The “whack-doodles” who want Tony Blair Sacked, Harangued, Hagued, Hanged…

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27th June, 2014

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It must be almost seven years since I started pointing out to #twitternumptyland‘s misfits that Tony Blair is not and never has been the “Middle East Peace Envoy”. He is the Representative of the Quartet’s Envoys.

UN announcement, 27th June 2007:

To this end, Mr. Blair, who also stepped down as Prime Minister today, has been named Representative, a position in which he will “bring continuity and intensity of focus to the work of the Quartet in support of the Palestinians, within the broader framework of the Quartet’s efforts to promote an end to the conflict in conformity with the Roadmap.”

His duties will include mobilizing international assistance to the Palestinians and working closely with donors and others, as well as helping to identify and securing support in addressing the Palestinian state’s institutional governance needs.

In his new role, Mr. Blair – who be supported in his efforts by a small expert team based in Jerusalem – will also develop plans to promote Palestinian economic development and will communicate with other countries in support of agreed Quartet objectives.

He will “spend significant time in the region working with the parties and others to help create viable and lasting government institutions representing all Palestinians, a robust economy, and a climate of law and order for the Palestinian people,” the Quartet said.

For those who don’t recall or care that was the same day Mr Blair ceased to be Prime Minister. Seven years on much of the British media (and those on twitter who don’t research fully) still refer to him as “the Middle East peace envoy”. I suggest the stickiness of that misnomer has more to do with wishing him to fail and thus being in a position to say such failure was because he was ill-suited to “peace-making” in the first place.

I realise that being the Representative of the Quartet’s Envoys compared with being the Quartet’s envoy is a fine distinction for some. Of the order of comparison that being an accused prisoner is similar to being an accused prisoner’s legal representative. No?

In fact the constant muddling of these roles is central if you are ever tempted to RT or just copy automaton-like a “Sack Blair” or “Blair to the Hague” tweet.

Before I continue to irritate, I have to thank Mark Lott for the “whack-doodles” title. It applies neatly to such as Noam Chomsky, George Galloway, Ken Livingstone, George Monbiot, Clare Short, Tom Watson and Russell Brand.



Even ‘The Brains’ Have Lost It

“Whack-doodles” also applies to people with quite a few brain cells, such as Stephen Fry, Sir Richard Dalton and former diplomat Oliver Miles.

Oliver Miles, if little else, sets the record straight in his video pour encourager les autres. A pity they didn’t change the title of the video too, as Mr Blair is an ineligible candidate for carting off to The Hague (for reasons kindly expanded on by Miles at the end of the video.)

Worth remembering: On 22 November 2009, Miles published an article in the Independent on Sunday, in which he partly questioned the appointment of two British historians to the Iraq inquiry panel because of their Jewish background and previous support for Israel. Oliver Miles has further form on criticising Blair and British foreign policy (2004 letter)

Of course we all realise that all of this Sack Blair business is going nowhere and is of no consequence. The haters are playing a game. They play like spoilt brats, in denial over anything Tony Blair does, did, didn’t do, might have done, could have done or should have done. Good or bad, they deny him any coherence of thought or integrity of strategic purpose. They suffer from a disease. Like a patient in an asylum they accuse the nurse of having their sickness.

So if Blair is not “bad” (via the unutterably bad George Galloway), he is “mad” (according to the slightly bonkers Boris Johnson); or at least “sad” (according to David Owen, the disappointed never was leader of the Labour party). And to add insult to injury, the former PM is now rich, which is the worst thing EVER for some of the left righteous.

Forget anything Blair ever did that was of any value for mankind. Forget that boys in Kosovo are named after him after he saved Kosovars from ethnic cleansing by Milosevic. Forget Sierra Leoneans love him after he stopped Liberia’s Charles Taylor’s limb-choppers (Taylor was sentenced to 50 years). Forget that Iraqi Kurds look up to him as a hero for removing Saddam. Forget the minimum wage, the peace settlement in Northern Ireland, devolution for Scotland & Wales,  equal rights. Blair did something the whack-doodles disagree with, so he is clearly material for their life-consuming revulsion.

Sacked, Harangued, Hagued and even Hanged

  • The call to “sack Blair” (disregarding the impossibility of sacking anyone from a job they don’t hold) I get.
  • The determination to pursue him to the end of his days I utterly detest, but it is par for the course for such as Monbiot and Galloway. So I get that too.
  • The invocation of an appearance at The Hague is no more than an eye-catching dream for haters. Thus I get that too.
  • But every time I see a violence-hating peace-lover say “hang Blair” I am repulsed. I see that far too often online and I blame those who say “he will never answer for his crimes”. If that’s the case, what to do, hmm? Incitement is a crime and such as Monbiot & Galloway should be up in court for it.  Jonathan Meades – whose “historical novel” would be The Trial and Execution of Tony Blair – normalises the unthinkable.

