Cameron – “Love, (drugs and guns) is all you need…”

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Saturday 1st June, 2007


David Cameron has set the cats amongst the pigeons with the Tories’ trashing of grammar schools. It has put both Gordon Brown and David Cameron in the spotlight and Brown is still a bigger question mark than the policy light Cameron. The Labour party, in their Deputy Leadership campaign, seems to be heading to the Left, whether it is just to gather votes from the heart and soul of the party. GREAT DANGER!

Meanwhile Blair’s City Academies wait to see whose hands they will be in. They WILL be successful – so whoever grabs it – wins it. Over to you, Mr Brown.

Tuesday 22nd May, 2007

Norman Tebbit – who can always be relied upon to sound off when he feels the Right of his party is under attack – is even accepting Tony Blair’s New Labour policies, with reference to Cameron’s bit of fun over grammar schools.

And of course, worse still is that Cameron and Willetts are accepting Blair’s Academy Trust schools – but they’re going to do it better ;0)

Lord Tebbit says, “I don’t think the Tory party should be the party to implement the Labour Party’s policies. ” Read his warning to Cameron on Conservative positioning.

Really? You mean there ARE some Tory policies then?


Monday 26th February, 2007

Gun-gesture youth’s cannabis fine


A teenager who made the national headlines after making a gun gesture at Conservative leader David Cameron has been fined for possessing cannabis.

The 17-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, pleaded guilty to possessing £5-worth of cannabis following a police raid at his home.

He was fined £25 and ordered to pay £55 costs at the hearing at Manchester City Magistrates’ Youth Court on Monday.

The teenager had been held in custody since he was arrested on Saturday.

District Judge Wendy Lloyd told the youngster she had been “concerned” that

he had been kept in custody for possession of such a small quantity of cannabis. She said: “That you have been dealt with differently causes me great concern.”

The cannabis was found in a bag hidden in a wardrobe in the youth’s bedroom.


Saturday 24th February, 2007

It seems the police have arrested the teenager (on possession of cannabis) who aimed his pretend gun at David Cameron the other day. I expect Mr Cameron will appear

in court to defend the poor lad’s character, and of course to defend the youthful, temporary slip into the use of drugs. No?

Friday 23rd February

“Don’t Dis Me, Dave!”

Haven’t had much to say about the Tory leader for a while. Well, he hasn’t said or done much, has he? Though possibly a bit more than the invisible man – Gordon Whatsisname.

But I couldn’t miss this opportunity now. Well could I?

At Manchester the other day – a town big enough for both of them – David

Cameron almost met his Waterloo. Not Mr Blair, though he was there too (of course! … why do you think Cameron was there?)

No, it was a friendly teenager who crept up behind the Tory leader. Just showing off for the cameras it seems. He didn’t really mean to be threatening; didn’t even know who David Cameron was. Just thought he and his friends

would show Mr Cameron what fate might await him if got TOO close to hugging certain hoodies, I expect. I wonder if the 17 year-old would have made the same gesture to Mr Cameron’s face.


Luckily for Dave that the Prime Minister was in Manchester too that day. The police had probably frisked all the loveable young ruffians and stripped them of their weapons before Mr Blair’s arrival, just in case. Not that they’d necessarily have recognised the PM either.

Wonder how long it’ll take, if the day ever comes when Mr Cameron is PM, for him to get in touch with reality? He can’t fix society by hugging hoodies any more than Mr Blair can take all the would-be problem toddlers back home.

Update 2nd November, 2006

On the ITN News tonight they caught up with my take on David Cameron’s speech at his conference. The Beatles’ “All you need is love…” played chirpilly in the background while we were treated to pictures of yobs (ooops, politically incorrect!) blowing up phone boxes, smashing cars and generally being indescribably obnoxious!

Really, Mr Cameron? Don’t you think some other party might have tried and failed with that approach already? Some other party with its hand nearer the pulse of the problem? Take your choice – just about ANY of the other parties! Don’t you realise this behaviour is not the result of the last ten years but the product of society over a couple of generations? And when we are told that our yoof is the worst behaved in Europe, well, we have a problem. In an ideal world, love might do it, but it ain’t going to happen this way. And when even Norman Tebbit agrees with you, my goodness, how things have changed. Odd to watch the two main parties swopping places.

When you and Lord Tebbit start your nationwide love-in let me know please; I’d love to see that. And to see how long it takes for you to start talking “tough on the causes”.

Tory Conference, 1st October 2006

Funny how song lyrics come to mind so easily in all this leadership nonsense.

Since David Cameron can’t quite manage to produce any policies yet, he’s just pinched another little piece of Blair. It seems he loves the country and his party, and told them so at his conference today. In fact three times he mentioned the word “love”. OK, we get the message …. “Anything you can love, I can love better…”

But the difference is that at the moment it’s easier for you to love the party and the country, Dave. When you’re not in power and you can’t find a conservative policy worth mentioning, it’s easy to love and be loved. Wait until your beloved party is plotting to be rid of you and the voters don’t seem to care any more. The PM’s declaration had significant meaning; wish yours did.

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3 Responses to “Cameron – “Love, (drugs and guns) is all you need…””

  1. Teri Says:

    If were talking song Lyrics then I think “Call me irresponsible” by Frank Sinatra is rather apt for Mr Blair.

  2. keeptonyblairforpm Says:

    While we’re on to Sinatra – it’s got to be “My Way”, don’t you think? That way, we can agree to disagree about his level of responsibility or lack of!

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    […] David Cameron – Policy? […]

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