so I’ve found recently!

The only likely saving grace for the eventual emergence of truth and justice is the common sense of the public. Interestingly there is only one profession consistently held in lower regard than that of politicians. Journalists.


In our democracy we are all innocent until proven guilty. And unless I’ve missed it, Tony Blair has not been found guilty of anything yet, much less charged.

I am a democrat and not against due discussion and investigation. But this is not the time. The continual sniping and accusations from opposition parties and the online press in particular, must moderate in nature until after the war, even if it is too late to impeach Mr Blair. If an eventual inquiry is thorough and he is found wanting, he will still be sufficiently damaged to satisfy them.

I hope that they will recall these perceived shortcomings in the system of accountability in future election campaigns if they are honestly concerned for democracy and not just for their own narrow agendas. If so, they should put the correction of that democratic deficit at the top of their manifestos. In the past when parties called for that kind of change, notably as regards devolution and proportional representation, the then self-satisfied who benefitted from the system often replied that the public were not crying out for such changes. True. But if it is SO important, then it is TOO important to ignore just because that power may then be in your “safe” hands.

There you are Mr Cameron – a policy! You can explain that the lack of such changes is your defence for going back on your support for the Iraq war in the Iraq debate. You might even get away with it.

“Tories for Constitutional Change”. Has a bit of a ring about it, doesn’t it?


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