These recent articles are worth a read if you don’t think Blair should be Sacked, Harangued, Hagued or Hanged

Lord Campbell-Savours – Back-stabbing of Blair is vomit-inducing

“The idea that most of us supported intervention on the single justification of WMD is nonsense. Our concerns went far wider”

Robbie Travers – Intervening in Iraq was still the right thing to do

“Let’s be quite clear for the various Saddam nostalgists, fetishists, apologists and amorists: Saddam was far from just the leader of a totalitarian state, he was a genocidal megalomaniac who threatened to destabilise the security of the entire Middle East and was holding the world to ransom.”

John O’Sullivan – No, Tony Blair and the West Aren’t To Blame For Violence in the Muslim World

“But Blair is such a polarizing figure that whatever he says, half of the country will assert the opposite. In addition there is in Britain, as in much of the Western world, a masochistic appetite for self-blame and self-condemnation. For these two reasons it strikes many people as outrageous for Blair to claim that he is not responsible for Boko Haram’s kidnapping of schoolgirls or the murders of prisoners committed by ISIS.”

EU Commission President Tony Blair?

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27th May 2014

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El Presidente Blair?

Not that I’m holding my breath or feeling TOO expectant as to the likelihood of the prospect, but just in case, this is to let the usual suspects know they heard it first on my twitter page.


Can this man stop Farage, Ukip et al? More than a few of us think so.

TB _europe_star

Jose Manuel Barroso is about to step down as EU Commission President.  We just felt an “earthquake” across Europe this last weekend. kilroywashere4The multifarious anti-ists regarding the EU project are now no doubt askance with a “why bother?” as this continent searches for a replacement President. Our UKIP MEPs in Britain are probably too busy to notice. They are in full attack mode. Their strategy? To get in there, wreck the joint and leave a note saying “Kilroy Farage was here”.

After the car crash of anti-EU-ism at the weekend and this “Third Man” mention from Christian Thams on twitter

Schulz says me or Juncker as EU Commission President, not a third candidate. Rumours in Berlin say Merkel looks for ‘Third Man’

… I felt it was time to write something.

Like a lot of us, I spent much of the “count” night watching in puzzled bemusement. I thought Mr Thams’ tweet timely, and tweeted my own thoughts on it. My tweet went virtually unnoticed. It got 1 RT from and I faved it for future reference:

I had actually pre-empted that thought in a reply to Harry Vaughan’s tweet, at 1:18am –


And I pointed up the thought again in a reply to Dennis, with the Farage/Blair video link at 2:41am –



Now, as I write, the rumours are getting warmer still. EU Presidents, Prime Ministers, Chancellor Merkel et al are chewing the cud at Brussels tonight. With the realisation that France’s position after the EU elections’ euro scepticism is even more threatening to EU unity, perhaps to its very future, than is Britain’s UKIPism, the time may well have come for Ms Merkel to turn to the man she reportedly derided as “Mr Flash” last time an EU (Council) Presidency post was up for grabs.  Word is that she has thrown her support behind Jean-Claude Juncker, the recently defeated Luxembourg prime minister. He too was mooted as a contender in the 2009 EU Council Presidency race.

From Dave Keating at 4:52pm, today, 27th May –



The complexities of the in-house limited voting for the Commission President and the Commission members themselves will not ease the pain or anger of those who insist there is no TRUE democratic accountability or choice for us mere voters. The principle, as from Treaty of Lisbon days, is that the group of parties with most electoral support has preference for its nominated candidate. However there have been anti-EU votes from ALL sides, left to right. A certain third way Blairite, the original, could span this breadth with comparative ease and incomparable political nous and productive diplomacy. We should remember that across Europe there are more senior politicians in the Blair mould than ever before, notably France’s beleaguered President Francois Hollande and Italy’s ambitious and new self-declared Blairite Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. Such individuals will throw their thoughts into the ring.

Tony Blair has been all over the media today here at home. From BBC Radio 4’s Today (listen here) to BBC’s News 24 (here) to Huffington Post (here). There is no doubt his profile is presently on the rise. That may not be due simply to post-election questions hanging over the leadership Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg and David Cameron.

There is little doubt that should a referendum under a future Tory government as promised by David Cameron result in an “OUT” vote, the rest of the EU would be up the creek without a paddle. Whether we Brits like it or not the UK is one of the three main countries in the Union. Angela Merkel will know this better than anyone, as she watches France’s keenness on “the project” falter even under a socialist leader like Hollande.

