PMQs – Prime Minister’s Questions (House of Commons)

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“This (P45) is important to you …”

Yes, I realise there is another PM in the hot seat now. Not MY fault – or as some like to say – not in MY name. There’s a bit about whatsisname down below if you must.

Below you can view past videos of Tony Blair at the weekly Prime Minister’s Questions sessions in the House of Commons through Windows Media Player or Real Player. Most recent PMQs: Go here for links to transcripts of PMQs. [Pic below: Demob happy?]blair_prescott_brown_lastpmqsmiling_27june07.jpgblair_ovation_brown_beckett_lastpmq_27june07.jpg

[Pics – unprecedented standing ovation from cabinet colleagues & all MPs]tonyblair_lastpmqs_ovation_27june07twice.jpg


Go here to read my new page link on this site of the transcript for this meeting.

Or go to the Parliamentary site to view this and other documents. Link to the transcript of the last Liaison Committee Meeting (of Parliamentary Select Committees) on 18th June, 2007.

It seems to be only available to view when the Parliament Channel broadcasts it. So, sorry, can’t provide a visual link. Blair was as effortless as ever – praised at the end for his innovation of this regular grilling at which he speaks without notes or assistance from aides.

Wonder if GB/PM (sorry still find it hard to spit out his full name with ‘PM’ anywhere near it!) … I wonder if he will keep it going – and if he does, how will he compare. Think I know the answer to that.


17th October, 2007

Yes, I know I told you that you’d have to look yourself for Brown’s PMQs, since nobody does it better than Blair, and I just can’t be bothered watching the stammerer (apologies to anyone with the real affliction). Brown’s is caused by nervousness and is a useful delaying tactic while he thinks what to say next without putting his foot in it.

You can find all PMQs at the Downing Street website. But this short excerpt of today’s ‘performance’ – came through to me by e-mail so you can have a quick look if you’re interested.


If I were you I’d be inclined to take my (BlairSupporter’s) comments on Brown’s abilities with a pinch of salt – since I’m not exactly unbiased. But I have only seen this small excerpt so I don’t know how well he handled it in the rest of the 30 minutes. You can take a look at the BBC’s Nick Assinder’s thoughts here. He’s paid to be even-handed.

A quick glance at the body language of the backbenchers told me quite a bit.

11th July, 2007


If you want to see Brown’s PMQs go to Downing Street’s website – I can’t be bothered pasting them here. What!? Do you think I’m a civil servant or something?!




So said Eddie Mair – with the pregnant pause – on PM tonight!  Ahhh – but, Eddie. You don’t do the anticipatory, heavily-laden, can’t wait-to-hear-what-he-really-thinks pause like Tony! You didn’t fool me! I knew GB hadn’t killed TB. More or less hadn’t, that is. Yes, politics is a cruel business, but not THAT bad, surely?

Oh ye wordsmith Mair; should be in politics. All you need to work on is the pregnant bit.


Well, Brown was better than last week – using some of the Blair hand gestures and ripostes to the opposition on THEIR record. And I know that physically he is heavier than Blair so will never be as quick to his feet. That Blair lightness of touch, humour, courteous but pointed reply will always be missing factors. But Brown signalled his wish, as was Blair’s, to extend the 28-day detention period for terrorist suspects. THAT was good. And perhaps he read here last week that he will be unable to do away with Blair’s innovation of naming the war dead; this time he listed them.


But as for Blair’s super-casinos! Are they ‘dead in the water’. Whole lotta fun, this son of the manse, isn’t he? I think one or two people in Manchester might have something to say if he thinks he can just shelve them without reference to the Cabinet OR the people in Manchester who have heavily wasted council tax payers’ money on the plan already.

Oh, and by the way, Mr Brown, and I hate to be picky, but it’s my Scottish education, what the HELL is “preVELence” … as in your phrase, ” looking at the prevalence of gambling problems”?

The word is “prevalence” – “a” in the middle, not “e”. Emphasis on the first syllable – PREvalence. This ‘genius” guy is worrying me; can’t even talk properly. Bring back the Scots born PM (TB) who can REALLY speak English!

Brown’s score? Six out of ten – better than last week’s four out of ten – BUT (and everybody knows that here comes the ‘but’), I still ache for the real thing.


And as for his pre-Queen’s speech summer mini policy do-da thingy – well, if he REALLY does think consultation is the answer, he should remember Blair’s words at Sedgefield, “the trouble is they don’t all agree”. That’s why we elect governments, Mr Brown – for the courage of their convictions, and so THEY can make the decisions. It’d have been more honest to have admitted that this summer statement was for three reasons only:

  1. To wrongfoot Cameron – and get policy out there before he does
  2. To keep momentum going over the summer
  3. To pretend that there is much that is new and different from Blair

4th July, 2007


PLEASE NOTE: Let’s get something clear – I won’t be pasting any links to view Brown’s PMQs here, no matter how many points it’d score against him, let’s be honest. His first effort was just – embarrassing. THIS site is NOT about the UK’s PM per se. Go to the Downing Street website for that. Scroll down to see and read about Blair’s last PMQs.

I could write a crit on Brown’s first session, but ‘Not Blair’ was clearly not Blair, more’s the pity, but I thought I’d mention this:


For the first time since Iraq and Afghanistan there was no mention by the country’s prime minister of those who have recently died in action in those conflicts. Yes, I realise such tributes were an innovation of Blair’s and are not a requirement for Brown. But if GB/PM thinks he can hide away from the government’s Iraq policy by ignoring the deaths he has another think coming. Today a Lib Dem MP mentioned the names of those who had died.

