Terrorists Convicted

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11th July, 2007


Forty years might be a deterrent for any future would-be terrorists as ‘martyrdom’ evidently isn’t. The two remaining suspects will face a re-trial.

“VERY PRECISE RESPONSE” threat to UK re Rushdie Knighthood

Meanwhile we have been threatened by Al-Qaeda’s deputy leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri, over the Rushdie knighthood. Mentioning the Queen and Tony Blair it threatens a ‘very precise response’ against this country. The government has replied that we will not be intimidated. A master of publicity, al-Zawahiri’s threat may be a sign of desperation.

In the recording the al-Qaeda second-in-command said the group was preparing a “very precise response” to the British knighthood.” Watch AQ video here

10th July, 2007


Four 21/7 terrorists were convicted yesterday with two more verdicts still awaited. Questions are being asked about why one of them was permitted to sip through the police net. Systemic failings? No! Surprise me. Blair’s ‘police state’ just couldn’t hack it, eh?

3rd July, 2007


It should come as no surprise that well educated doctors are in the spotlight over the attempted car bombings over the last few days. Terrorists come in all shapes and sizes. None of it surprises me, anyway.

See Melanie Phillips’ thoughts on this. She wonders, as did I in an earlier posting, why there was not greater security awareness in the last few days, since we had already been warned. She also alludes to the real problem – identified here and by a reformed terrorist in the media over the weekend. It is religious fanaticism, NOT Muslim poverty nor “Blair’s Iraq”.

Wake up time, folks!

30th April, 2007


The five men convicted (clockwise: Omar Khyam, Salahuddin Amin, Waheed Mahmood, Anthony Garcia and Jawad Akbar)



After the longest terrorist trial ever on mainland Britain, 13 months long, five British Al Qaeda trained terrorists have been jailed for life. The jury deliberated for 27 days, the longest period of time ever in our legal history.


Omar Khyam, 25

Jawad Akbar, 23

Salahuddin Amin, 32

Waheed Mahmood, 35

Anthony Garcia, 24


Some lack of co-ordination between MI5, MI6 and the Police has been highlighted from the evidence. And, as might be expected THIS has become much of the story.

I’ve been amazed and somewhat disturbed at the media’s obsession with this. Yes, it seems that MI5 and the West Yorkshire Police allowed two of the terrorists to slip through the net. The obvious consideration here is that if they hadn’t missed this link, the London bombings of July 7th 2005 might have been avoided. “Might” is the operative word.

We really DO NOT need to whip ourselves up over this, or are we adopting some strange cultural customs from other places?

For goodness sake, the shortcomings of MI5, MI6, The Police, Secret Services and the Government should NOT be the story!

WHAT is WRONG with us Brits?

  • The story is that British citizens have been convicted of conspiracy to murder indiscriminately, in large numbers.
  • The story is that British born and/or raised Muslims became disciples of Al Qaeda whilst living in our communities.
  • The story is that they trained in Pakistan to kill the people of the UK, the country which had sheltered them and provided as the judge said today, “everything they had”. They had “betrayed the country that has given them their every chance in life.” They exploited the freedom.
  • The story is that in February 2003, BEFORE the invasion of Iraq (NOTE, Blair blamers) young radicalised Muslims such as these were plotting and training to kill you and me, our kids and our government.
  • The story is that, as the Judge said in his summing up, the teachers of hate who lurk in the shadows are no more than “masters of cowardice”.
  • The story is that these radicalised Islamist terrorists have a clear agenda – “The time for jihad is coming soon”, Omar Khyam said, “get brothers into each and every field.”
  • The story is Jihad: Violent holy war against perceived oppressors. “Thirty brothers on a British airways plane”, according to the terrorists’ taped recordings.


Khan’s video statement

THEIR TARGETS, as disclosed in court:

  • Bluewater Shopping Centre in Kent
  • Biggest nightclub in central London, say Ministry of Sound
  • Synagogues
  • Trains
  • Pubs
  • Flights
  • Public Utilities
  • Prime Minister’s Questions, Parliament

With £105.75 worth (600kgs) of ammonium nitrate fertiliser stashed away in storage, the plotters might never have been uncovered if it hadn’t been for the company’s suspicions.

THAT should be the story.

We need to thank the storage people, the security services, police, yes and government.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Peter Clarke said today that the trail led straight back to Al Qaeda. They were “intent upon committing mass murder against their fellow citizens”.

July 7th 2005 suicide bombers were not, it seems, “clean skins” as originally thought, but linked to some of today’s convicted men.

In 2004 the Met Police Commissioner was Lord Stevens. Today he said, “You don’t get it 100% right. God willing that will never happen again.”

His words haven’t quelled calls for independent inquiry from the opposition parties and those whose family members were killed in July 7th 2005.

MI5 publishes its account online

MPs’ report into what MI5 knew, May 2006:

  • [Khan and Tanweer] were not categorised as investigative targets because, on the basis of the available intelligence, there was no reason to suggest they should be investigated above other more pressing priorities at the time.

How Omar Khyam and Mohammed Sidique Khan were linked in the UK and Pakistan.


On Panorama tonight the complexities of the various relationships between terrorists was made clearer. As were the relationships between those charged with protecting us against them. I know whose side I am on.

The Secret Services’ first sighting of Omar Khyam was in March 2003. By end of the year the Secret Services were still in the dark about what Khyam was up to.

Omar Khyam, the ringleader, stated that he wanted to become the next Osama Bin Laden. This was BEFORE 9/11.

BBC coverage

Sky News – extensive coverage





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