EU Commission


The election of EU Commission & President at a glance [click here]


(by qualified majority)
The candidate negotiates with Parliament’s political groups to get backing from a majority of members
ELECTION OF THE COMMISSION PRESIDENT BY THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT by a majority of its component members (at least 376)


Clearly nothing will be decided over the foie gras tonight. Today’s statement on the Commission President Election at the European Parliament website at 1:19m said:

The candidate of the largest Group Mr. Jean Claude Juncker will be the first to attempt to form the required majority.


From – British Influence, The Campaign to Keep Britain in the EU comes this (uploaded yesterday. No mention of Tony Blair)

Neither of the current frontrunners for the Presidency – the centre-right’s Jean-Claude Juncker and the centre-left’s Martin Schulz – is inspiring. One or other of these so-called Spitzenkandidats might be fine if the EU needed the status quo. They might be OK if the EU needed another integration drive, as both are federalists. But neither is suited to the task of decentralising power and boosting competitiveness.

This group will surely recognise which inspiring European (and world statesman) IS suited to decentralising power and to boosting competitiveness.

Only time will tell if those with the power to decide on the incumbent for the next 5 years of this important position act wisely. Europe – this is not a time to opt for a second MR NOBODY.



For Europe’s future!

You know it makes sense.


Happy Birthday Tony Blair. Unhappy Political Art Appreciation to Others

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6th May 2014

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Happy Birthday, Mr Blair

Tony Blair Portrait ny Alastair Adams

Tony Blair Portrait by Alastair Adams


Alastair Adams Portrait

Opining, also known as writing for the press, is neither. It is seldom disinterested reportage.

But it really takes the biscuit paint palette when a so-called art critic allows his opinion on a politician’s politics to define the smudged edges of his critique. Into that category falls this, by Martin Newman of the Daily Mirror.

It is weirdly headlined “…but does it show the real him?”  Oh for God’s sake – NO! It shows the woman who makes your latte at Espresso Opinions R US, Mr Newman!

This critic also has odd ideas about family pictures on a desk – “Tellingly the photographs on his desk face away. He is a family man, but they are just part of his priorities.” Martin Newman suggests that the family photographs (Are they? How does he know?) facing away from Mr Blair (who is standing in front of his desk) means his family are not of major importance to him.

I ask in all seriousness – where do they find these art critics? In the same recycling bin as they find political critics?


Misfiring on several cylinders, Mr Newman gives us the benefits of his own thoughts on Blair’s political attributes with, “Technically the painting is very good, harmonious and balanced, with the viewers eye drawn immediately to the misfiring Middle East peace envoy’s face.”

Before we get to the finale of the critique – the halo / messianic jibes – a  requirement of ANY Blair criticism worth its stinging salt – we get this gem:

“Adams, the President of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters, first painted Blair in 2011.  His previous effort [EFFORT!?] had the sitter staring intensely at the viewer, his mouth in an almost rictus sneer and teeth set as though ready to jump out of the canvas and bite you.”

Alastair Adams Portrait of Tony Blair

Alastair Adams Portrait of Tony Blair; “rictus sneer” according to Art Critic Martin Newman

This Adams portrait, on the left, is evidently the sneerey bitey one.

Like the new painting it is an excellent piece of portraiture, Mr Adams (website here)


Tony Blair sketch by Jonathan Yeo, during 2001 election campaign

Tony Blair, 2001, by Jonathan Yeo

While googling about I came across this much earlier portrait of the former PM (right).

Painted by Jonathan Yeo, it was completed during the general election of 2001 and shows a younger, but for that period an unusually serious Blair. I rather like it. It’s certain he would never have expected at that time how many in the press, and thus some in the chatterati, literati and twitterati would grow to despise him.

Speaking of critics & well-wishers, Mr Blair, I’m sure Dan Hodges really wishes you well on your birthday, even if you do look better in jeans than he probably does. Dan & I chat now and then on twitter.


February 2264. Tony Blair opened his eyes

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2nd February 2014

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Odd feeling. Out-of-body. Where am I… where’s Cherie… the children?

He felt as though he were floating above the bed

He felt as though he were floating above the bed

He was lying on some sort of airbed, or seeming to float above it, surrounded by people he assumed were doctors. A lot of people. Must have had an accident. Well, at least I’m still here, he thought.

After a few moments concentrated silence the medical people started to speak. A clipped sort of English, like texting language.

“You OK?”

“Yes, I’m fine”. He thought he’d spoken quietly but he heard his voice echoing. So did the watchers. They all covered their ears as though deafened. Messages were seldom passed in that primitive way.

He didn’t expect the next clipped words: “Mr Blair you bn brought back from dead. Procedure only recent perfected. Cannot yet be sure ift works proply. You second speriment. First failed. Be keeping you under obs for sm time bfore able to return to, erm… family.”