Every week, someone will remind us and him. Have the courage, Mr GB/PM that Blair had. Do not try to hide the facts from us in your new changed open way. It won’t go away just because you ignore it.

Wednesday 27th July, 2007



If you have tears, prepare to shed them now. If you don’t – what are you doing here, then. This is a sad place, or say they tell me.

There is a short clip here where Mr Blair winds up after 10 years by admitting he has ‘never stopped fearing’ PMQs. Emotion almost overcomes him as he mentions that politics is ‘where people stand tall’ and is ‘the place for the pursuit of noble causes’. See the standing ovation. This is NOT the USA, nor an emotional latin land. But staid, mean old Britain saying farewell to an amazing and unique son of parliamentary democracy.

Mr Blair’s final PMQs was as good as it gets. A blend of tones, he left us wanting more. Especially BBC24 watchers, it seems, whose enjoyment was cut off just as Mr Blair said, “… and finally”! Never mind you can see it ALL here.

Only one more Prime Minister Questions to go under Tony Blair

Listen to comment on 13th June, 2007 PMQs and wonder … will you miss him?

Quote from above: Blair: “[Cameron] has the imprint of the last person who sat on him”.

David Cameron asked at 11th Oct PMQs: “Does he back the Chancellor as his successor, yes or no? I do, does he?”

Watch Youtube clip of Prime Minister’s Questions, House of Commons, 11 October 2006. The first PMQ since the “coup” attempt. Cameron asks if PM supports Gordon Brown as next leader. Blair offers to deport the foreign secretary, er, prisoners ;0)

Watch “From Beaconsfield to Baghdad – The Rise of Tony Blair”– Robert Orchard –

pm_liaisoncommittee_18june07.jpg(Picture left) Tony Blair at his last Parliamentary Liaison Committee Meeting – Monday, 18th June 2007

Members and cross-party Chairs of Committees admit the PM is a master at this gathering, which HE started. He speaks without notes and answers questions on every issue thrown at him over a 90 minute period.

Video below – A bit of a cruel one, I suppose, but I couldn’t resist this from March 21st PMQs. Is this how we pick our prime minister? You’re on TV, Gordon. Use a hankie please!

Older PMQs of interest:

  • 25th May, 2005– first PMQs after May 2005 general election – Lab: 356 seats to Con: 197 – 3rd Labour win under Blair.
  • 19th May, 2005 – Tony Blair is hit by a purple substance in the Commons by “Fathers 4 Justice” group. House suspended. View in Real Player

Tony Blair and John Prescott turn towards the demonstrators in the public gallery. A few seconds later a bag hits the Prime Minister on his back, bursts and spills its purple contents in front of the Chancellor.



The Speaker suspends the House. The PM had been inclined to ignore the incident, but others seemed to panic and rushed outside, particularly from the Tory benches in defiance of all conventions. Had this been ricin or another deadly chemical, our politicians would have (inadvertently) spread the contagion to the streets of London. It was in the end harmless coloured flour, but the incident highlighted concerns about the safety of parliamentarians.

  • 27th June, 2001– first PMQs after 7th June general election – Lab: 413 seats to Con: 166 – 2nd Labour win under Blair.

No 10 Downing Street Website

Previous PMQs – No 10’s website

View The Parliament Channel Live

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7 Responses to “PMQs – Prime Minister’s Questions (House of Commons)”

  1. Dave Says:

    Ah I love PMQ’s, great entertainment with Tony Blair knocking back criticism and answering questions magnificantly time after time.

  2. keeptonyblairforpm Says:

    I know. And even if we are accused of sycophancy it’s clear – no-one else will be able to do it like him.

    Simply the best …

  3. J Westerman Says:

    The United Nations, The United States, Russia and the European Union want him as their representative: there must be a problem with a large part of the UK media.

    Tony Blair saw that hostile people in control of the Middle East, before we have alternative power supplies, could put the UK industry onto a one day week whenever is suited them to do so. That is why the Tories also voted for war in Iraq. They later saw it as a weapon for character assassination.

  4. keeptonyblairforpm Says:

    Thanks for that comment,

    Exactly. There IS a problem with much of the British media.

    Politics is more complex than the simple ‘good guy/bad guy’ pictures painted by the ‘feral press’ and even the opposition parties, as you have pointed out here. The press (and other political parties) DO have their own agendas, and are more than happy to use ‘facts’ and /or opinion for their own purposes. At the same time they accuse the decision-makers – those who have been elected IN ORDER to decide – of dirtortion and lying.

    Hypocrisy personified!

    Perhaps if the lights go out in the UK as a result of Russian action or inaction the papers will start to tell a fuller story. In the meantime, the liberal press (a misnomer if ever I saw one!) will only allow themselves to come round to the point where the far-sighted have been for some time – in full cognisance of realpolitik – whn they see the tide of public opinion turning. We can se it happening now with the jihadist terrorist issue. Disgraceful grandstanding from the press.

    And of coure Blair gets no thanks for being ahead of the game.

    If Blair’s speech at his final PMQs didn’t touch some of their consciences, we really ARE in a bad way.


    Any one who believes in him gets to writes here ,surely you must be a political disciple of Tony Blair i am

    • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

      Hi Hezekiel,

      Others can also write here, even if they do not admire Mr Blair. As long as commenters remain civilised in their contributions and do not abuse or just peddle press LIES they can comment here too. Still, I’m always happy to allow comments from such as yourself. Welcome.

  6. lorraine Says:

    You are the dowenfall of the nhs hope you’re proud, one wonders how your child will fair with different agency staff every day, just like all the other service users

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