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Updated 14th October, 2008



Abu Qatada shopping in London with Yasser al-Sirri. Qatada is flouting his bail conditions. Where are the police or security services?

‘Yasser Al-Sirri, a former member of Egypts Islamic Jihad group (…) was convicted in Egypt and sentenced to death in absentia for his part in a 1993 car bomb attack, but has since claimed asylum in Britain. Qatada’ss release from custody was ordered this year on the grounds that deportation to his native Jordan would breach his human rights. But security officials were supposed to have placed him under the strictest possible bail conditions.

Original Story here at The Daily Mail (alright, alright, I know I can’t stand The Mail! Mainly because of its duff Blair coverage. But they are on MY side here.)

‘One of the world’s most dangerous Islamic extremists is free to walk the streets with a convicted terrorist because of a Home Office blunder, it was claimed on Monday night.

Last Saturday, the Daily Mail pictured Abu Qatada  –  dubbed Osama Bin Laden’s ‘ambassador in Europe’  –  walking side by side with a friend who was talking on a mobile phone.

Now it has emerged the friend  –  who was apparently relaying messages from the firebrand cleric  –  is Yasser Al-Sirri, a former member of Egypt’s Islamic Jihad group.’

1st July, 2008

This video on WMDs is well worth watching. Senator John McCain is one of those questioning David Kay, the former UN weapons inspector. Here, he answers questions and discusses Iraq’s nuclear and WMD programs, and determines that Iraq was a gathering threat.

19th April, 2008

It seems that the EU has decided to act on internet incitement to terror videos. Presumably this is the latest instalment following mention of these laws in November, 2007. (see below)

Today this German site reports that …

‘European Union ministers have agreed to tighten existing anti-terror laws by punishing incitement to terrorism through the internet. Justice and interior ministers meeting in Luxembourg said that public provocation to commit terrorist attacks, as well as recruiting and training people for terrorism will be punishable offences throughout the EU. Britain, Spain and Italy already punish public incitement to terrorism. The new measures would also allow EU law-enforcement agencies to demand cooperation from internet providers in order to identify suspects and ensure that offending material is taken off-line. In a separate move, the ministers also agreed on an action plan to prevent terrorist groups from getting explosives.”

That’s a start. Now – when? And how? And who?


6th November, 2007


I have slept on this and have decided to take the video referred to below OFF this page. I know there is an argument that they need to be shown so that we know what we are up against. But it is not difficult to find such junk. Just go here (to: and enter “jihad” into the search engine. The video I refer to will be the first to come up in the list of thousands.

I also notice that the EU is announcing that posting such incitement to terror could become a crime. About time too. Though if this happens there will be squeals from the anti-EU, pro- “freedom” advocates, I have no doubt.


But WHY have we only just heard about the EU moves today? The same day that Brown presents his first Queen’s speech, and the day after the MI5 boss made his statement on terror. The date on THIS Malaysian site is 1st November, NOT today, the 6th which is the first time I have noticed anything in the British news on this. Interesting. Particularly when the EU also says that Britain’s anti-terror laws are TOO weak! And at the BBC site THIS POINT IS NOT mentioned.

You can read the full report here (when I find it … and I will).

Now, next issue. What are they going to do about texting such videos and messages? That is another huge problem as yet untackled. At YouTube you can upload and download your mobile phone videos, as we already know. THAT too is incitement.


I hesitate to post this video here, for reasons that will become apparent, and I will remove it soon. In this video there are shocking scenes of what seems to be the killing of a hostage. Thankfully it is only a few seconds long.

Kids worldwide are watching this junk daily (link removed from my page). The title, if you want to search on YouTube is “Slayer Jihad from Christ Illusion”) . On the YouTube site you are asked to agree that you are an adult, and when you say “yes” you can view the video. Not exactly a strong sanction.

But short of laws banning this sort of content – and this is the worldwide problem of the internet – there is no international law-making body – this problem will get even bigger. I expect the civil & human righters would moan a bit if we tried to stop this sort of “free speech”, anyway, and we wouldn’t want to upset THEM now, would we?

This terrifying video has been watched almost 228,000 times in the last year, has been commented on 2,000 times and made a favourite 1400 times. It is but one of many.

This video was posted as a response. The American speaking calls it “a movement against hatred”. It has had 210 views. Somehow, love news can’t compete with hate news.