“What? Must have been a serious accident”, he suggested.

“No accident. Died… natural.”

“I died?” he gasped, incredulous. “Thank you. Thank you for… thank you so much. Can I ring my wife?”

An unedifying silence. Exchanging quick glances, they all turned and scuttled off in unison. All except one who pointed a microporation gun at his arm as she passed her hand across his face.

Weakening, he felt his eyes close. “I’ll find my mobile later and ring Ch…”



Dr Jekyll-Hyde was in deep mind-to-mind conversation with a colleague.

“Deal was that when he wakes up we let him see all he did in first life, so that he cringes. That’s what my Great7 Grandmother Hyde insisted. Crowd-funding was easy. Called HydeGallowayMonbiotPile. Big pile. If we don’t see deal through must put body back to sleep for 250 more years. That’s deal.”

“Hmm. Until he cringes? Hardly.”

“You have to remember there was a meme. He was seen as ‘war criminal’. I know. You smile. Early internet days. All believed anything bad against authority figures.”

“What if he doesn’t cringe?”

“GrandmaHyde7 will turn in her grave.”

“Ahh, GH7? Wasn’t she cryogenically cryonically frozen too?”

“Hmm”, whispered Dr Jekyll Hyde, “‘the Judgement of History’? Time to wake up the corporeal form, Grandma.”


CRYOGENICS CRYONICS (Correct word here, Ms Hyde, not here)

Marina Hyde

Marina Hyde?

GH7 awoke more slowly than did the former Prime Minister. Well, such was her habitual way.

Unlike Mr Blair’s her body had not been stolen by the WeAllKnowers after death. She had insisted it be deposited in the same hideaway as his. She didn’t trust him if he were beyond her all-encompassing reach.

In his medically induced sleep the 5 times prime minister had been informed via hypnopedia of his present condition, and that the year was well over 200 years later than he thought. He awoke with a start and a sinking stomach.

Laugh or cry? He was gripped with more dread and horror than Ed Balls & Gordon Brown had ever inflicted upon him in his Downing Street den. The medic at his side got a painful earful:

“Is this a joke? I don’t want this. I never asked for it. I just want to die like everyone else. For good. To be like my family. To be with them. And God.”

Only for a moment did he wonder why he had no memory of God or heaven. He must have seen him, been there. Relieved he had no memory of meeting the Devil either.

“All in good time, Sir. All in good time”, clipped the voice.




Marina Hyde, aka GH7.

The newly revitalised “corporeals” of both GH7 & TB1 were fitted with head-encompassing equipment. Hardly New Age, thought GH7. We journos had things like this in the old days. It’s how we got our stories.

The machines purred gently into action. They were set to alternate snippets from each life. Both rewarmed former corpses were programmed to watch all reruns. In 2264 balance is considered of value.

Technician 1: “Robocrap will uncover all.”

Technician 2: “Result?”

Tech 1: “GH7’s life is still struggling to process. Glitches. Everywhere. The former prime minister’s is all in there. It says…

Tony Blair in Armagh, Northern Ireland,1998.

Tony Blair in Armagh, Northern Ireland, 1998.

… Youngest UK PM in 185 years/3 times (record-breaking) election winner/New Labour/”Education x3″/NHS strengthened/Third Way/Minimum wage/Sure Start/Mixed economy/Extended parental rights/2 million lifted out of poverty/Freedom for Bank of England/London became world’s financial centre/Blairism/Blair Mark 2 aka David Cameron, Nick Clegg & Francois Hollande/Human Rights Act/Reliable ally of USA/Democracy/Equal Rights & opportunity/Social Justice/Civil Partnerships/Community Cohesion/Freedom of Information/Devolution to Scotland & Wales/Northern Ireland peace/Stopped bloodshed in Sierra Leone/Ended ethnic cleansing of Muslims in Kosovo/Interventionism/Iraq/Afghanistan/Religion empathy/world leader/decisions/love/hate/charities/business enterprises/agenda/Europe/Middle East/USA ally/Envoy for Israel’s & Palestinians’ Quartet/Multi Faiths Foundation/Africa/Governance/Sports Foundation/Climate issues…

… there’s more. List very long. Perhaps Robocrap cross-referencing. Surely this can’t be life of just one man?”

Tech 2: “What does it show for GH7?”

Tech 1: “Only The Sun/Piers Morgan/the sack/The Guardian/Lost/Celebrity/Elton John/libel/raspberry/Leveson oh and press robocrap. Then it repeats itself. No comparison to TB1. Balance necessary for fairness. Looks like RIRO. We can go no further.”

Tech 2: “Hmm. RIRO it is. Rubbish in – rubbish out.”


Marina Hyde (Wikipedia)

Tony Blair (Wikipedia)

A question for George Monbiot. Seriously. (Poll)

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27th January 2014

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Dear Mr Monbiot (@GeorgeMonbiot)

What if Twiggy Garcia had been filled with revengeful hate when he stood behind Tony Blair at a restaurant last week?

What if… I don’t need to spell out the possibilities in gory deal; we all know they were in a steak restaurant.

As I reminded others here – you, George Monbiot, intend to hound Mr Blair until he is either prosecuted or is no longer with us.

You can write all the provisos, rules and opt-outs you like at your Arrest Blair website but you MUST know where this could lead. It IS a “bounty”, after all. Dead or alive, hmm?

So my question is: if some hater in a position to actually attack Mr Blair were able to do so, and admits having been inspired by you and your site, would you bear any responsibility?

I think you would.

What do others think?

Previous recent posts on this matter:

Arresting Times? Arrest the ignorant know-alls

Twiggy Garcia, aka Ghoulian Assange described the Police as sh**s

Enlightening James O’Brien; Arresting George Monbiot

Enlightening James O’Brien; Arresting George Monbiot

January 25, 2014 by

25th January 2014

Previous recent posts on this matter:

Arresting Times? Arrest the ignorant know-alls and Twiggy Garcia, aka Ghoulian Assange described the Police as sh**s

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I noticed on Friday morning that LBC  (London’s Biggest Conversation, radio) was doing a slot on the (failed) “citizen’s arrest” of Tony Blair. James O’Brien (twitter handle @) was at the helm.

It still surprises me how quite a few broadcasters and even some printed journalists seem to be unaware of so many important issues.  Mr O’Brien admitted on his radio programme that he hadn’t heard anything about Twiggy Garcia’s attempt to do his master’s bidding (George Monbiot – the Bounty Hunter who hides behind useful idiots). “Moonbat” as he is known to some thinks Mr Blair should be hounded until the day he dies (and after, if at all possible).  Don’t believe me? Keep reading…

But I found James O’Brien to be very fair-minded. He said he had agreed with the Iraq invasion at the start but had changed his mind. That is the opposite of my position. That’s no more than an academic point, but perhaps it shows that minds can change both ways. I hope he is not upset by the title of this article. Mr O’Brien is clearly an educated man, but perhaps, like many, not all that au fait with the Blair and Iraq business and the complexities surrounding.

I thought it might be helpful if Mr O’Brien were allowed to see the balancing argument FOR Tony Blair and the Iraq invasion and AGAINST such as Moonbat & The Anti-Warriors. Hmm… that sounds like a good name for a band. I’m sure DJ Twiggy would give them an airing.

First, the case AGAINST Monbiot & Ghoulian Assange (aka Twiggy Garcia)


I fully recognise that many people, perhaps even a majority, disagree/d with the Iraq invasion. However very few people have felt the need to take the law into their own hands. Bellowing repeatedly their “everyone knows” opinions online suffices for most.

Monbiot’s approach is different and far more dangerous and I contend it is high time his antics were stopped before they have consequences which, as some might say on other matters, can easily be foreseen. As I pointed out here a citizen’s arrest DID NOT apply in that barman’s last fling.

Four years ago I wrote this post – Arrest George Monbiot for his ‘Bounty’/Incitement to Murder Tony Blair. I referred to this statement at Monbiot’s Arrest Blair website:

Monbiot: “The fund will remain open for as long as Mr Blair lives, or until he is officially prosecuted. If it still contains money after his death or prosecution, the remainder will be donated to one or more organisations campaigning for international justice, or used to pursue other people responsible for the Iraq war.”

The fund will remain open until Mr Blair is officially prosecuted. If it still contains money after his prosecution or after five years have elapsed since the last attempt to arrest him, the remainder will be donated to one or more organisations campaigning for international justice, or used to pursue other people responsible for the Iraq war. You will be welcome to nominate recipients. – See more at:
The fund will remain open until Mr Blair is officially prosecuted. If it still contains money after his prosecution or after five years have elapsed since the last attempt to arrest him, the remainder will be donated to one or more organisations campaigning for international justice, or used to pursue other people responsible for the Iraq war. You will be welcome to nominate recipients. – See more at:

As long as Mr Blair lives, eh? The keen-eyed among you will notice that the wording has now been altered somewhat. Dare I suggest due to my (and others’) campaign AGAINST Monbiot’s campaign?

It now says “the fund will remain open until Mr Blair is officially prosecuted”. Hmm. Less threatening, perhaps, but that could mean the fund will remain open forever. Sometimes I wish I had a touch of the Monbiot omnipotence.