Watch Benazir Bhutto’s interview recorded yesterday, in response to General Musharraf’s martial law. As I write it has had 40 views – not a lot yet, and just 4 comments. You will notice that comments often come from immature people, probably young, often ignorant of real political nuances and evidently radicalised already. Their use of language can be colourful too.

This is the problem we face in trying to respond. As I say above, good news is, strangely, no news. The kids looking for excitement and a cause are not interested in supporting democracy or peace and love. They are looking for a cause, and that cause is often violence of some sort or other. On this human frailty of many, terrorism thrives.

This German Video with only 12 views purports to show brainwashed Islamic children speaking in ways we would prefer not to hear.

“Remember, remember the 5th of November, Gunpowder, Treason and Plot”.

When I first started writing this page fireworks were exploding into the night skies. It was Bonfire Night or Guy Fawkes Night, 5th November. Read about it here.


For those of you outside of the UK this is the night in 1605 when Guy Fawkes was discovered in a cellar underneath the Palace of Westminster with 36 barrels of gunpowder and a “slow match” with which to ignite it. Parliament’s buildings and the neighbouring Westminster Abbey would all have been destroyed if it had succeeded. The 13 Conspirators were all put to death – commemorated by the ‘burning of the guy’ on top of bonfires today. Tony Blair’s effigy has often been the figure to be roasted, and before him other prime ministers. Yesterday a village in Kent decided it would toast Cherie. You’d think they could be a bit more imaginative, now the Blairs have gone, more or less. What’s wrong with Gordon? Yes, definitely … next year … Brown’s The Guy!

So today we have a new way of destroying democracy. A slower, more patient way. The brainwashing of children. Generational terrorism.

From mixing and uploading videos, violent music, speech and pictures, youngsters are easy prey.

Most of us have NO IDEA of the stuff that our kids are watching on the internet. Only in recent months have I become aware of the violence, jihadism, and unrestrained despotism that terrorist propagandists are using to groom youngsters to the cause of suicide bombings and eventual world domination by a corrupt political madness.

These “people”are grooming British children and others all around the world to kill themselves and others – and all for a “religious” cause which bears no resemblance to love and understanding.

And to understand the strength of today’s instant communications, can I just point out to you that a few hours ago, when the news broke on the MI5 Director’s warning, I had a post online and available to the world within minutes. The British press, on the other hand, will not post their comments online until after midnight, because the physical newspapers where the articles and headlines will also appear bear tomorrow’s date. So even if they wrote them several hours ago, they will not be readable online because of commercial interests, ownership of headlines, information etc.


Multiply by thousands the ease and speed with which I can get my blog postings online. Radicalise a few hundred, thousand, million children and you have a Clone Machine for Evil.

Use it, not just once a day, but several times – EVERY day, and you might start to understand why the internet is such an instant all pervasive medium. And why it has so much potential power for harm.

THIS is why I say that the insurgent terror organisations are leaving us behind in the war on terrorism.


And do you want to know how easy it is to get a video onto YouTube? Well, it’s childsplay. If you haven’t mastered copy and paste it might take a little time, but here it is in a few easy steps. I am giving nothing away, as ALL the kids know how to do this – and anyway, they won’t be reading THIS. A Tony Blair page?! RUBBISH!


Right, here goes.

Google for a programme called YouTube Downloader. Download it to your desktop. Go to YouTube. Find a video you like, by putting a search term – ‘love, Tony Blair, jihad’ etc in … the usual interesting stuff. Choose which you want, open and watch it first. Copy the url from the address box at the top. Open the YouTube Downloader. Paste the url into it. Save it, as an MPEG or AVI video – it doesn’t really matter.

Then, download a free video convertor programme. Put your downloaded video url into it and convert it to MPEG 2. Then save it. Go back to YouTube. Sign in. Go to the Upload videos page and upload the converted video. Name it something interesting and exciting, like ‘love, Tony Blair or jihad’ etc … and pretend you made it yourself.

I don’t do this, of course, as I like to put more thought and care into my videos. I use a Video Editor programme and mix the video, sound, audio and pictures. You can download one of those free for 28 days. Pay around £20 for the full programme after a month, or do what the kids do and download a different one for another 28 days.

You might now understand a little better the multitude of complexities that are facing our country and our world. I hope so anyway.

You are very welcome to try cloning one of my videos. You can clone any of my three Tony Blair videos and post them on YouTube as yours. I wouldn’t mind one bit. This one is my latest effort.

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