(Screenshot below from the Arrest Blair website, as at 24 January 2014. Why a screenshot? Well, Monbiot has disabled copying!) Warning: text and silly pictures are liable to change without reference to such updates, explanation, apologies or dates. Ironic, some might say.

copying text has been disabled at Monbiot's site. Well, fancy! Save this text as a jpg, as I have.

Please note: copying text has been disabled at Monbiot’s site. Well, fancy! Save this text as a jpg, as I have. Useful for future reference, aka evidence.

In case you think I must be wrong re Monbiot’s copy disabling, I’ve just checked the source code. It shows this: <script type=… doNotCopy…/script>

In the above screenshot you will notice that Monbiot wishes others to try to “arrest” Blair even if only for the money. This high-principled position is somewhat out of my sphere of familiarity, I’m afraid. I’ve never been into accusing others of high crimes and misdemeanours or of putting myself or others in danger for the sake of a few dollars.


According to his original post – “A Bounty for Blair’s Arrest” – Monbiot launched his website “today” 25th January 2010. In fact he altered it shortly after first publication to say this: “the bounties will remain available for as long as Blair lives.” (My bolding)

It has been altered again, possibly several times, and now only makes a reference to “five years” from the date of the last arrest attempt. Does anyone in their right mind think it acceptable that until January 2019 people are being encouraged – yes ENCOURAGED – (come and grab the money) to harass a former Prime Minister? Or to harass ANYONE, come to that? Yet this is precisely what Monbiot is doing and the supposedly “balanced” world turns a blind eye. Why on earth do we do that? Would we ignore such threats to anyone else? I think not. It is my argument that Tony Blair is the subject of unique exceptionalism in this country.

He is the exception to this:

  • No-one can be subjected to harassment without accounting for such harassment. Even the courts today, at last, are clamping down on twitter harassment and jailing such abusers. Monbiot’s site is in the same category (if put a touch more politely).
  • No-one is guilty of any “crime” until so proven in a court of law.

Monbiot openly stated that it was a “bounty”, which as I pointed out here means (in most people’s wild west reference) “dead or alive”. Right from the start Monbiot added man-hunting to bribery. And he has never changed the tenor of his aims, though presumably legal advice has moved him to alter the wording.

Secondly, the case FOR the Iraq Invasion and Tony Blair’s decisions. Decision backed by Parliament

1. Why The Iraq War Was Legal, from “Back to the Legality Argument” – … all arrangements between Saddam and the international community, after 1991, were based on a ceasefire, explicitly tied to Iraq’s disarmament. In particular Resolution 678, the legal basis for military action during the first Gulf war, and Resolution 687, which determined the conditions for the ceasefire between the UN and Iraq, were extremely important. Both were never revoked and authorisation to use force remained in being throughout the years and was also the legal basis for actions in 1993 and 1998.

So why not in 2003?

Furthermore, the legal advisor to the UN, Dr. Carl August Fleischhauer, confirmed that the original authority to use force in UNSCR 678 could revive, given the Security Council’s agreement that a violation of the ceasefire was in place. (more)


2. Hans Blix to Chilcot – I like most people felt that Iraq retains WMDs

Excerpt:  On his view about Saddam’s WMDs

It seemed plausible to me at the time, and I also felt — I, like most people at the time, felt that Iraq retains weapons of mass destruction. I did not say so publicly. I said it perhaps to Mr Blair in September 2002 privately.

I talked to Prime Minister Blair on 20 February 2002 and then I said I still thought that there were prohibited items in Iraq.

In other words, Blair and Bush believed what everyone believed for very good reasons.

Blix also said, “I have never questioned the good faith of Mr Blair or Bush or anyone else.”


3. Where 45 mins came fromUnholy trinity: BND, Curveball, Iraq


Since there is no point reinventing the wheel I’d like to refer you here for more considered information on the Iraq decisions. (From Julie, @MsIntervention)

Julie’s “Humanitarian Intervention Centre” recently presented papers to the House of Commons Defence Select Committee. See here – Political dimension of interventions and Legal dimension of interventions


Another noteworthy matter: Monbiot no longer takes comments at his arresting site. I cannot imagine why not, Mr Monbiot.

Arrest Blair for crimes against peace

Tell your friends: Google + LinkedIn Pinterest


You can make direct payments to the bank account ‘Justice for War Crimes’. Please note that the account details have changed. Go to the contact page and get in touch if you would like to make a direct payment.

Send cheques to:
Justice For War Crimes
PO Box 50
Y Plas
Machynlleth Powys
SY20 8ER

Amount in the pot at 20.01.14: £8,890.18

First payment to Grace McCann: £2,619.67
Second payment to David Cronin: £2,801.98
Third payment to Kate O’Sullivan: £3,129.02
Fourth payment to Tom Grundy: £2,420.89

Blair must face justice

This site offers a reward to people attempting a peaceful citizen’s arrest of the former British prime minister, Tony Blair, for crimes against peace. Anyone attempting an arrest which meets the rules laid down here will be entitled to one quarter of the money collected at the time of his or her application.

Money donated to this site will be used for no other purpose than to pay bounties for attempts to arrest Tony Blair. All the costs of administering this site will be paid by the site’s founder.*

The intention is to encourage repeated attempts to arrest the former prime minister. We have four purposes:

– To remind people that justice has not yet been done.

– To show Mr Blair that, despite his requests for people to “move on” from Iraq, the mass murder he committed will not be forgotten.

– To put pressure on the authorities of the United Kingdom and the countries he travels through to prosecute him for a crime against peace, or to deliver him for prosecution to the International Criminal Court.

– To discourage other people from repeating his crime.

We have no interest in people’s motivation, as long as they follow the rules laid down by this site. If they try to arrest Mr Blair because they care about the people he has killed, so much the better. But if they do it only for the money, that is fine too, and we will have encouraged an attempt which would not otherwise have taken place.

The higher the bounty, the more people are likely to try to arrest Mr Blair. Please remember that the account will remain open, regardless of how many have already claimed a reward, so new donations will continue to encourage have-a-go heroes.

If you are giving money to this fund, please be aware that, in the interests of transparency, we cannot accept any donation of £1000 or greater unless the giver is happy for their identity to be made public. This is a principle we feel should apply to all organisations that engage in public advocacy.

If, beyond 31st December 2010, a bounty is claimed when the total fund has fallen below £500, the successful claimant will take the whole pot, which we will then seek to replenish. The fund will remain open until Mr Blair is officially prosecuted. If it still contains money after his prosecution or after five years have elapsed since the last attempt to arrest him, the remainder will be donated to one or more organisations campaigning for international justice, or used to pursue other people responsible for the Iraq war. You will be welcome to nominate recipients.

*This does not include any charges added to your donations by Paypal, Tipit or the other banking services you might use, and tax or legal costs.

The fund will remain open until Mr Blair is officially prosecuted. If it still contains money after his prosecution or after five years have elapsed since the last attempt to arrest him, the remainder will be donated to one or more organisations campaigning for international justice, or used to pursue other people responsible for the Iraq war. You will be welcome to nominate recipients. – See more at:

– See more at:

The fund will remain open until Mr Blair is officially prosecuted. If it still contains money after his prosecution or after five years have elapsed since the last attempt to arrest him, the remainder will be donated to one or more organisations campaigning for international justice, or used to pursue other people responsible for the Iraq war. You will be welcome to nominate recipients. – See more at:
The fund will remain open until Mr Blair is officially prosecuted. If it still contains money after his prosecution or after five years have elapsed since the last attempt to arrest him, the remainder will be donated to one or more organisations campaigning for international justice, or used to pursue other people responsible for the Iraq war. You will be welcome to nominate recipients. – See more at:

By the way I noticed that Monbiot didn’t have much to say on twitter re his chat with James O’Brien this morning.

Lost for words, eh, Mr Monbiot?

And so you should be. You are an inciter, thus very dangerous and an abuser of your position in the media.

Twiggy Garcia, aka Ghoulian Assange described the Police as sh**s

January 23, 2014 by

23rd January 2014

My twitter account

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Excerpt from Garcia’s chat with his girlfriend @GeorgiaBronte

If you saw him again would you do anything differently?
I’d probably get someone to film it. I was scared to get my phone out in case it was confiscated by his bodyguards. The police have held my phone for five months before when I had done nothing illegal. They are shits.

I fully realise that some people today would have sympathy with this description. But it is perhaps not quite the thing to say if you ever intended to “accompany” an “arrested” individual to the local cop shop. And if you never intended to do so anyway, don’t act like a big kid show-off. That’s you, Mr Garcia.


Unlike Mr Blair’s considerate treatment of this individual in the restaurant I have no inclination to treat Garcia with anything approaching courtesy. He is testament, however to at least two things: firstly, the failure of Tony Blair’s ‘education, education, education’ policy. Secondly, Garcia’s self-appointed guardian-of-the-people-and-defender-of-the-truth behaviour is also testament to the failure of the media, mainly the written press to concede that they may – just may – be wrong in all they opine about Blair and Iraq.  The media is the conduit of ALL our opinions. It was noticeable in the last few days that only non-British media outlets noted which of these two men came out with egg on his face at Tramshed.

Clue? It wasn’t the diner.

Tom Doran (twitter) says of Tony Blair’s reaction: Even though he’s probably used to it by now, this is an impressively sanguine reaction to being called a war criminal by a total stranger in front of your children, as even Garcia himself semi-concedes (“Tony Blair Vs Brave Sir Robin”).

I don’t agree with every aspect of the article. I DO believe the Iraq invasion was the right thing to do for all sorts of reasons, regardless of how many people sectarian, Islamist fundamentalists have killed there since. But Mr Doran’s main point is that Mr Garcia was more of a Monty Python character than a Robin Hood.
I expect Ghoulian Assange (yes, that’s what he calls himself on twitter) will  prove me wrong now by donating to charity all the monies Mr George Monbiot (the Bounty Hunter who sends others to do his dirty work) has sent to him. No?

Arresting Times? Arrest the ignorant know-alls

January 22, 2014 by

22nd January, 2014

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There are no words sufficiently spitoutable to describe my utter disdain for such as the aptly named tweep twit ‘Ghoulian Assange’ (similarities to any ghouls living or dead are not purely coincidental). His Twitter ID link is Twiggy Garcia. The offending article is here.

Twiggy Garcia-crop7

Realising he was incapable of intellectual grasp, Twiggy Garcia ungrasped the former Prime Minister and scarpered “sharpish” (as he put it) before the Police (or “shit”, as he described them) grasped HIM!

My outrage at this continuing nonsense and blatant disregard and/or ignorance of the law has awakened me from my hibernation if only for a short time, some will be pleased to note. Mr Blair may well laugh off this kind of puerile, unlawful nonsense but I don’t.  Whenever I have time or am so moved I will continue to stand against the consequences of the brainwashing of the anti-warriors by those with a similarly careless ‘do nothing about murderous foreign dictators’ agenda. They and their public platforms spouting such “thinking” need to be brought to task.


Well, where do I start? It’s not just that a “citizen’s arrest” (see here for the real meaning and compare it with Garcia’s fantasy version) when it comes to such as our former great Prime Minister is little more than a cash-gathering publicity stunt or that the would-be civil-and-uprightists are too ill-educated, self-centred and frankly self-obsessed to realise that. It’s far simpler than that. Or, if you are a gatherer of the Moonbat shilling, it’s too, too complicated.  So let’s try to meet in the middle with just one of the FACTS:

Tony Blair’s so-called “crime” is NOT an indictable offence. Did you get that, cheerleaders at the bloodsport of getblair under the ill-principled management of such as Garcia, Monbiot & Galloway? If not, let me explain –


A citizen’s arrest is permitted to be made on any person under section 24A of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 for an indictable offence … It is thus permissible for any person to arrest:

  • Anyone who is in the act of committing an offence, or whom the arrestor has reasonable grounds for suspecting to be in the act of committing an offence, or
  • Where an offence has been committed, anyone who is guilty of that offence or whom the arrestor has reasonable grounds for suspecting to be guilty of it

In order for the arrest to be lawful, the following conditions and sub-conditions must also be satisfied: (My bolding & underlining)

  • 1. It appears to the person making the arrest that it is not reasonably practicable for a constable to make the arrest instead

  • 2. The arrestor has reasonable grounds for believing that the arrest is necessary to prevent one of the following:

    • The person causing physical injury to himself or others

    • The person suffering physical injury

    • The person causing loss of or damage to property

    • The person absconding before a constable can assume responsibility for him (more here)

NONE of those conditions applied. Not one, far less all of them. In other words Garcia did NOT and never could have put Tony Blair under arrest. He uttered the words as described by other moonbats, true, but he did not “accompany” Mr Blair to a Police station or into the waiting handcuffs of a London copper. He did NOT. Instead he ran off before the “shit” could get to him. Twiggy Garcia failed and his failure is writ large even in his own report. None of these facts matter one iota to the Blair haters. Their determinedly wrong-headed and misleading blindness as regards Mr Blair, Iraq and the law (nationally and internationally) means that they’d persuade themselves that black is white if it helped their cause.

In actual fact the only one to have committed an offence in Tramshed last Friday was Twiggy Garcia. For the very act of laying a hand on Tony Blair he could have been charged with common assault.

But now we have this, from George Monbiot’s Arrest Blair site: “His [Garcia’s] arrest attempt was reported more widely than any other there has been so far: throughout the British media and across the world. Twiggy will receive £2222.55(Moonbat’s bolding)

Got it? Tweet all over numptyland your ignorance of reality, politics and the law and Moonbat will slip you a few thousand.

Time permitting I have a lot more to say on this “Blair is a war criminal” nonsense.  The last word here goes to Matthew d’Ancona: “Who interrupts the appeaser’s meal?”.  Quite so. A question to which the answer is no-one. (Twitter d’Ancona)